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NBA Jam Man Disappointed by Gamers' Negative Attitudes

Posted by James Newton

Try to contain your surprise

Trey Smith, Creative Director of recent Wii slam-a-jamma NBA Jam, is an old head in this industry, having been working on games for the best part of a decade. He must have seen his fair share of problems in his team, but when quizzed by the MTV Multiplayer blog what did he state as the number one biggest problem affecting the games industry? Gamers with bad attitudes.

MTV: What do you think is the biggest problem current games suffer from?
Trey Smith: I think one of the biggest problems right now is the actions and attitude of some of the gamers out there. You know who they are. If they spent less time spewing ignorant hate on the boards and in online games, and more time rallying behind the great games they love and helping to build a thriving community that welcomes everyone that shows up to play with them - everybody wins. Nothing wrong with a little smack talk here and there, just wish gamers respected each other more.

Judging from some of the negative reaction surrounding the announcement that NBA Jam will have no online play it's understandable why Smith might feel that way, but do you agree with his assessment?


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IronMan28 said:

I'd say, yes; but in all fairness the developers do inadvertently create this environment. With things like achievements and gamerscores it breeds competition and essentially becomes a contest, western culture tends to favor the individual more anyway, so this essentially will lead to some people taking it to the extreme and oftentimes will promote (once again, inadvertently) "talking smack".



Shiryu said:

I agree the Internet has sadly birthed that despicable excuse of humans know has "haters" all over the globe. It's so easy to speak out in the comforts of anonymity. Certainly, there are a few who are indeed rightful in their claims, and in this particular case, EA can't escape the heat, weve gone from Wii exclusive to no online/absolute mess on 360/PS3. none of it will prevent me from picking it up the Wii version as soon as it hits the shops over here.



zionich said:

If they gave everyone everything they wanted, when they wanted it, this wouldnt be a problem now eh?

Point is, if people are unhappy with products and voice thier opinion, they choose if the dollar or happy customers is more important. And we are talking about EA right? To me they serve the profit margin first and formost, but we still buy the stuff, so why wouldnt they.



Gigas said:

@5 That's a rare thing to happen and people who always expect that are going to be disappointed.

I agree, it's right for people to voice their opinion, but it's one thing to just say, "The Wii version of NBA Jam doesn't have online play and that's currently the only way I can play multi-player games right now so I won't be buying it" and another to basically say, "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..." along with excessive swearing, insults and vitriol. The latter is what Trey Smith is talking about.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Well, if he's just speaking in general, he makes a good point. More than half of the internet has this (insert console here) sucks mentality (usually the Wii although it happens to other consoles as well). And then of course there are always gamers who constantly complain about some feature of a game as "ruining the series" when the game isn't even out yet and they have no idea how bad it will truly be. And as for "smack talk," whenever you're on Xbox Live (although I admittedly have been on very few times), everyone's always saying mean things to each other and saying how much better they are than everyone else.

However, seeing as he's the NBA Jam creative director, I have a feeling he's referring to people who were mad about the Wii not getting online play. That's different. You're giving the version on other consoles online play but not the Wii? You've used it plenty of times before, it's not like you're just incapable of putting it in the Wii version.

I've said it many times before, but I'll say it again. I do NOT want to hear EA complaining if the Wii version of this doesn't sell well. You dug that grave, guys.



Objection said:

We're largely talking about the internet here, often the lowest part of humanity.



Slapshot said:

Oh go wipe you little pretty eyes off and quit pouting!

90% of people who make these comments are the same ones who suck at online FPS shooters. If its not your thing, aight, no big deal and just move on, but NO, they gotta tell the world about it, and how its so bad.

Do some go way overboard? Yes, they do and they can promptly be Muted on every game I own/owned (most all of them). Its competition though, just like sports.

Do they trash talk in the NBA? Yes!
NFL? Yes
Most all Competive Sports? Yes!

If a guy or especially a group of guys are talking a lot of trash online, pay attention to the clan tags of guys your playing with. Your prob grouped in with a clan and playing against a group a guys who know eachother and the trash talking is there to knock you off your game psycologicaly, otherwise P.O. you to you play like crap. It works and that is why its there!

Oh and my Genesis/SNES NBA Jam Carts work just fine and they have fantastic rosters unlike your remake and they have Bill Clinton in them, Im happy with them!



