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Another Analyst Suggests Wii 1.5 On the Way

Posted by James Newton

Not Pachter so it's safe to read on

Despite Satoru Iwata's recent declaration that the eventual Wii successor will be a surprise, another industry analyst has predicted we'll see a stopgap between now and the launch of the main event.

Piers Harding-Rolls, analyst at Screen Digest, believes Nintendo will release an upgraded version of the Wii before launching its official follow-up, though doesn't say what extra features either the upgrade or eventual successor will include. Pegging the Wii's successor for a 2012 launch in Japan and a 2013 release worldwide, the analyst says we could see an improved Wii between now and 2012.

With Nintendo stating time and again it won't be releasing a HD upgrade for the Wii, it remains to be seen what new features a potential stopgap could have: built-in MotionPlus, a hard drive, improved online functions? If Mr Harding-Rolls is to be believed, we could find out next year.


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zane said:

Uhm no? I guess Nintendo will make the "unicorn" a giant horse-thingy with online functions that u can put a disk into.



moosa said:

Well... that's an interesting idea. That's about all it is. Is it likely? Not at all, for a lot of reasons.

I love being reminded with these articles that an analyst is someone who gets paid to make educated guesses about things where plenty of us out there would really know better about it.



RyuZebian said:

Bigger flash drive (1 or 2 gigs most likely), bundled with motion+-built-in controllers (yes, plural as in maybe 2, since it's about WE not ME), bundled with the Wii Sports games and an additional Nintendo hit, and finally it will launch in several colors from the start, like white, black, blue, red and green.



bro2dragons said:

i don't see it. why would they release it one year before the actual successor??? that's not good business.



Kyloctopus said:

Besides putting what kinnect and the 3DS has for wii there should be no improvments. Why can't they be cheap again like the gameboy.



Adam said:

Because these analysts have been so right about Nintendo so far.



NintyMan said:

I would rather believe the company executive than an analyst. Releasing an improved Wii so soon wouldn't make the next console much of a surprise.



aaronsullivan said:

Well, things change when retail sales drop. Nintendo took a pretty big hit recently. Doing something to curb the decline makes sense. Other suggestions on here make sense and wouldn't really qualify for a 1.5 and seem somewhat reasonable. Controllers with Motion Plus built in, extra storage on board.

I'd personally shell out cash for an HD Wii if it could play previous games in a higher resolution, but it's very unlikely to happen. I have to say, though. If Wii sales drop hard before the Holiday season, AND it's technologically simple, AND the true Wii successor has enough of a surprise to stand on its own... then why not?



Tar said:

If they do that, I wouldn't call it a "1.5" Look at the gamecube, if they did that, the 2 systems would be completely different still. I would call it MAYBE at the most, a 1.2



Moco_Loco said:

While the hardware is the same, they've already repackaged the Wii at a lower price point with more inside the box: Motion Plus and Wii Sports Resort. Personally I only think we'd see a stopgap if the Wii's successor is to be released two years or more later than the stopgap.



Punny said:

I hope this is just words. I really want to keep my old Wii console, not have it outshined by a new model. It's like a move Sony would do, and I don't mean a Wii Remote-like wand controller. Besides, I'm saving up for a 3DS and the newest Nintendo console that's not a new Wii.



LztheQuack said:

My instincts tell me that he's wrong. Why? He forgot a few things: no transfer of VC and WW games, a majority of Wii owners aren't going to upgrade because they don't need to, and it's one year before the actual successor, which will hurt both system's sales



pixelman said:

Nope, not happening. Nintendo's screwed around with the DS a lot, but they could do that because game save data is stored on cartridges, so it's much easier for someone to upgrade to a new system.

It's not like that with the Wii. VC and WiiWare games are non-transferable, and even a few retail games won't let you transfer save data (Monster Hunter, I'm'a lookin' at your face). They released a new black Wii and made a price drop, and I think that's as far as it's going.



LztheQuack said:

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing: old Wii games won't play in HD resolution because those games weren't designed for HD. It's pointless to release an HD Wii



Klapaucius said:

Well, I've analysed it all and say the Wii 2 is coming out next week, and will cost 8 groats.



the_shpydar said:

Umm, no. We'll maybe see another price drop or a different sort of bundling, or maybe even consoles with re-designed Wii-motes with built in M+, but not a "new" version of the Wii.
The handheld half-steps are a different situation.



Adam said:

To everyone comparing the Wii to Nintendo's history with handhelds: The Wii is not a handheld.

They have incrementally upgraded their handhelds since the original Gameboy. They've never done this with consoles. They've released differently shaped consoles, but not with new features. The reason: It's a terrible idea. Quite possibly the worst of ideas, short of releasing a console with fewer features than before at the same or higher price.

