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More Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay Videos

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out the mythical shooter in action

Kid Icarus: Uprising features the unique distinction of being not only one of the most anticipated 3DS titles, but also one of the first-party games we know the least about so far.

The game features a unique split-style of gameplay that will change between aerial combat sequences coupled together with exploration and battles on the ground.

A few brand new gameplay videos have surfaced from Nintendo's Tokyo Event and now you can check out some very wild gameplay sequences in both the air and on the ground. You can even get a taste of what the game's boss fights will hold in store for players to further whet your 3DS gaming appetite.

This first video shows off some of the aerial combat sequences that you'll encounter throughout the game. As you can see, the targeting and moving around are the biggest parts of the gameplay in the air. You'll also get a nice little demonstration of the 3DS system's visual horsepower when Medusa appears off in the distance. Imagine what that will look like in full 3D.

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In this second video, you'll get a look at some of the game's ground exploration and combat sequences. Once again, there's some good looks at the game's targeting controls and how they function when Pit is on the ground. There's also a nice display of some of Pit's more evasive movements.

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This third clip shows a rather brief encounter with the Hydra which shows how the game's boss fights will play out. There's not much to see, but at least it shows off the potential of what we can expect from the many boss fights found throughout the game.

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There's no denying that Kid Icarus has the potential to be one of the most impressive titles to hit the 3DS system in 2011 and looks to be well worth the lengthy wait for longtime fans of the Kid Icarus series.

We'll keep you posted on any new information on Kid Icarus as it becomes available, which should next roll around on January 19th at Nintendo's Media Event. Stay tuned.


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User Comments (54)



Corbs said:

That Medusa sequence makes me want this game NOW! Hard to believe this is a portable game which should look even more amazing in full 3D. Bring it on!



timp29 said:

Yeah as awesome as that game looks, it's trumped by the japanese guys going mental in the hydra video



TKOWL said:

Gameplay looks awesome so far, though it looks like the camera might be an issue.



Ark said:

Whether or not I bother getting a 3DS Phat depends on whether this is released around launch. Nice shooting stages and looks like the game has some personality to it.



pikku said:

although I think the walking/ground animation is kinda strange, it looks awesome.



47drift said:

As a Kid Icarus fan and a Star Fox fan, it's hard not to be excited by just that first video alone. Color me HYPED.



komicturtle said:

The way the enemies explode- even the art style reminds me of the Kirby games. Shouldn't be surprising, since it's by the creator of Kirby. It's interesting in the direction this game has taken and it looks like the controls are much 'stable' than they were shown last year. Someone should get on and see if the controls have been improved since then- cause I'm convinced



Radixxs said:

The bizarre galloping and dashing looks annoying and confusing. Still gonna buy it though.



NintyMan said:

I saw all of these videos earlier but they are still incredibly awesome. The flight sequence will be completely breath-taking when playing the game in real 3D. I can see how the illusion of depth can make you really feel like you're flying very fast over a vast land. Medusa looked scary in that video alone, but she'll be totally intimidating in 3D! There's no doubt that this game has improved immensely since E3.

About Pit's walking, he walked like that in Smash Bros. Brawl just so some of you know. I think it's because the wind gets caught in his wings as he walks and it raises him up a little. It shouldn't hinder the gameplay.



Advancedcaveman said:

This looks pretty neat but I would really rather play it on the Wii. Games where you have to juggle holding the device and holding the stylus to control the camera or an aiming reticule like this are a drag to play. Therein lies a ultimately a fundamental problem I have with the 3DS in general; I only really want to play simpler 2d games on handhelds.

Anything complicated and full 3d where you're dealing with camera control/aiming in edition to movement is better on a TV with a proper controller rather than being crammed onto a small slab shaped device with a tiny screen. Its just unerganomic and unnecessary.



Kid_A said:

This game is looking waaaaaaaaaaay better than I expected. It's basically Sin & Punishment but with better characters and slightly less linear gameplay...and it mothaflippin' 3D, suckaz!

clears throat
I'm sorry you had to see that side of me. I meant to say that it looks like a respectable game. I await it patiently.



