Kid Icarus: Uprising features the unique distinction of being not only one of the most anticipated 3DS titles, but also one of the first-party games we know the least about so far.

The game features a unique split-style of gameplay that will change between aerial combat sequences coupled together with exploration and battles on the ground.

A few brand new gameplay videos have surfaced from Nintendo's Tokyo Event and now you can check out some very wild gameplay sequences in both the air and on the ground. You can even get a taste of what the game's boss fights will hold in store for players to further whet your 3DS gaming appetite.

This first video shows off some of the aerial combat sequences that you'll encounter throughout the game. As you can see, the targeting and moving around are the biggest parts of the gameplay in the air. You'll also get a nice little demonstration of the 3DS system's visual horsepower when Medusa appears off in the distance. Imagine what that will look like in full 3D.

In this second video, you'll get a look at some of the game's ground exploration and combat sequences. Once again, there's some good looks at the game's targeting controls and how they function when Pit is on the ground. There's also a nice display of some of Pit's more evasive movements.

This third clip shows a rather brief encounter with the Hydra which shows how the game's boss fights will play out. There's not much to see, but at least it shows off the potential of what we can expect from the many boss fights found throughout the game.

There's no denying that Kid Icarus has the potential to be one of the most impressive titles to hit the 3DS system in 2011 and looks to be well worth the lengthy wait for longtime fans of the Kid Icarus series.

We'll keep you posted on any new information on Kid Icarus as it becomes available, which should next roll around on January 19th at Nintendo's Media Event. Stay tuned.