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An Old School Look at The Reginator

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Our favourite Nintendo president in his prime

Have you ever sat there watching Nintendo's E3 press conference and wondered what The Reginator looked like in his younger days? If so, have we got a picture for you.

While we have no idea at exactly what age this photo of Reggie was snapped, we can definitely tell that people were still frequenting discos and watching Shaft at the local drive-in.

You can see that same excitement that Mr. Fils-Aime still exudes today in his passion for Nintendo, but Reggie, what's up with those glasses?



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MagFlare said:

I can give him a pass for the glasses. The afro might even, separated from all other factors, be considered stylish.

But that collar, man. It's like he killed a pterodactyl and was wearing its wings as a grisly trophy.



Tylr said:

Well, throw a koopa shell at me! Reggie had class back in the day. XD



Shiryu said:

So Reggie was part of the "The Warriors" gang! Name were surely taken and many asses were kicked.



Morpheel said:

Well now, thats such an original photo.

And I thought people only dressed like that in old movies



SwerdMurd said: nationality is he exactly? It's not racist to ask that question, is it? I'm genuinely curious...cannot place him. The last name is french I'd assume....but the fro is decidedly not.



Morpheel said:

@22: According to Wikipedia, his parents are from Haiti (latin america), but he was born in the United States.

@26: really?



Stine said:

I laughed out loud when I saw that pic. I saved it to my laptop, and it's never leaving!



MitchVogel said:

I love the collar he's got. If he got a good running start he could probably fly.



MeloMan said:

i'm sure Reggie saw his own future with those glasses! Talk about the original *D*ual *S*creen



moosa said:


We have to get him to grow the fro back out. Can you imagine him walking out on stage at the next press conference with that glorious fro?
Time to start an online petition...



WaveBoy said:

Who would of thought that a Disco Dweeb would eventually transform into the Reggienator?



Golgo said: awesome. If he resurrected that style I'd purchase x10 of every Nintendo product. Do it Reggie, you know you want to!



timp29 said:

Thats a pretty awesome fro... extra points for being a perfect sphere. Regie should have kept that do. Sadly I have lame ass white man's hair. If I could have a fro tomorrow, I would!

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