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Sat 22nd Oct 2011

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Wiilover212 commented on Back to the Future: The Game:

Wow this move is 30 something years old and there making a video game out of it thats wierd but in a way nice. I never heard of a video game like this



Wiilover212 commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops:

This game is good my favorite best game ever played. The only thing i dont like about the game is that it broke my wii. Treyarch should of took there time for problems and should of tested it before rushing to throw the game out there like that.



Wiilover212 commented on Nintendo Will Announce Wii U Release Date Next...:

For 400 dollors its not bad for the quality but i would rather pay 300 but max for me to buy a system is 400. And can any wii guy or someone tell me that when could i buy it but pre order it before it comes out if theres any way to buy it before let me know