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Yes, You Can Transfer DSiWare to 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Software you've bought can be saved

One of the worries about the 3DS was whether the DSiWare that you'd lavished your hard-earned Nintendo Points on would make the jump across to the new console. According to a Nintendo PDF, the answer is "yes, but with limitations."

Those limitations seem to be that some software simply won't be transferable at all, though there were no indications of the games they might be. It could be a similar situation to transferring Wii save data, where games that utilise the WiFi Connection will be locked to the original DSi, but it's likely the vast majority of software will be available for transferring to the 3DS.

Although Nintendo didn't announce anything specific about 3DSWare, the same document did mention that downloaded software could be transferred from one 3DS to another, paving the way for a more robust system than is currently available for DSiWare.


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Corbs said:

I want to find out how many "restrictions" we'll see and just how many DSiWare games we actually get to transfer over before I start jumping up and down.



Yamishi said:

Yeah, I'm with you, Corbie. I've invested more than $90 in DSiWare (it'll pass the $100 point with Shantae) and I will just sob if I can't take it all with me.



Peznaze said:

Good thing I don't care for either of the launch colors, I get to sit back and hear how features like this work before spending the big bucks on a portable 3D Wii.

Hopefully they release more details soon, to boost DSiWare sales.



Sylverstone said:

Yeah Corbie, true that. I have about 19 DSiWare games/apps now (Shantae will be my 20th). I just hope everything's in the clear.



cheapogamer4life said:

Of course most of the unqiue games like Shantae and Cave Story will be non-transferable.
That's one reason why I'll be keeping my DSi....



SuperMarioFan96 said:

But with limitations.
as long as at least 85% of games are transferable, that's fine by me. Holy crap I don't even care that it's not coming this year now! (although the price is a tad concerning but we'll see if it converts evenly or not.



GamesX99 said:

YES! Nintendo you just know what i want! Now make it so i can exchange my DSi and ill be happy



WolfRamHeart said:

Oops, in my enthusiasm about this news I missed the part about the "limitations". Still, this sounds like a step in the right direction and hopefully Nintendo will allow us to carry over the majority of our games to the 3DS.



Terra said:

What I want to know now is

A: What games can be transferred and what these limitations are exactly
B: If we can buy DSiWare directly from the 3DS (I imagine we can)
C: Just how much built-in memory the system has
D: The biggest SD Card size the system could support (Here's hoping for SDHC support or even SDXC)
E: If we can save games to SD cards unlike the DSi



theblackdragon said:

@cheapo: part of what they probably mean by 'not all content will be transferable' is like how a few games can't be transferred to the SD card without losing all your save information. i made a post in this thread here detailing which of my games at the time copied OK and which lost save info (there were only three, and i didn't really care about them, lol), if you're interested.

i would be interested in seeing a list of which games will flat-out not transfer, though. as long as i've got the Art Style games i purchased, plus a few select others (EA's Sudoku, Aura-Aura Climber, Glow Artisan, and the Mario Clock to name a few), I think I'll be good to go. :3



CanisWolfred said:

YESSSSSSS!!! For once, a system that has yet to disappoint! Now I just hope it has a good launch and now quirks, and it'll be golden!



Yosher said:

I think 90% at least will be transferable. For some reason I think these limitations will only go for stuff like Flipnote Studio. But I might be wrong.



Nnooo said:

I imagine the restrictions will be that you will lose save data for some titles. As @theblackdragon mentions some titles save data which is not transferable to SD card.

We are hoping that you can shop for DSiWare on the 3DS too 'cos that way all those people who haven't picked up a DSi can also have a look for some of our software. Think how cool Spirit Hunters Inc will be



Fuzzy said:

Good to hear. Now I need to buy some DSiWare! Well, connecting it to the internet will be the first thing.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I'm worried due to the fact that I have 30 DSiWare games on my DSi, and about 20 on my XL. I highly doubt I'll be able to transfer games from both systems onto one 3DS system. Nintendo don't think that far ahead.



cheapogamer4life said:

@ James: Considering how awesome the 3DS is going be I will admit that I was just looking for the one thing that wasn't going to be great able the device. :/

@everyone: sorry guys :/



Kevin said:

As long as I can transfer Mario vs. DK & Dr. Mario, I'm cool with it.



Shiryu said:

Good, I can finally stop boycotting DSiware. good to know Rhythmic and Cave Story will follow me on my hardware upgrade. =)



NintyMan said:

Neat! These 'limitations' need to viewed into but 90% of the games should make it through. Great!



Birdman said:

F*** Yeah! Hopefully those games that can't be transfered are few and far between, as I currently have 70 DSiWare games & apps, and I probably want to keep around 40-50 of those.



LordJumpMad said:

I can now go back to downloading DSiware games again.

But I want to see the list of games that are unable to be Transfer.



SilverBaretta said:

I'm assuming games like the DSi Web Browser, where you can't even transfer it to an SD Card without losing data, are included in that exception. Oh well, at least I don't feel so bad about buying a bunch of DSiWrae now!



killer6370 said:

that sounds good so i can sell my dsi when i buy a 3ds that saves me some money and i dont care about the restrictions because i only have 5 games now and all of them are available on my sd card(internet browser and flipnote were free so i wont lose any money



MasterGraveheart said:

Great news right there. I'd figure that some games included include camera-based games since one camera is 2D and the other is 3D.



Sean_Aaron said:

Great stuff. The main thing holding me back will be the smaller screens. When is the 3DS XL going to be announced?