Arcanum said:

Wow.....this game's graphics are stunning. And that would look way better in the smaller screen...and in 3D (maybe). if this looks this good, then imagine a Monster Hunter.



aaronsullivan said:

Miss the platforming and the bow and arrow, but I can get over that. Machine gun sword is nice, too.

I wonder if there will be any nod to the odd games of chance, the stores, the hopin' mad grim reaper, or the quite tricky fortresses?

As long as there's some remixed music and it's SUPER difficult (and fun), I'll be happy.



taffy said:

When I see pit walk I can't help but imagine him having two coconut shells in his hands and clapping them together



Rensch said:

This looks amazing, but I would have preferred it to be a bit more adventure-oriented like Zelda or Metroid, much like the old game. And then have the flying and shooting sequences just thrown in as a cool diversion rather than a major part of the game. This seems to be more like a shooter.



BlueBandanaJake said:

I didnt see anyone complaining about his walk cycle in Brawl, its the exact same one! I'd assume as well that it's because he's light, and his wings catch the air and allow him to move quickly by hopping along, its actually a very well thought out animation taking his frame and physics into consideration, I think it's charming.

I really am looking forward to this game, it looks astonishing!



potomas said:

these videos have put me right off buying this.why are you all getting so excited.not that i was that interested anyway.



MeloMan said:

This game is all I need to get my 3DS party started... I've BEEN fired up.



PSICOffee said:

This looks incredibly boring and those hydra voices were incredibly dumb. This seriously looks WAY too much like SAP 2 (not that that's bad I guess) but this gameplay doesn't look very deep at all. I was hoping for more of a Kid Icarus II feel because platformers are my favorite genre. Yes I know the original Kid Icarus wasn't very "deep" but there is a lot of things you could do with a platformer these days. Having to dodge things looks a lot like No More Heroes.

Also right-handers have been telling us lefties to sit down and shut up about no lefty controls for some time now, claiming "oh its just poking the screen not actually writing." Well from the looks of this it appears the cross hair has to be dragged across the screen the entire time so it looks like lefties still have a valid argument to me. Anyway it just further gives me a reason to delay my purchase of the 3DS for at least a couple months to see how everything works out (my bday is in May anyway).



HappyHappy said:

Looks cool, but everytime I look at this game I think about Devil May Cry. Based off these videos I'm feel like the game will have a slow start before the game actually gets good. The on-rail action in the sky seems a lot more interesting than the battles on the ground and I'm a little worried about how the controls will work on the ground as well.



motang said:

So far it is reminding me of Sin and Punishment 2, but I know there is more to this game than what's shown so far.



Knux said:

This game keeps looking more and more epic, and I can't wait to get my hands on it!



zionich said:

@ xDemon720x

I thought that to, but im thinking thats Pitt spamming his arrows.



KrazyKain said:

looks awesome, but i'm perplexed as to why they havent released some 3d footage yet, I want cross eyed 3d youtube footage!



Kirk said:

It's looks good for the most part but I'm not yet convinced it's 9+ scoring material which is what I really want.



NuYu said:

The design is really meh and the gameplay looks kind of mediocre. Not convinced. And PSICOffee, not in any way other than the railshoting formula does this look like SAP 2. Too bad it doesn't.



1080ike said:

The first video kind of reminded me of Sin and Punishment/Star Fox, especially with the machine gun (?!) in Pit's hands. Of course, that's not necessarily a bad thing.
The second video... looked kind of borin. I hope that it's not all of what the ground levels are like. It also didn't flow quite as smoothly as the air level, in my opinion. Liked the boss at the end, though.
The third video was too short for me to really judge.
Regardless of what I said above, this game is an instabuy once it's released.



Chris720 said:

@42 Oh yay... arrow spam. That video is annoying me though... shouldn't he have a bow, not a big gun?

I've never seen the Goddess of Light handing Pit a big machine gun to kill enemies...

The on-rails isn't my kind of thing... I would've like platforming rather than all this on-rails crap, feels too much like Star Fox right now.



astarisborn94 said:

Games looking very good so far, especially the ground sequence. The ground sequence music also has good musics to boot.



ianmage1 said:

This game looks even better now. Were those 3 heads on the 3 headed dragon talking?



CowLaunch said:

His running doesn't look weird to me, now I'm worried that my running is weird...

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