The_Fox said:

In other news, Trey Smith is apparently new to the internet and has no idea how it works.



jdarrell said:

@2 3 5 6 8 9 10 15
He's talking about players who call each other noobs, etc. He's not talking about players who criticize the game.



bboy2970 said:

How dare he be sour with us! Gamers, speciafically Wii gamers have every right in the world to be bitter! First it was a Wii exclusive.Then, turns out it multi-platform and coming to XBox and PS3. Plus, They just get it tossed in with that other basketball game as a freebue. THEN it turns out that those consoles that came in after the fact are getting online support while the original version announced will not have online. NBA JAM was looking pretty good at first but given all this crap we went through from announcement to release, I hope it fails on all platforms. EA doesn't deserve our money.



JayArr said:

No-one talks smack to me on-line.....because I am a ****ing BEAST!

Quit sucking noobs and we won't talk trash about your pathetic skills.



HiroshiYamauchi said:

He's talking about stupid fanboys, if somehow you felt offended by his comment, then sorry, you belong to that group.



angel_m_rivera_colla said:

I agree and gonna buy the game with my next check! Trolls are going to destroy gaming? I am ON FIRE right NOW! BOOMSHAKALAKA!



angel_m_rivera_colla said:

As an old gamer,Trey,move on! I know how you feel. I dont have super mario galaxy2 because of this game. XXOO

need for speed nitro is great! Trey,do you need more love?



ADaviii said:

I'm going to agree with Trey. Bad attitudes really has been a growing problem it seems in the gaming community (which is a little upsetting, actually ) .



Egg_miester said:

i don't play basketball but really they screwed over the wii version when they gave away the hd version and had online when you buy another game so people got 2 games for price of one, and all the wii version got was 2 small game modes



Slapshot said:

@LuWiiGii... if you only knew about JayArr and his Monster Hunter skill, the man is seriously lethal with a spear, wich by the way is only the weapon of the clinicaly insane as its that hard to master

But in all seriousness, this guy has no reason to talk. The game was indeed rumored to be Wii exclusive and ended up being a half... port of HD versions with no online. Trey... shut the .... up!



MasterGraveheart said:

Trey deserves everything he gets from the Nintendo faithful. Let's see the degeneration of NBA Jam.

NBA Jam announced as a Wii exclusive.
NBA Jam once again refered to as exclusive at E3.
A watered down NBA Jam announced as pack-ons to NBA Elite for PS360.
The watered down NBA Jam gets online.
Trey Smith himself disregards the Wii online capability as "some half-ed Wii thing."
NBA Elite pushed back to 2011, so EA puts NBA Jam on the PS3 and 360 with all the bells and whistles WITH Wi-Fi, relegating the Wii version to the gimped version.

And tell me again we shoduln't be angry with you, Trey Smith. In case you didn't realize it, not all of us own a Wii and another platform you self-absorbed putz. The Conduit, Monster Hunter Tri, Castlevania Judgment, and Mario Kart Wii, developed by FOUR DIFFERENT COMPANIES all mastered online gameplay on Wii... you got lazy and you want to say we shoudln't complain? It's a PERFECT reason to complain! It's because of you that the Wii version won't sell as well as the other two because you left a now company standard in games like this out of a version that you PROMISED would be exclusive you stupid, selfish, jack!

I really do hope the Wii version sells well enough to warrent more for Nintendo, but not well enough to make EA and that moron Trey Smith think they did the right thing by not putting online in on the Wii at all.

But as for gamers acting towards one another, yeah, that's true. We become self-absorbed commandos of glory seeking to prove we're #1. Yes, winning is ince, but not at the cost of ostricizing other gamers, unskilled or not. We're all in it to have fun and enjoy video games. It should be a common bond amongst us.



Boonehams said:

Lack of maturity and almost complete anonymity make a deadly combination. Anyone who has dealt with headset-enabled group online play on XBLA/PSN/PC or cruised the message boards for multi-platform gaming sites can see exactly what Trey Smith's talking about.

That said, if he's complaining about the ire he and EA Sports have received over this NBA Jam fiasco, he needs to realize that it's not without merit. Gamers, especially Wii-owners, were flat-out lied to over this game. I explained the entire story as objectively as possible to my girlfriend, who isn't well-versed with video game culture, and even she said that the game-makers deserve whatever hate they've gotten.

EA Sports dropped the ball (no pun intended) and turned NBA Jam into a big PR mistake. Trey Smith should just nut-up and accept the negative criticism on this one.

