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3DS eShop's May Launch to Ensure it Beats Wii and DS Shops

Posted by James Newton

Needs more polish

The 3DS eShop, one of the console's most anticipated functions, won't be available until May, and Nintendo's hardware head honcho Hideki Konno wants to assure you it's for a good reason: so it's good.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Konno admitted previous digital shopfronts for the Wii and DS haven't been up to the standard required, and the decision to launch the eShop in May is an attempt to get it right from the start.

Previous online shops for the consoles have been browser-based, but the new eShop will be a native application that combines shopping with promotional videos, demos and user ratings. Konno is keen for the application to create a big impact on users:

And again, we're taking more time because we want to be able to create a system where a consumer sees a promotion and says, "Wow, that looks great!" Sees a game demo, game trailer, whatever it is, and says, "I want that!" And the ability to then say "Now I can purchase it right here without having to back out and go somewhere else" — we want to provide that experience. So that's one other reason why we're not bringing it out with the system itself.

We wait to see how the eShop improves on previous Nintendo download storefronts when it's released in May.


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sykotek said:

I know its supposed to be coming, but I won't be buying anything digitally for the 3DS until I get my DSiWare transferred.



y2josh said:

Even if that is true, it shouldn't take so long that it will be delayed. Online stuff seems to be very hard for Nintendo (or they waited til the last minute to think about online stuff).



Bass_X0 said:

I don't have a DSi so thats not an issue to me. The first game I'll download will likely be Shantae.



James said:

@y2josh I'd rather they released it in May and it was good than it was launched in March and people complained about it.



Karakato said:

Well as long as the eshop has a significant improvement over its predecessor, then I'm fine with it. I hope it will be somewhere nearer to the PSN/Live than the wiiware/dsiware I'm satisfied.
@3 Don't you mean Shantae, DS games wont be available as far as I heard.



Corbs said:

I'll take the wait if they get it right. Plenty of stuff to play until then.



Phobos said:

Okay Nintendo, you are forgiven. Now get your behinds in gear.
On a serious note, I prefer this approach. At least we won't need countless polishing updates in future. And we'll get the full experience from day one.



Philip_J_Reed said:

The Wii Shop is alright, though far from perfect. I'd hate to have to navigate it if I didn't already know exactly the titles I wanted to download.

The DSi Shop on the other hand is abysmal. I hate navigating it even when I do know exactly what I want.

As far as I'm concerned, keep this thing in the oven until it's ready. It'll be worth the wait.



Bankai said:

So, if I get this straight, Nintendo is delaying an important feature so they can make sure it's up to the same standard that its competitors were 18 months ago?




James said:

Or they could release it now and it would be worse. Tough call, I know.



Bass_X0 said:

Or they could delay the 3DS itself despite it being ready to ship until the online is ready.



James said:

Or they could have started development on the whole thing two months earlier. Lots of possibilities.



NIN10DOXD said:

I hope its not like PSN because I dont like using it that much and its kinda annoying.



Kriedler said:

Agreed with post #1. Once I can play my 15-20 DSiWare titles on my 3DS, I'll think about buying new stuff. I didn't get as much play as I could have out of many titles just because it was such a pain to transfer them out and back again on my DSi
Once I'm satisfied with money already spent, I'll spend some more



Link79 said:

I'll probably be getting my 3DS in may for my birthday so by then the E shop will be ready to go. I won't even notice the wait. Since most of the launch titles aren't that amazing I won't need one on the first day.



NintyMan said:

Taking their time is a good thing, because then they could have enough time they need to make sure the eShop is as close to perfect as it can get. I'm really looking forward to seeing it for the first time!



astarisborn94 said:

Nintendo? This is why I am not immediately buying a Nintendo 3DS, even if I could afford it now.

At least I can wait until the holiday's when it'll be finished, but this is going to be used as a prime argument in why people continue to hate on Nintendo's online efforts. The Wii and DSi had online features ready from the start, why shouldn't the 3DS?

