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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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MagFlare commented on Review: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GameCube):

The final score seems just about right. The problem with grading a game like this is that it has a wide variety of modes, each of which has its own level of quality: the Sonic/Shadow segments are great, the Tails/Eggman shooter segments less so, and the Knuckles/Rouge emerald-hunting bits rather worse than that, and then there's the Chao Garden (pretty fun!), the car racing (kind of terrible!), and so on.
Now that I've beaten SA2 I can simply replay the bits I enjoy most, so my overall impression of the game is far better. But Aquatic Mine (SA2's version of the Water Temple — ouch) and Security Hall still exist on the disc, and that's going to drag down the score.



MagFlare commented on Capcom Refused Inafune's MML3 Contract Proposal:

We can't assume that Capcom was acting purely out of spite here. Mega Man Legends has quite a few vocal supporters, but it's a quirky little subseries in a franchise whose popularity is waning, and it was set to be released for a system that hasn't quite hit projected sales targets. Whether it would've been good or not is immaterial; it's entirely possible that MML3 just wouldn't have made any money, and it's Capcom's job to pay attention to that sort of thing.

That said, it sounds like Capcom's got a history of treating its most valuable talent like crap. Inafune is in the same league as Miyamoto and Sakaguchi, and the fact that his employers haven't recognized this is borderline criminal.



MagFlare commented on An Old School Look at The Reginator:

I can give him a pass for the glasses. The afro might even, separated from all other factors, be considered stylish.

But that collar, man. It's like he killed a pterodactyl and was wearing its wings as a grisly trophy.



MagFlare commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Christmas Presents:

My in-laws, in a display of profound and ridiculous generosity, got me:

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns
  • Dragon's Lair Trilogy
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
  • Sonic Colo(u)rs
    Not to mention the Scott Pilgrim boxed set. Holy balls, what a haul. I made sure to tell them thanks, but not to get me so much next year. :/


MagFlare commented on Lots of Monkey Business in New Donkey Kong Cou...:

Hmm. All the gameplay footage I've seen so far seems very fast-paced, often because DK's being chased by some sort of insta-kill deathtrap. I wonder if the game's going to have any slower-paced exploration stages to mix it up a bit.



MagFlare commented on A Duo of Doctor Who Titles Regenerate in November:

Hey, some of those Return to Earth screenshots look pretty good! Much better than I'd expect for the PS1.

Hang on -- it's supposed to be a Wii game? Oh. Oh.

Man, it's not like Doctor Who is some sort of tiny unknown property that doesn't merit a good game. And it's certainly not as though there aren't any British developers who'd give their left gonad to work on it.



MagFlare commented on Doctor Who to Land the TARDIS on Wii & DS:

A good Doctor Who game would be wonderful, but this isn't going to be it -- as others have pointed out, Asylum Entertainment ain't exactly Rockstar North. I don't think Stateside Doctor Who fans will really regret missing out on this one.



MagFlare commented on Spelunker:

The guy in the video is much better at Spelunker than I am.

Regardless, this game is crap. Frustrating controls, vindictive traps, and a tight time limit make for a maddening gaming experience. Broderbund should've stuck to their "educational" games and left platforming alone.