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Nintendo Will Announce Wii U Release Date Next Year

Posted by James Newton

So don't hold your breath

Since the Wii U's unveiling at E3 in June and the vague announcement of a 2012 release date, we've all been hanging on to find out exactly when Nintendo's next console will be available. We'll all have to keep hanging on though, as that information won't arrive until next year.

Just as the 3DS release date was only confirmed a few months before launch, Wii U's price and release date will be communicated close to its actual release date, according to Satoru Iwata.

Since the Wii U we showed you at the E3 show in June was still in the development phase without very specific proposals on the software titles, we are going to announce the release date and the price next year when we are able to explain the specific proposals.

As is traditional, Nintendo will not have an official presence at Tokyo Games Show in September, so don't expect too much Wii U information until next year. Sit tight.


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MitchVogel said:

I don't plan on buying this at launch anyway, so this doesn't really affect me.



Burning_Spear said:

If the Wii hadn't been totally spiked like some Casey Anthony offspring, I would say stall this thing until 2013 and release it properly, i.e., not like the 3DS launch was done.



Odnetnin said:

Take as long as you want, Nintendo. Just don't mess up Wii U's launch like you did 3DS'.



hatty475 said:

I hope they take it slowly. I don't want the Wii U launching prematurely and being out shined by Sony and Microsoft again in terms of horsepower.



NintyMan said:

This must be Nintendo making doubly sure that the Wii U launch will not be like the 3DS'. As long as they're being careful about it, then that's on the right track. I don't envision the Wii U coming out until Fall or Holiday 2012, since Nintendo will make sure that the first few games coming for it will be properly developed, at least to the point where we won't have to wait half a year for them to come out. Sit tight indeed.



Azooooz said:

I think it is a good strategy for Nintendo in order to attract third-party developers and make games, don't you think?



Odnetnin said:

@7 I dunno, Nintendo's messed up key aspects of systems more than once (third-party support, online service). I'm not saying it's easy to not mess up a launch, but it's important.



GamerDude said:

Ah well at least that means theyll be spending alot more time on actually making it to perfection



NESguy94 said:

What an idea, taking your time to get the best possible result! As for the PS3 and XBOX 360 predecessors, I don't think they will sell to well unless they are cheap and they have some stupid accessory that is different from anything else on the market.



NESguy94 said:

What an idea, taking your time to get the best possible result! As for the PS3 and XBOX 360 predecessors, I don't think they will sell to well unless they are cheap and they have some stupid accessory that is different from anything else on the market.



bonesy91 said:

Just as long as they release it during November/December during the Holiday season... so it actually sells well. just an idea Nintendo



FonistofCruxis said:

@Nintendo6400 He has a wii in his right hand, thats not a wii U.

@Mikau94 I think you mean the ps3 and 360 successors, their predecessors are the xbox and ps2.

I wonder if the wii U will have a good enough early release schedule to convince me to get it near launch.



SunnySnivy said:

I think they should wait till the holiday season next year. They should have done that with the 3DS.

The only reason I want this is because it'll sell better.



LordTendoboy said:

I knew this was going to happen. Nintendo did the same thing with the 3DS. It's a good way to build hype; announce it at a press conference, then make people wait in anticipation for the price/release date.



LordTendoboy said:


If they stall it until 2013, then what will we play on the Wii until then? NOA could finally localize Xenoblade, The Last Story, etc, but that is highly doubtful. So unless Nintendo has a few more surprises in store for Wii, we will have nothing new to play for an entire year.



WertyYertrew said:

Isn't it grand when Nintendo makes an announcement that the announcement of announcing the announcement of an announced future console's announcement isn't going to be announced until later since they have announced that the announcement will not yet be announced?



Crunchy_in_milk said:

They'll probably announce the release date at the next e3 then release it near the holiday season; plenty of time for me to save up my money.



dimi said:

Hope the price is not more than 250 euro...With some killing AAA titles at launch it can crush the competition.



Mandoble said:

@dimi, do you really expect WiiU to be cheaper than 3DS when it was released? Well, Nintendo has proven to be able to, just paint a white pastic box to give it a "mature" flavour (reminds of a microwave or some other serious device), put a DVD reader inside with the cheapest, crapiest and weakest chips all around and that's all, but this was usually called Wii. If WiiU is cheaper than 400€ at launch time, best you can do is to suspect that Nintendo did it again, and that all you will get inside that white box will be more cheap and already obsolete garbage.



rjejr said:

Nintendo has a really hard decision to make - don't make enough WiiU's and have a shortage for years (like the Wii had) or make too many and have too much stock on hand (like the 3DS has). Obviously it's better to have the shortage, but being as how it could be said their inventory planners screwed up both those console launches, well looks like a crapshoot on this one. I'm guessing shortage.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Burning_spear I can see what you mean with the current line-up of games announced for the system but the lack of interesting games announced for the system could be due to it being announced earlier than planned but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not convinced to boy it near launch.