@James Newton: People are going to complain about the service regardless. I hope it'll be great as well (I actually like the interface of the Wii Shop Channel), just hoping they get rid of the wait when selecting items.



James said:

@Limelight 788 Yeah, you're right, and I'm sure I'll have many happy years of reading about those complaints right here, but a guy can dream



blackknight77 said:

It would be nice if they would take steps to improve the Wii Shop channel as well instead of wait unitl the next console.



motang said:

Well they really need to have to ratings, videos, demos, etc. for the eShop. Let's hope they do.



Blufunk said:

I just hope that all the games bought will be tied to an account and not to the system.



TingLz said:

I don't care when they release it. Just make it AWESOME!!!

@Waltz: Well there is also the possibility that they ran into technical difficulties. Delays honestly aren't that rare due to difficulties.



Adam said:

I have developed this amazing skill called patience and am activating it now. It's not as if I won't be playing SSF43D and DS games until then anyway.



daznsaz said:

ive never had a console online before so im not to bothered but when the 3ds can i think i will can you take it to a hotspot like mcdonalds and buy games etc or do you have to have it set up at home?



James said:

@daznsaz Nintendo's looking into partnerships with companies including BT to let you download games and demos on the go



Spoony_Tech said:

Will we be able to download movies as well or will it be retail? I don't think Nintendo has released any info on that yet though!



komicturtle said:


Most likely digitally considering the possibility of downloading 3D movies. Plus, there's Netflix. And people are forgetting: by that time, we will (hopefully) see more GB VC titles than just Mario Land and Zelda DX. And maybe even a LoZ: OoT demo or new trailer (apparently, demoes are still being considered. It's doable, even FULL retail games for download apparently and coming from the same guy).



JonWahlgren said:

For whatever reason I didn't realize the Shop channels were browser-based, I always figured they were applications. Interesting.



Ren said:

Interesting that it's framed like "it has to be bad if it's released on time". No it just means that people weren't making deadlines and there was some poor planning in there somewhere. Why not just time the launch of everything properly to coincide. Of course we're willing to wait for a good product, nobody's asking for a gimped service, but it's not our fault the timeline was botched in the first place.

It's silly to imply that a properly designed, intuitive, web experience is some big special extra add-on that they couldn't have forseen the need for. After the last couple launches poor net design at Nintendo, I thought they would have given this some extra time to begin with if anything. A Launch is a Launch. There better be a bright flashing light and siren when it's ready, to win back all the dopey consumers you lose from not using the launch as a springboard. Sheesh.



Morpheel said:

"Wow, that looks great!" Sees a game demo, game trailer, whatever it is, and says, "I want that!" And the ability to then say "Now I can purchase it right here without having to back out and go somewhere else"

well that made me think of it.



JonWahlgren said:

You know, if it was any other company I'd say yeah that'd be very likely, but with Nintendo's rather lumbering approach to digital downloads I'd say Konno is just referring to e.g. 3DSWare. I don't think their bodies are ready nor willing to embrace such a leap in game delivery.



Morpheel said:

Yeah... I know.... But one can dream!
>raises hand dramatically while putting other hand on his chest



47drift said:

Is the eShop where they'll be selling movies? Because I sure do want some movies.



wanderlustwarrior said:

Still gonna be crap. That they're waiting an additional two months when there's plenty of good existing designs out there they could've been working on from the get-go tells me this isn't much of a priority (similar to how the Wii's wasn't).

And if they really wanted to be sure it was good, they could ask for consumer support or roll out similar designs for WiiWare or DSiWare to gauge feedback.



TingLz said:

@wander: Well I believe quite the opposite. If they are holding back on it to make it as good as possible, then it is a top priority for the 3DS. As I said before, there may be numerous reasons they are waiting until May to release the update.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'd just be happy with faster load times. DSi Shop's load time has been attrocious... and show more than two games at a time, please!



Nintendo64Dude said:

Let's hope they don't screw this up and they better upload their games alot!

