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Firebrand Would Love to Develop an F-Zero Game

Posted by Trevor Chan

Hopes Nintendo is listening

Having already brought the TrackMania and Need For Speed franchises to the Wii and DS, it's fairly clear that Firebrand Games has an interest in developing racing games. In fact, there's a particular racing series that creative director Pete Shea would love to have Firebrand Games work on.

Speaking to Cubed3, Firebrand Games CEO Mark Greenshields commented on the reputation the company has gained from specialising in the racing genre, seeing no reason to veer off course by developing something different. That said, the company is still open to new ideas and won't be ruling anything out just yet. Shea added:

We'd love to make an F-Zero game if Nintendo are listening, though! F-Zero X is one of my all-time favourite games!

When asked whether anything was happening with regards to DS development, Greenshields revealed that an unannounced DS game is in the works which is scheduled to ship later this year. Although nothing more was shared, Greenshields described the project as "the pinnacle of the Firebrand DS Racing experience".

Although Greenshields refused to comment on whether 3DS development was underway, Shea had nothing but praise for the 3DS:

It's great! We predict and hope it’s going to be huge. We're delighted that Nintendo have managed to pull another ace out of their sleeve just as the DS starts to reach market saturation. We think it’s definitely the right move. Rather than "DS 2" simply being a more powerful DS, the 3D element brings a wealth of exciting new possibilities to the table, just as the touch-screen did on DS or motion control did on Wii.

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pixelman said:

Trackmania 3DS? Yes please.

Also, it looks like a lot of developers are interested in F-Zero. Just give it to someone already Nintendo, dammit!!



Kid_A said:

But if Firebrand develops F-Zero, that means Retro Studios wouldn't.



Shadowflash said:

YES! This is the moment we've been waiting for !

Ironic how this comes up right when Fast comes out.



TKOWL said:

Well, a LOT of people would like to make Mother 3 available on US systems, but is Nintendo listening to them?




NintyMan said:

I don't mind who makes it, an F-Zero game has been overdue and should be made!



Shiryu said:

I have been losing hope with each passing e3. Nintendo, prove me wrong!



SwerdMurd said:

F-Zero X? Wat? GX was so far the superior game I've all but forgotten X existed (except for the Deathrace mode )

I actually just did a little research on Firebrand and they seem like a pretty alright studio. Granted--F-Zero is pretty sacred to me and barring some type of Retro-style 3rd-party development situation, I'm reluctant to allow a non-super-established company to tinker with the franchise. Still--as long as somebody makes a new one--and preferably for 3DS



Henmii said:

I had never heard about Firebrand, though I have heard of the Need for speed franchise and Trackmania (but I am not pro freeware ports. Paying for freeware, that's lame). I don't know if it's a good idea. I want a upcoming F-Zero to be really, REALLY good!! F-Zero GX was awesome! It should be nothing less!



MegatronD said:

Retro or Sega's team are the only ones I'd trust to do it right. And GX was the best.



accc said:

I wouldn't want that, no offense to Firebrand, their games are pretty good for what they are but they're nowhere near F-Zero's standard.



Chrono_Cross said:

Did anyone even bother to research Firebrand game's history? I'm kind of iffy on them making an F-Zero game. I dont want to see F-Zero in the wrong hands.



IAmNotWill said:

Leave it to Nintendo and Sega to make the next one. No offense to Firebrand, but those 2 will need to make the next one.



komicturtle said:

Looked like a Facebook icon.

And if Nintendo does allow Firebrand to develop F-Zero, I can't wait to hear the stories of the devs getting up bright and early to speak with those in Japan just as Retro did for DKC: Returns.



SilverBaretta said:

If they can make F-Zero anything like some of the crazy things you can make in Trackmania, then by all means, go for it!



LztheQuack said:

@5: More like does Nintendo care? Of course not! They're still swimming in our money



Rob_mc_1 said:

I think that if they do make another F-Zero game and hand it off to another second party Monster Games since they have a racing game back ground already.



