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You Must See These Nano Assault 3DS Screenshots

Posted by James Newton

How good does it look?

If you were impressed with Shin'en's graphical mastery of WiiWare in Jett Rocket and the upcoming FAST — Racing League, you're going to be very pleased with what the studio's first 3DS game looks like.

Nano Assault is a shooter set in a microscopic world, with your Nanite ship sent in to destroy a rapidly spreading virus. The environment should help create an innovative setting that's a far cry from the generic space environments so often seen in shooters.

Check out the screenshots in the gallery below and check back to Nintendo Life for more 3DS news.

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Samholy said:

wow, this reminds me universal studio cinematic railrides.

ill watch its development for sure



JayceJa said:

it looks amazing, but im not so much into shooters, but i may take another look in the future when i look to buy some 3DS ware



Shadowflash said:

I'm not all that intrigued in shooters, but I'll have to make an acceptation for Shin'en.

Why aren't all video game companies as epic as them?



SilverBaretta said:

Wow......Shin'en really knows their way around graphics tech. Looks like it could be interesting, maybe sort of an updated Life Force.



Kirk said:

That's looking very cool.

I'd love to see some video footage to see what it's like in motion and get an idea of how it plays.



Nintomdo64 said:

I wish they would make another Jett Rocket. I had a lot of fun with that game. It would be nice to see on 3DS. Nano Assault and Fast definitely look interesting, but I want more platformers.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Can't wait to see more of it. on the 3DS. in motion. (Don't be stupid Nintendo, you have to have a lot of demos and 3D trailers on the 3DS.)
I hope they keep StreetPass in the game too.



Malkeor said:

Wow that's amazing. You could mistake a couple of those for PS3/xbox360, screenshots!



Ren said:

Wow, no way. 3DS is going to be so fun when theres more like this to play. Can't come soon enough. I still need to get Jett Rocket - the Demo was awesome.



daznsaz said:

nice who is shin en are they people from other bigname companys or new people new company dont think ive played any of there games that i know of



FonistofCruxis said:

Those graphics are great and the game itself looks really good.
@daznsaz Shin'en made nanostray and its sequel for the DS (both shmups) as well as the art of balance (puzzle game) and jett rocket (3D platoformer) for wiiware as well as the upcoming fast-racing league also for wiiware.



daznsaz said:

havent played any of them getting this though looks good getting most games for 3ds will be a while before it has to many games for me to keep up with saying that will get eshop soon guessing they have lot of games on that



thesignpainter said:

could look better... no it couldn't! if the gameplay bombs i'd get it anyway just to look at those shiny graphics!



siavm said:

@Malkeor No you couldn't. But they do look good. Hopefully the game is going to be good. Can't wait to see more.



komicturtle said:


That screenshot with that brown thing- yes, actually, you can mistake that for a game on 360/PS3.

Not going to lie.



pikku said:

O___O so pretty. I'm gonna be keeping an eye on this to be sure

two eyes actually, so I can see the 3D :3



Tails said:

This game reminds me of MicroBot on PSN. A ship and viruses with shooting of course your inside someone doing the job though, But still pretty awesome.



TheActivityLog said:

I tried out the Jett Rocket demo out a while ago. Didn't impress me at all (It's WiiWare anyways...). I'll have to check out this review first Worried



FJOJR said:

I wish these games had downloadable screens to view via the 3DS Camera, that way we get a feel of what they'll look like



capitalism said:

Damn, I'm impressed. Hopefully they include online and streetpass and release some really cool DLC that gives you new viruses and missions to do.



SwerdMurd said:

Man that looks good... Hopefully the shooting action will be a little more solid and modernized this time around (Nanostray games were great, just not quite enough bullet density for my bullet-hell-ish tastes)

Pretty sure this is an autobuy though.



Henmii said:

"nintendo needs to buy shin'en"

No, because then they are restricted to Nintendo franchises. They should stay independent and deliver the kind of games they want to make on Nintendo devices!



Skotski said:

Right! Like Chibi Robo, and the Electroplankton games, and Starfy, and Rhythm Heaven! And... and... er... wait...

No, being bought out by Nintendo doesn't mean you stick to just their franchises. Perhaps if you make a successful franchise, they'd keep you making it over and over (much like how Game Freak only makes Pokemon games).
But it doesn't stick you to just Nintendo franchises. I think you need to keep an eye out on new IPs instead of just assuming that Nintendo never makes anything new.



Bassman_Q said:

Oh My Gawd that idea is genius! Playing as a nanite machine to rid viruses in the body in a shooter-like game...count me in!



Henmii said:

"No, being bought out by Nintendo doesn't mean you stick to just their franchises"

Take Retro studios for example. Sure they make great games (and I am really looking forward to whatever they are making at the moment), but I never expect them to come up with a totally new franchise because Nintendo just doesn't give the permission. I would love it if one day they would take up Raven blade again, but I don't think that will happen.

I think it's the best for Shinen to stay independent. That gives them the most freedom!

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