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1 in 10 People Can't See 3D Properly

Posted by James Newton

Potential problem for 3DS

The upcoming launch of Nintendo's 3DS is getting people pretty excited as they imagine their first glimpse of true 3D gaming in the palm of their hand. For 12% of those giddy gamers, however, the moment could be a disappointing one.

According to British charity The Eyecare Trust, as many as 6m Britons can't properly process 3D images due to visual impairment. The charity claims a quick eyetest can detect such a problem and that treatment could be as simple as a new pair of glasses or some "vision therapy", which we imagine to be rather like retail therapy only with less purchasing.

Perhaps Nintendo could include a coupon for a discount eye test with every 3DS sold.


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GEOFF said:

There are lots of people in britain but most of them aren't brits so I'd say about 5,643



James said:

According to the Government, the estimated population of the UK stood at around 61,792,000 last summer, a gain of 394,000 on the previous year, so if the population increase year-on-year is similar we should be at around 62.1m this year.



Spoony_Tech said:

My wife cant see the 3D. That should not stop people for picking up the system though. It will still have great games 3D or not. Thats what the image slider is for.



SanderEvers said:

I can't see 3D either (never did, so I dont miss it), that won't stop me from getting one though.



Funky_Gamer said:

1 in 10 is a lot. That is saying 2 people on my Dads side of the family can't see 3D. Hope I am not 1 of those unlucky people.



Aviator said:

Your whole Dads side might not be able to see 3D.

The Eyecare Trust says that if you can see 3D movies fine, without shapes being wacked out, your fine.



Marioman64 said:

can't please everyone. if rollercoasters had to be made for everyone even with disabilities there wouldn't be any roller coasters

i do feel sorry for those with eye problems though



LordJumpMad said:

I don't remeber the last time I saw something in 3D...

I may need to start looking at things, with my "eyes cross", just to make sure, I can see in 3D



motang said:

Yeah that is kinda sad, but then again there people who can't see all colours. So that is why I like the face Nintendo put in a slider to turn off the 3D, but what really surprises me is the fact Sony isn't doing something similar (to my knowledge) with the 3D PS3 games.



SanderEvers said:

@16: You need a 3D TV for 3D PS3 games. You can turn 3D off on a 3D TV Also, I can watch 3D movies just fine. I just don't see the 3D effect.



iphys said:

So after you account for the number of people that can have their vision corrected with glasses, I wonder what the true figure is for the number of people that can't see 3D. 12% seems awfully high.



Ian_Daemon said:

@18: You can only do so much with prescription eyeglasses.

@16: I don't think Sony cares. They'll just wait and copy something that Nintendo has already proven works.




Everything in real life is 3D and I can see it fine, I'm good

I feel bad for those that can't Although the image slider is a nice touch. The graphics will still be wonderful, 2-d or 3-d



jkgatling said:

I will get the 3DS for the games, I do have problems with 3D sometimes because my left eye aint working at 100 %



Link-Hero said:

I have a blurry vision and I can't see anything clearly a few feet in front of me without glasses, but I can see 3D just fine, and so does the rest of my family. We won't get affected by this.



Kimiko said:

Well, about 10-15% of people are left-handed and they'll be inconvenienced by the placement of the buttons and analog thingy. At least the 3D effect can be turned off.



xAlias said:

Well, everyone in the Rat's family can see in 3D perfectly well. In fact, I'd be delighted to meet someone who views the Earth in 2D. So many questions..



RonF said:

I can see the 3D effect in movies. It was all right to watch some animated movies but I quickly became nauseated in Avatar.I wonder how I will react to the 3DS.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@SUPERZELDAMAN: A number of those who can't see 3D effects can see the real world just fine, bosseyes included (as I understand it). You need to watch something designed for a 3D effect to know for sure.

@Kimiko: You took the words right out of my mouth. Nothing about the 3D will prevent people playing the games thanks to the effect slider. Button placement is a big deal for those developers insensitive enough to require simultaneous touch screen and slide pad control.

Similarly, there are a large number of games that colorblind people can't play, but nobody ever talks about that. People just tend to take their normalness for granted.



Token_Girl said:

It's a large enough segment of the population that they'll need to advertise the availability of a slider and the other awesome facets about the games/system to sell it. Now, if they can find a way to market it to the 10% or so of the population who is left handed...



Stuffgamer1 said:

Marketing the system as a whole to lefties shouldn't be the problem, as relatively few games announced thus far use a troublesome control scheme (only Kid Icarus, from what info is available). I'd like to see them market those trouble GAMES to lefties, though.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I can see 3D movies fine, so I should be good with the 3D effects themselves. The problem I might have is for the effects to not appear as pronounced/deep for me, as I don't have as good of depth perception as most people.



MasterGraveheart said:

Well then, they'll just have to live with the 3D slider down while enjoying the awesome library. Not a complete loss for our 1-in-10 bretherens. If you can't be astounded by the 3D visuals, be hooked on the gaming.



Lady_Gryphon said:

It's part of the system just like the volume control slider on the DS. From the videos I've seen it's on the right side edge of the lid.



DarkLloyd said:

ah ok thanks that clears it up, cant wait for the 3DS its going to be awsome as always



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

I once saw a 3D movie... Spy Kids 3. The 3D wasn't great... dang it... (they utilized the classic red-and-blue-glasses). But I was able to see a 3D picture book (it came with red-and-blue glasses, it was about sea life, pretty good overall) just fine. What does this mean? Hopefully it means the movie was bad.



Dragonmxz said:

"that treatment could be as simple as a new pair of glasses or some "vision therapy", which we imagine to be rather like retail therapy only with less purchasing. "

Dosen't that solve the whole problem?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Jumbif: Yeah, Spy Kids 3D didn't have very good 3D, because it came out with crappy red/blue glasses just before the current wave of awesome tech came out. If the picturebook worked fine for you, I'd say 3DS will be fine, too.