Kaeobais said:

@3: Agreed. Retro has become the go-to for ...erm, retro reboots. And let's face it, they'd do an AMAZING job and we all know it. Plus, I worry that if it's given to anyone else, no only will they probably ruin it (Remember the last time Retro DIDN'T make Metroid?) but they'd probably make it too easy, and F-Zero is meant to be hard. And considering Donkey Kong Country Returns, Retro can make hard games.



moosa said:

Sorry, but I'd rather not let any random developer ruin one of the finest racing franchises there are.
I do think it's a little silly how everyone wants Retro to make the next game in every Nintendo franchise. I do like Retro (they made my most favorite game ever), but there are plenty of other extremely talented teams under Nintendo's roof. And it wouldn't hurt to see Retro work on something more original.



Ichiban said:

Wow talk about a coincidence! I was just watching my housemate play Trackmania the other night & I actually commented to him how some of the crazy track designs reminded me of F-Zero!
Trackmania is insane, so you've got my approval!



Xkhaoz said:

Okay, Nintendo, Sega, Retro, and Firebrand need to make a new F-Zero.



jerryo said:

not sure but i have heard that miyamoto had said that he hated GX for some reason? so if that is true.. look no further for the reason of the disappearance of f-zero. and i doubt they will make one...



BluTyGer said:

First Platinum games wants to make StarFox,
And now firebrand wants to make F-Zero.
All I got to say is Someone better make them!



dizzy_boy said:

look at how much more experience sega has at making racing games compared to firebrand. sega are masters at the genre.
and as far as i`m concerned, the majority of need for speed games are terrible anyway. so i wouldn`t put firebrand anywhere near f-zero.



Expa0 said:

Really, I'm so desperate for a new F-Zero I'd let pretty much anyone to try making it... But still, it has to be a japanese developer so, shoo firebrand! C'mon Sega or whoemver created F-Zero GX make a new one already, with all the speed and cheesiness intact.



Kaeobais said:

@34: That's hardly saying he hated it. And considering the praise GX got, I think he was probably referring to sales rather than quality. Either that or he was upset that it wasn't easy.

& @33: GX got excellent reviews, so I'm willing to bet a lot of people would like Sega to make another one.



erv said:

If the new GX would be nothing but a GX HD version, with nothing but some new tracks added, I'd already jump out of my seat.

GX was one of the most awesome gaming experiences yet.



Alfred_ENG said:

I don't care who makes it. I just want a new F-Zero game on the Wii like Mario Kart Wii with online multiplayer. F-Zero GX is a great game.



JimLad said:

I wouldn't mind Firebrand taking it on, they did a great job with Trackmania Wii and have experience with the old loop-de-loop stuff.
Sega would also do wonders for a new F-Zero, though I wasn't a fan of GX I found the learning curve way too steep. F-Zero X is still my favourite game in the series.

Edit: Second what Alfred_ENG said, good online mode please, like Mario Kart's.



Sabrewing said:

Pardon this fully unrelated comment, but...

Speaking of "Firebrand", hey Capcom! New Demon's Crest title, pleeeease?



Oregano said:

Why is everyone saying Retro should make F-Zero!? If anyone should get the chance it's Monster Games!

Anyway - I thought it was announced that Firebrand are making the new NFS for Wii and 3DS?... and there engine is 3DS compatible already.



Traxx said:

@43: Thx Oregano.
It makes me sad how little most of you seem to "understand" this great franchise, especially the master piece GX, if you want it in the hands of those amateurs named firebrand. And Retro does not have experience in racing games.

If they cant come up with something better than GX, just port/remake it to 3DS. That would be the only 3DS remake I fully appreciate.



castor said:

We need a blend of F-Zero X and GX, with a lot of mindblowing tracks, and, who knows, electronic AND metal soundtrack. I think both of the styles match very well



jonnie said:

Firbrand should not be allowed to touch FZero - for me Trackmania was a shocker and they would produce a third rate FZero. The graphics in Trackamania were a joke and it has to have the worst slowdown i have experienced in a racer. Sega or Retro should produce Fzero, given the slick graphics and compelling gameplay of FAST, shin'en would do a good job of it.



Wildfire said:

If anyone's to make a new F-ZERO, It's got to be SEGA!!



JakobG said:

It's close to impossible to make an F-Zero game equal to or better than GX.
I hope they know what they're talking about.



DrDaisy said:

I've never played Trackmania, but I do want an F-Zero game on the Wii... long as it's good and meets a few requirements such as multiple control options.
If there's a story mode, I'd like to be able to choose any character.



motang said:

I think we are due for a new F-Zero game, I hope we can get one soon.

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