They'd isolate everyone who already bought the console, as VC/WW and save data for online-capable games are not transferable, and it wouldn't increase sales to new customers any more than better games would.

I don't see why anyone would take some random analyst's word over Iwata's, anyway. This is more than a little silly.



LordJumpMad said:

Nope, its just Three GameCubes put together this time.

If this "new" Wii can make Toast, then maybe I'll get it.



Egg_miester said:

i think we all are expecting the next nintendo console in around 2012 this guy is starting what everyone is thinking this is far from news NL for shame



theblackdragon said:

@Egg miester: it was pretty apparent from the title what this article would be about. if you don't want to read it, don't read it. no one's twisting your arm here, lol.



HipsterDashie said:

Do we really need a Wii 1.5? I'd rather wait for a Wii 2, there's nothing wrong with my current Wii.



SilverBaretta said:

I'm pretty tired of these analyst predictions. 90% of them aren't right anyway. Nintendo has always been pretty smart about upgrades. If they don't see the need for an upgrade at the moment, which they aren't, then they won't spend the time or money to upgrade something that already worked in the first place.



MitchVogel said:

Well, this seems like a good idea, but then again, so was communism. I don't think it's true.



HugoSmits said:

the competion is doing it (xbox elite,ps3 slim,etc) so why would this be a horrible choice ?

wow.. no wii-ware transfers... happens. How many wii-users will that affect ? just a tiny little fraction of wii-users downloads wii-ware. Most of the wii-users don't care about it.

At a point in time an upgrade is needed. Because at one point the market of potential buyers, bought the wii or decided they didn't care enough.

Now, the sales start to drop. You can make a price cut, but that does only work until a certain point. After that you need something new to sell.

Wii 2 is not ready yet, so it's time for an update.



LztheQuack said:

@Hugo: A majority of Wii owners already have a Wii, so I'd doubt they would buy another upgraded one. Sony only upgrades their consoles because their audience was willing to buy it (quite frankly the PS3 needed it). In other words, that small fraction you mentioned is the percentage of people who really wanted this upgrade anyway. Not to mention there's the 3DS around the corner which could provide some competition within the company, which is a terrible business move.



King_Boo said:

why not just sell the add on. I'm sure Nintendo could make an HD converter and probably a hard drive that would work with the Wii, then there would be no transfer issues for the next system.



Sabrewing said:

They couldn't give an upgraded Wii superior online if they wanted to, since the old games would still be referencing friend codes, and people who didn't upgrade would be locked out of new titles. Game consoles can't split their own market like that.



ExploderReviews said:

If this is something like ds lite compared to ds or xbox 360 elite compared to xbox 360 i probobly wont get it but if it has something interesting i might.



I just wanna know why everybody just follow what these paid morons say instead of discussing the (lack of) logic on it?!

No seriously, WHY?



HugoSmits said:

@lz2010: I don't totally understand what you are saying.. you probably made a typo "majority of Wii owners already have a Wii" I think all Wii owners have a wii, that's what qualifies them as wii-owners.. right ?

Why do you think the Wii doesn't need an update just like the xbox or PS3 ? The Wii has always been the less powerfull console. Sure, Nintendo proved that you don't need to be the most powerfull to have great games. But by this time the hardware is really lacking. Besides that, there are some obvious 'problems' that can be corrected. Build in motion-plus and bigger storage space come to mind.

I don't see your point on the 3DS part. Why would that bother anybody ? It taps in a totally separated customer-pool. Now I can see how two new consoles releases would be hard to market. But the Wii thing isn't new, it's an upgrade to something people already know.



LztheQuack said:

@Hugo: That was my bad. I was typing as I was thinking and it was a stupid error on my part.

Both problems were corrected as the Wii now has Motion+ bundled with new consoles (sure it's not built-in, but it's close) and the bigger storage space was corrected by the SD card update, and while that may be a little inconvenient, SD cards are relatively cheap compared to buying a whole new console for those purposes.

I'm just saying that it's stupid to release two consoles/handhelds right next to each other. Nintendo really wants to sell the 3DS more than an updated Wii, so by the time everyone has a 3DS it'll be too late for the Wii update.