Spoony_Tech said:

Great news and at least Nintendo is listening to our cries about things now. Only took 20 years!



vherub said:

It's a step in the right direction, but really, dsiware and wiiware/vc needs to be transferable. And not in a jump-through-hoops, yes-with-restrictions sort of way. I applaud Nintendo's commitment to backwards compatibility, especially as their competitors have abandoned it, but it's a huge negative to digital distribution if that content is tied to a physical machine without possibility of transfer instead of a user account.



Ron_DelVillano said:

Being able to transfer games and having Miis on the 3DS is a great sign. Hopefully this means we'll finally have actual usernames and accounts.



RyuZebian said:

The limitation is maybe that you need to have your old DSi and 3DS connected via wi-fi..? Yuck, that would suck harder than no transferability at all! x( This will probably work alright though, which is a plus. Man there are A LOT of pluses for the 3DS today! "It prints pluses!" 8D



FonistofCruxis said:

This great news but I wonder what the limitations are and I also wonder if you will be able to buy dsiware from the 3ds shop.



Token_Girl said:

Sounds good to me. I think (hope?) tbd is probably right about what's not going to be able to transfer. I don't really mind losing my save files or even losing multiplayer capabilities for some games that use online, if that needs to go (I don't even think I have any games that do that), I'm ok with it.

This day has been so full of win (except the price).



Yamishi said:

I would imagine that you have to connect the DSi to the 3DS to transfer games. I bet there'll be a firmware upgrade to the DSi that allows it to send game data to another machine, and wipes the download rights from yours. If that's the case, it's possible that we could get ALL of our DSiWare off of ALL of our DSi/XLs onto one 3DS.

As others have said, the limitations are probably on things that couldn't be backed up to begin with.



Yrreiht said:

Awesome ! I bought a lot of DSiware so this will come in handy
But limitations?



Shane904 said:

sigh of relief I most definatly will buy the 3DS when it is out and I have the money. I wouldn't have even considered buying one if they hadn't had this.

Now to hear the limitations...



EdEN said:

There you go! Transfering all my DSiware purchases to my new 3DS is the way for me to decide to buy one at launch since I've invested over $200 on games already.



Capt_N said:

Groovy! But I want more details. Obviously, I'm gonna have to wait, to see what N reveals down the road.



Crunc said:

Good news definitely, but they also need to make your Nintendo Points transferrable, and not just between DSi and 3DS, but between those and the Wii. I.e. points should be attributed with an account, and not a device. And, of course, WiiWare needs the same treatment. Wii to Wii and Wii to ???



Iggy said:

That is good news but to be honestly they should be inclined to do so. Its games uve allready payed for but yes its a nice that they did that. The big reason i dont want to buy a new black wii is because i dont want to send it in to swap my games from my old to new. They should get on top of that.



piguy101 said:

But does this take away the stuff from my Dsi or just copy it to one other system?



Taya said:

This is great news, even with limitations. Having to repurchase one or two games won't be a big deal as long as most games are transferable.



Punny said:

So many great news, so little time. I shouldn't have any worries picking up Shantae and Cave Story, then.



PSICOffee said:

It's probably going to be like Animal Crossing WW to CF, where you can only transfer one way and the rest is deleted. Or maybe they'll do it so you can only transfer between 5 systems like others have done in the past.



ToastyYogurt said:

YES! This pretty much addresses the only concern I had with the 3DS. I don't think there will be any real restrictions except for the DSi Internet Browser, which wouldn't matter anyway because this thing has it's own browser, and the only reason I could see people transferring the DSi Internet Browser to the 3DS is to see how it runs on the 3DS.



Hokori said:

I hope PSICOffee is right with the deleting of the ones on DSi, because im worried if I can transfer DQ Wars and MVSDK MMA because they are Wi-Fi based



ToastyYogurt said:

@PSIC0ffee: Animal Crossing: City Folk doesn't delete your Wild World data if you just move your character to the game. It's only copied. I copied my WW character to CF and I was able to play WW afterward.



grumblegrumble said:

Yes, the entire DSiWare library will be available on the 3DS itself when the 3DS launches, I read that in one of the articles about this on the Internet and regarding the translations of the dsiware transfer process of games. You will be able to buy any dsiware/3ds game on your 3ds and some will even have enhanced functionality on the 3ds. Can't wait



Wolfcoyote said:

@PunnyGuy - if only they had come up with this method when switching between DSi and DSi XL. My DSi was out of warranty when the shoulder buttons refused to work. I bought a TON of DSiWare that I lost when I updated to newer hardware and was afraid to purchase more DSiWare games. Now I can repurchase Mighty Flip Champs, buy Shantae and Cave Story and not lose any of them when I purchase the 3DS next year.



Blink said:

Well, good news, but I wasn't really worried anyway. The games I bought I played and that made the price inconsequential. This has happened before, buying Gameboy games. I don't know how many games I bought for the original gameboy and color, but when the DS came out, I never looked back. I had played my money's worth is what I'm saying, and that's the same with DSiware. If, for some reason, I can't transfer my games, I'll be all right with that.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Hell yeah~!!!! I almost had a conniption when I saw the title~! All of the DSi ware I have will finally be able to move to a new home. (Well when I save enough money for a 3DS. lol.)



Vinsanity said:

good! Hopefully it'll be simple - just save it to an SD card then bring said SD card to the 3DS. Instead of what nonsense Nintendo usually cooks up, like, say, mailing them your save in Metroid Other M if you got that door glitch. Nintendo - don't treat this like a problem you had in 1993. We have technology - it's the future. Do the right thing.

Even though you know that there's a dick who'll utilize the SD card to hack the system and start the pirating bullsh** all over again. I swear, those cheap dicks are ruining things for every other gamer out there.

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