@Mandoble After the unsuccessful 3DS launch, Nintendo might release the wii U at a cheaper price than that.



Wolfenstein83 said:

We will know the release date next year...which is when it comes out anyways.
Why can't they tell us now so I can start saving up my coins?
Also, I just noticed that the controller looks bigger than the system itself...what the funk?
Oh, and for something out of nowhere, I hope there is a sequel to Demons Crest on this thing, just because.



Capt_N said:

I'm gonna try, & save up money for one, & if I don't want one, I can always get a competing console, or spend my money on things besides entertainment/games. I'm not yet convinced to get a launch model, but that may change, as I have said before.



WaveGhoul said:

Show me some actual Nintendo games aside from 3 Mini games, a Zelda tech demo, those depressing 3rd party viloent shooters and a NSMBW Wii-like rehash, then i'll be excited.

I was so much more excited for the Wii after seeing Nintendo's E3 2006....As for the Wii U, meh. Mind you, This just didn't seem like the E3 for Wii U at all, Next June should be....THEN they should release it in Sept-Nov.



Vinsanity said:

It better not be too late into 2012, because it's already not new technology. Then again, you don't want Nintendo to pull another 3DS and release it so far ahead of actual, quality software to play for it. They're playing a dangerous game here. But either way, it's pretty stupid to release an HD console so late into the HD console cycle.



Supremeist said:

The controller is bigger then the console, haha! But waiting for next year for the actual release date means we still have great time to wait before. That's a good thing because I plan on getting this sometime, but not anytime soon.



komicturtle said:

3rd Parties messed the 3DS launch in terms of selection and quality of games. Nintendo gave them the opportunity to sell their games and most dished out poor offerings- Nintendo could have stole all the sales if they put Zelda up for launch, but no... They didn't.

Anyhow, hope it's released at a reasonable time and a good price.



MasterGraveheart said:

January 21, 2012: "We would like to officially announce the Wii U for a scheduled release date of January 22, 2012... GET MOVING!" =P



Teh-Ray said:

Waiting's not so bad. 3DS is still fairly young, it'd be best to at least let that pick up more steam before the Wii U comes out.



Emborges said:

@ WaveBoy Try to be more open-minded for those depressing shooters xD..Nintendo is doing a smart choice supporting a wider variety of game genres. They may not appeal to you, but they'll give more options for those who actually like Nintendo games but at the same time can't give up the more adult and maybe "violent" oriented games. Variety is always good, and with this Nintendo may even bring back the old me for example xD (I don't know how I managed to surive all this time without a good Metroid) And by bringing back old fans and let's say,maybe sony and Microsoft fans, Nintendo probably will be even more successful (like in the SNES era)

About the controller design, the placement of the analog sticks looks really precise, because while the thumbs are placed in the analog sticks, the other fingers will be in a lower position in relation to them. That's what makes the Xbox 360 controller better for FPS (for example). It looks more natural and comfortable at least anyway. The controller design was really original and surprisingly well thought out. I hope I have expressed myself well D: And I can't wait for the launch of Wii U! xDD



JimLad said:

If it's anything other than November 2012, they're going to really struggle I think.



LordTendoboy said:


Why is it stupid? Xbox 360 and PS3 aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Xbox 360 has experienced a surge in sales since Kinect launched. PS3 is doing well. Neither console is where the Wii is at now.

And the next generation of consoles will be in HD as well, with "3-D" visuals as an added feature (the PS3 is already doing that, so I expect Microsoft to push it as well with the next Xbox).



mushroomer said:

You know how apple is sort of making a big impact on handhelds? I wouldnt be suprised if they came out with some sort of Apple TV/Gaming machine at around the same time as Wii U... claiming that people can play iTunes / movies/ games.. I think Apple wants to take over the markets not just with handhelds.. so be prepared for a possible eclipse over wii u



Token_Girl said:

I could use the time to save up, but it will definitely be competing early on with PS4/720 - which will be significantly more powerful, likely only having the 2012 holiday season to get a head start. At least it will probably be more reasonably priced - though so will the PS360.



Pj1 said:

Christmas 2012 I reckon Wii-U will be launched but if they are ready with all the games, not too many re-make games please Nintendo....



Blue_Yoshi said:

What we need to save this launch is what saved the Gamecubes launch, SMASH BROS. while it does take long to make a game as epic as Smash Bros. why not release a small side one that can even make good use of Nintendos DLC by adding new stages and characters. They can market it as a budget title with the original cast, and expand upon it by adding DLC which fans will buy.



guydudeperson said:

@ xBlaze23 its already confirmed that its 1080p and i think it will have a 3d option for some games



Poncho said:

The only problem I have with the controller is the placement of the circle pads. They should be under the buttons and D-pad.



Wiilover212 said:

For 400 dollors its not bad for the quality but i would rather pay 300 but max for me to buy a system is 400. And can any wii guy or someone tell me that when could i buy it but pre order it before it comes out if theres any way to buy it before let me know

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