They BARELY upload their games on the Wii VC. >

Last Year they uploaded THREE... (KSS, MP2, MT)

Where's Yoshi's Island?, Star Fox?, Tetris?, Dr. Mario?, etc.?????
If they don't show up... I'm giving the Wii's VC Service of today an F- !!!!



WolfRamHeart said:

I don't mind waiting for the eShop. Just as long as Nintendo gets it right. I just hope that the selection of titles available are better than that of DSiWare. I won't get my hopes up too high though.



kkslider5552000 said:

not that Wii's shop channel is good or anything but the things people want to add and are pretending matter are usually stuff I consider to be utterly useless so yeah...

@31: this isn't nearly as bad as any of the current gen consoles, as far as I'm concerned. Problem with Wii's already been addressed (how long did it take for Wiiware to be available again?) but 360 blatantly needed to be released at least a year later and PS3 needed to be delayed until it wouldn't have cost 599 dollars at launch, not to mention other problems with the consoles because they had to release a new console every 5 years or whatever crappy excuse it was.



JumpmanZ said:

I get it. It's like a better Shop Channel with Nintendo Channel built in. You can watch new trailers and then go buy the game. What I don't understand is people saying you can't download full retail games. Unless its just a trailer and information, the screenshot shows Pilotwings Resort. I also hope they have 3D Nintendo Week. I know the show's really cheesy, but its got a charm to it.



sykotek said:

@Aquateen510: Cross comparison analysis (aka as guessing or what I'd likely do if I worked for Nintendo)!

If history is any indication, they'll likely upload between 6-12 VC titles for the first week of 3DS VC, I'd realistically expect the former as they are still supporting DSiWare and WiiWare.

I wouldn't expect more than 2 VC titles after the initial week and it'll likely decrease from there following the release of the inevitable 3DSWare which I project to happen around 3rd Fiscal Quarter of 2013 (April-June 2013).

Also, I'd expect VC to start going the way of the dodo once 3DSWare is being set up which I project to happen around the tail end of the 1st Fiscal Quarter of 2013 (December 2012).



Odnetnin said:

Adam speaks the truth as always.

I'm glad that they're not releasing the eShop till it's ready, but I'm a little ticked they're releasing the 3DS so soon to meet consumer demand. I wish they had announced it at a December/January conference instead of E3.



y2josh said:

@James: I'd rather it be the best they can make it too, but with it not being ready for launch it just seems like Nintendo still doesn't think the shop is a key feature or it would have been done already. I agree with comment #31 Ren.



vapormach said:

I think that it is at least good that they know that they need to wait unlike some other manufacturers



Mystic_Kirby said:

User reviews?! This could be helpful!
On the other hand, it could be a gateway for spam... but we'll see.
Also, how does the DSiWare transfer work? Via SD card?



Chris77 said:

I don't see why everyone thinks it's running late or has to be there on day one. Surely Nintendo's initial objective is to sell out the console stock. That will happen without Mario or Zelda, and it will happen without the eShop. Plus if you've just shelled out for a system and at least one (probably more) 3D game, you're not so likely to go and spend money online as well. Secondly I think the update is bound to be more than just the shop. My bet is they knew the system would be hacked as soon as its out the gate. So delay an update until it's out in all regions and has a good little run in market - then update to break the hacks. An update which has little other benefit is likely to be ignored, but an update with the eShop is something people are going to want, so more likely people are to take it and thus get ahead (for a day or two) of the hackers.

My two cents.



Capt_N said:

Well, I'm wondering if they do consider it an important feature, as y2Josh said. On the other hand, the hacking bit that Chris77 mentioned. As long as it functions properly, I'll be okay.



Noire said:

I'm glad to see Nintendo's shooting high. lol

Especially with their insistence on controlling the pricing of other people's games and not having demos. This is just fantastic.



Yoshidude said:

I cannot wait to see what the shop is going to be like. Plus, I'm dying to see what e3 is going to be about. GO NINTENDO!!

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