@Dragonmxz: No, because those solutions could be ridiculously expensive. Well, the glasses, not so much (and the people probably need those anyway), but that therapy sounds quite costly to me.

But with the option to turn the 3D off, it still shouldn't be a huge problem, so long as the games are good.



SwerdMurd said:

Vision Therapy, as a science, is very real-effective btw (go to a behavioral optometrist, NOT an ophthalmologist, as the latter is BS pseudo-science and eyepatches). I used to work for a practicing doctor--guy was a giant stinky bag of holes but he did great work and had a plethora of happy patients.

@stuff - it is expensive--back when I worked for him (2003) each visit was like 100+ dollars, most therapy programs required 12 visits minimum, and there were also a few assessments/tests that cost more money...I know a couple kids had programs whose total payout was around 4 grand....still, if you have insurance, it does work.



JimLad said:

At least there will be the option to view it in 2D, you don't get that with glasses based 3D.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Swerd: Yep, that's pretty much what I thought. Nice to know that stuff actually works, at least, even if it IS really expensive.

@JimLad: Sure, you do; it's called "don't buy the more expensive 3D version to begin with."



StarDust4Ever said:

Here's a simple test to see if this condition affects you:

#1: Stare at a wall or some distant object and hold your index finger strait up in front of your face while still staring at distant object.

#2: If both of your eyes have equal dominance, you should see two fingers. If you see two fingers, then I can almost guarantee you're not affected by this "2D syndrome." (Alternately, you can touch both your index fingers towards each other in front of your face, and your fingertips will blend together in your visual field to form a small island that looks like a sausage. Try it. It's pretty funny if you've never done it before!)

#3: If you only see one finger (or fail to see a "sausage" if using the two-finger trick), than one of your eyes is dominant and the other is recessive.To find out which eye is dominant, blink one eye and then the other. At some point, your single finger momentarily shifts position in your visual field. The eye you closed when your finger shifted position is your dominant eye.

#4: If you are the latter type, this means that your dominant eye processes the majority of your visual information, with your recessive eye only filling in the missing portions. Depending on how strong the dominance is, you may or may not have problems viewing in 3D.

BTW, I have a pretty strong nearsightedness in both eyes, but my vision is crystal clear with prescription glasses. And yes, I see double fingers using the dominance test, and have no problems whatsoever with 3D viewing

And no, I'm not a doctor



imapterodactyl said:

Kimiko said: "Well, about 10-15% of people are left-handed and they'll be inconvenienced by the placement of the buttons and analog thingy. At least the 3D effect can be turned off."

Not necessarily. I'm a lefty, and I've always felt that videogame controllers are designed for us. Why would you not want your character's movement, which requires far more dexterity than pressing buttons, to be controlled by your dominant hand? It seems to me that if game controllers were really designed for right handed folk, d-pads and primary analogue sticks would be on the RIGHT side. Gaming is one of the VERY few situations where us lefties are actually at an advantage.



VGC said:

****! I don't know if 3D in theaters is supposed to POP OUT AT YOU or not but I can never tell if I'm seeing it right. well, great.

I hope I can see it lol.



NintenBoy3DS said:

i dont think i have to worry about this, because when i am in the theaters and watching 3d movies, such as alice in wonderland, the 3d effect is so strong for me. i mean, they litteraly pop out of the screen!!!!! well, 3ds is definately on my buy list.



Frango said:

I'm sorry, but the 3D technology of the 3DS is totally different from any other device that requires the glasses to watch things in 3D, so all the glasses will do is bother you...

The TV 3D glasses (and also that nVidia one) uses a flicker synchronization to make the 3D illusion, this is: The display shows 120 images per second (on 120hz TVs) and keep flickering between each eyes picture, thus 60 images per eye, and then the glasses synchronize with the TV and covers one eye to show the desired image to the other eye, and so on.

The theaters 3D glasses works differently: The movie is exhibited using 2 projectors, each of them with a different filter on the lens... And all the glasses do is to have the same filters of the lens on each eyes (corresponding the ones of the projectors) and thus, each eye sees only one image, making the 3D illusion.

But the 3DS is different: The screen has double the horizontal lines, and each half of them show the image for one eye, alternating the columns, and then is applied a parallax barrier that directs the desired images to their desired eyes...

Hope I made it clear. =)



triforceofcourage said:

i dont think this will hurt sales much if at all.
even people who can't see 3D will buy it because of motion sensors and all the little bonuses such as taking video and just a fresh new start to replace their old ds lite or ds.



Bugpy said:

I have never met someone who can't see 3D. Is it really one in ten, or did they just do a survey on 100 people?



gaminguy said:

I think everone in my family can see 3d, but I'm glad there are no glasses, because I wear normal glasses, and if I take them off everything is blurry, but i'm a lefty, so there IS a problem



Nintonic said:

I do not believe this. If it is true who really cares. Anyone who have seen 3d is most likely not able to see it correctly, mabe I don't, or you don't. You don't know. No one does. It doesn't matter, I bet it doesn't have a huge affect on gameplay anyway.



Nintonic said:

I do not believe this. If it is true who really cares. Anyone who have seen 3d is most likely not able to see it correctly, mabe I don't, or you don't. You don't know. No one does. It doesn't matter, I bet it doesn't have a huge affect on gameplay anyway.



Nintonic said:

Wait a minute 1 in 10 CAN'T see 3d properly. I read it wrong lol.
That makes total sence now.



japzone said:

Well Gamestop will probably have Demo Consoles soon after launch so People that want to know if it'll work or not can Test it out to make sure before they buy.

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