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Wed 7th Jul 2010

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Master_Alex commented on Rumour: Wii 2 to Feature Blu-ray Drive, Out Ne...:

"According to Girl Gamers Suck, an anonymous "bashful but reliable source" inside Nintendo – get that salt ready – has confirmed the machine will launch next year, with a Blu-ray drive for greater game storage and anti-piracy measures. "

hummm they said exactly the same when Goldeneye was rumored, so im now whit hopes



Master_Alex commented on Prepare Yourself for GoldenEye's "Epic" Tank L...:

we´ll, im 16 years and im still remembering how funny was the 64 version, i grow whit brosnan, but i like a lot more Daniel Craig, and i love the idea of put him here, the reason?, one of them is the voice, craig shows that he stills being bond, and makes me hopes to see a 23th movie whit daniel craig