EDIT: Modified my post to be more to The Fox's liking. Also, MasterGraveheart speaks the truth, albeit a tad angrier than how I'd phrase it.



The_Fox said:

To those whom claim the d-bags and bigots are only on XBL: Have you ever played on PSN or any game on the PC? The ratio is still about the same. If the Wii had a competent online offering it would be the same situation.



FunderThucker said:

Is this some sort of excuse on why EA half a$$ed the wii versions NBA jam?

"Oh we didn't put online in because....because...there are some jerks there and online has too many colors that can give you head ache. It's also too addictive, so what if your mom is burning to death, but you can't help her because you're playing NBA JAM ONLINE?! I'M SAVING YOU GUYS!!!!!"



Sylverstone said:

Hey, haters gonna hate.

(Oh, and welcome to the Internet.)
(Besides, you guys at EA brought it on yourselves.)



odd69 said:

I agree with the dude actually, doesn't every gamer deserve respect?



Gigas said:

@17 - I don't see him making that distinction; it seems like what he said applies to both gamers hating against each other and being overly negative in their criticisms.



LztheQuack said:

You work for a company that also complains about the Wii despite the fact that most of the Wii games it makes is CRAP!? And you're implying the fans are ignorant?! Oh, and everything MasterGraveHeart said.



OverlordMao said:

I can fully agree whole-heartedly. After all the BS Wii NBA Jam had to suffer, we have every right to be pissed that there's no online play for such a ridiculous reason.
Also, as a gamer, I've always respected other's opinions and tried not intrude on someone else's way of life. It's a hobby, and you can join in if you want.



Hawker said:

@ 5. No, I've found that even when gamers are given everything they've asked for, they're still mad because it wasn't what they really wanted. Either they need to speak clearly about what they want, or just shut up & enjoy games for what they are.



lockelocke said:

I talk constant smack when I play online. I've actually made tons of XBLA friends that way, tho. People enjoy loud, abrasive, and unrelenting competition. That's why they go thru Prestige Mode on Modern Warfare 10 times.



zionich said:

@ Hawker
I was more hoping the sarcasm in such an outrageous statement would have been obvious.

I know ya cant please all the people all the time, it an age old cliche'

Play what ya like, play how ya like, Game on.



JDesensitized said:

Hard to believe their crack team of 3 people couldn't figure out how to do online on the Wii.

Maybe they should have walked down the hall and asked the Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 team how they did it. It must be a total mystery. They must have cast a spell to get it to work.



XCWarrior said:

Considering all he did was produce more shovelware for the Wii and stick a big name on it like NBA Jam doesn't give him justification for why we are complaining about his piece of terd.

No online for Wii version means we got the shaft on what was once an exclusive. Instead its the inferior version and it blows chunks.



Skotski said:

Respect comes from treatment and consequence.
People respect one another if they treat each other right, but those who could give a crap of treatment - only show respect once they see a consequence.
However, the internet and online multiplayer never has a consequence for rotten attitudes (yes, there's kicking - but there's "dedicated servers" just for jerks. And abusive words are rarely enough to get a person's account banned). Give a **real** consequence within the game (things that matter to the game, not just kicking or banning), and you'll teach kids to give respect in them.

...and seriously, NBA Jam should have been an exclusive. Many folks on the Wii-side hardly get any star treatment by developers - and it ain't the system's fault, it's all about the developers' faults (I have all the systems, so I'm just saying my Wii's library isn't given the treatment it should be given).



JimLad said:

High expectations of games today come from the oversaturation of sequels, but I think he's talking about smack talk in online games.
Either way he should be keeping his head down after that little stunt with the online mode.



WWammy said:

I wonder how many of us there are who don't play games online and only buy games for their 1 player campaign and local multiplayer as I do.
But on the flipside I don't see why Nintendo always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to online multiplayer even back on the Gamecube multiplatform releases started to become rare towards the end and even then none of them had the online features the other versions had.
Ah well I'll still be buying my copy on the Wii =)



PSICOffee said:

Screw Trey Smith. Once again EA blames the gamer for having an open mind about a product. What other industry or medium or whatever has the company blame the consumer for their problems!?!? Hell people get away with suing McDonald's for spilling coffee on themselves, so I have every right to say EA screwed up because they couldn't figure out how the internet works on the Wii.



HappyHappy said:

I say yes, but really he has no one to blame, but himself from all the negative criticism. He puts online play for the 360 and PS3 version, but not the Wii, I'm sure wii fans aren't feeling left out not one bit.

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