I just think it's a little late in the Wii's life for an update



Reala said:

Console update, like a 64DD, only without the add on, but straight to full machine meaning you'd essentially have to buy a wii again to get it, is that what a wii 1.5 means? they could still release an add on for existing users I guess, but with multiple peripherals on wii, not to mention the recent multitude of DS variants not to mention 3DS on the way, then a successor to wii somewhere down the line, yet another machine in the mix sounds like spreading themselves too thin to me.



jack0 said:

the only reasons there was an xbox & ps3 slim was because those consoles were big and bulky, the wii is nice and compact already, y need a new console



goombastomping said:

why does EVERYONE think that systems will launch in japan first? the ds and wii didnt and i have no idea why they would change a winning formula with the wii 2 or the 3ds



EdEN said:

Nintendo will release the 3DS and thus all their marketing budget goes to the new portable for the next 18 months which puts the Wii 2 (no stop gap) for release, at the earliest, on December 2012. My guess is it will be announced at E3 2013 for release on October 2013.

So to sum up: analyst know squat about gaming, know even less about what works and thus know nothing about how Nintendo works.



brainofj said:

Yes, because releasing an "upgrade" of the current system mere months before your next-gen system is SUCH a great idea. It won't get buried at all when people wait for the real new product which isn't that far down the line. See 32X, Sega.




Errm, don't Nintendo actually confound these media analysts? I doubt strongly they predicted the Wii, DS nad 3DS.



fishman100 said:

All I can say is "I actually want this to be a surprise and not to let myself get spoiled".



Adam said:

Goombastomping, upgrades to existing systems do better in Japan. They are more willing to buy a new portable every year, it seems.



UltraRobPrime said:

The reason Wii is succecesfull is because Nintendo has control over an audience, while th HD twins are fighting for the "games for gamers" audience. Now, MS wants to control the audience that Nintendo owns. I predict that IF MS takes over Nintendo's audience, this Wii 1.5 (or Wii 2) would be for "games for games audience". Sony wants to stay in the "games for gamers" auidence, but would still be in the causual crowd. That is my prediction for the next several years.



Master_Alex said:

i would love it, nintendo needs to evolve and have the same quality than the X360 and PS3



motang said:

Not Pachter so it's safe to read on

I am for one ready for Wii 1.5!



Useless_Account said:

All i want is a better nnchuck that is wireless, has better motion control than a tilt sensor, rechargable, a wii remote with built in m+, rechargable, and a better built in speaker. Thios would solve everything(i think) in the remote area of things. In the console part though, the Wii is already as small as can be unless they want to majke it the size of a DVD case(literally), but on HD, 3D, graphics, and harddrive, thats the only improvments I can see coming to a new Nintendo console, called 3WiiHDii, jk, but seriously, something like that.



EdEN said:

Evolving a portable and evolving a console are two veeeery different things. Only example in consoles is the 32X and we know how that one sold. Nintendo is doing very well right now. A Wii 2 is not needed yet and I can wait 2-3 years for one. Why would I want a Wii in HD if the processor will be the same? Besides, the Wii COULD output in 720p with the component cable if Nintendo wanted to but would have to reduce frame rates accordingly,



WhiteTrashGuy said:

It would not be cost prohibitive for Nintendo to make an "in-between" console. Nor will Nintendo tip its hat early, they will wait to see what Natal and Move do in the marketplace and continue with their own tech. (I'm thinking voice recognition and head tracking.) Look for connectivity between the Wii and 3DS before a new system hits. Look for it in fall of 2012 and to be as powerful as a PS3... maybe a little bit moreso...



TKOWL said:

First we get the DSi XL and then 3 months later the 3DS is announced, now this?



Edwrd said:

I don't see this happening, if there is any sort of processing power upgrade, even resolution upgrade, which console would new games target? Some developers might make hi-def textures that a huge install base would never see, while other devs would just target our Wii and ignore this fictional Wii 1.5. Half a new Wii like this just makes no sense.



MeloMan said:

As it's been stated a few times already, I look at this as what the DSi (and further DSi XL) has done... it's a "feel out" system, and as a result of enough of us loving the new features of the DSi vs. the DS Lite/Phat, the 3DS will retain all bells and whistles and add some. And Nintendo isn't losing any money doing this business strategy for the DSi as most of that money came out of all the DS Lites/Phat's across the globe. As many Wii's there are worldwide, Nintendo has made more than enough money to create a "feel out" system, and yes, people WILL BUY the Wii 1.5, both people who have a Wii and those that have waited for so long. And who knows: if it has a hard drive, in HD, plays DVDs, stronger wi-fi, etc., and enough of us buy it, then those features will be a shoe in for the true successor to the Wii. Time will tell...



retro_player_22 said:

@ Clinker

Well the Wii is not a handheld so I don't think it will be such a good idea. Nintendo were gonna make a Wii that can play DVD video long ago too but they never go through with the production of that machine.



JohnWalrus said:

I don't want Nintendo to make another Wii for awhile. I'm perfectly fine with my Wii as it is, and I want to build up on my VC/WiiWare/hardware collection before I have to shell out more moolah for another one. I guess it's a lucrative business technique, but still...

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