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United Kingdom

Fri 27th May 2011

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jonnie commented on Firebrand Would Love to Develop an F-Zero Game:

Firbrand should not be allowed to touch FZero - for me Trackmania was a shocker and they would produce a third rate FZero. The graphics in Trackamania were a joke and it has to have the worst slowdown i have experienced in a racer. Sega or Retro should produce Fzero, given the slick graphics and compelling gameplay of FAST, shin'en would do a good job of it.



jonnie commented on Nintendo Download: 27th May 2011 (Europe):

Downloaded game around midnight last night. Loving FAST, it is a great racing game with ace graphics. The music is excellent too. Been looking for a decent racing game on wii for ages, i have Mario Kart and FZero GX other than that none are worth bothering with, now i have FAST so this will keep me going for a while now. Other developers should hang their heads in shame at the rubbish they pump out on the wii, shin'en show how it could and should be done - Trackmania and Need for speed hot pursuit were both diabolical! All racing game fans should get FAST, its cheap and great. Only thing missing is online play.