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Fri 14th Aug 2009

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Mendoza commented on Got Move or Kinect? Then Check Out Our Other S...:

I think it would be iDevices, since I see a progressive line in this. All the 3 websites currently focus on casual games (with the exception for Nintendolife, partially)

So a logical step would be the iDevices...



Mendoza commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Moment of 2010:

3) Shaking hands with Eiji Aonuma at the Nintendo E3 press party
2) The E3 itself of course, among with all the press events en appointments (meeting AVGN was also awesome in the Zelda que XD)
1) Sitting in the front rows at the E3 Nintendo conference, looking at the shiny new 3DS with my own eyes



Mendoza commented on E3 2010: Corbie's Reaction to 3DS on Video:

@ Prosody:
No that wasn't me, although you could hear it clearly that he's from Holland.
I was asked questions about Star Fox 64 3DS but I think that they didn't choose me because I wasn't too excited. Believe me it's incredible, but I think I'm the only one at the E3 who couldn't see the 3D effect anywhere. Not at the Sony booth, at the EA conference, or from the 3DS. I must have eye problems XD



Mendoza commented on E3 2010: Corbie's Reaction to 3DS on Video:

Boy am I glad they didn't put me in that video.
They also interviewed me with Star Fox back there, then I had to
fill out a form :s Whatever I didn't get online

Could you already see me there talking with my thick Dutch accent? XD



Mendoza commented on 3DS Design May Still be Tweaked, Expected to L...:

Add a white colour, put the upper screen a bit higher, and make the start, select and home part slightly thinner. Also, maybe larger buttons as Sylverstone already suggested?

Oh and I don't really like the chrome 3D slider. Although it works very good.



Mendoza commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January 2010 (Europe):

I got Legends of Exidia right away in the night and played it quite a bit already, it's a tiny bit lineair, but there are enough (small) side-quests and the graphics are okay as well. Only problem in my opinion is the camera, it wiggles all over the place..



Mendoza commented on Review: Dark Void Zero (DSiWare):

Obvious reviewer states the obvious ^^
Good review nonetheless and of course a game which any DSi
owner should definetaly get. Otherwise they won't be using their handheld well or they are just plain casuals

Must get!!!



Mendoza commented on Review: C.O.P. The Recruit (DS):

Sorry, but I cannot recommend this game to people who don't like TPS or GTA like games. I dunno if there are any Dutch guys on this site, but I made my review on

(btw this is not intended to be an advertisement, just a sharing of experience and the urge to give people my opinion about this game )



Mendoza commented on Review: myNotebook (DSiWare):

This is for typical casual gamers who play Brain games for most of the time. For the more hardcore I recommend Paper Plane, Pyoro (Birds and Beans) and above all Army Defender, which totally rocks



Mendoza commented on Army Defender:

This game will be in my collection 100%, I would even pay 500 for this cool title. Reminds me a bit of Advance Wars!
@ KanrakusPizza: Ya I heard it too



Mendoza commented on Wii Music Plus Possible?:

Of course there will be a Wii Music Plus. Think about it, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus. Now we only need a Wii Play Plus (please god let it happen).
I mean, it's the casual four, sports, play, music and fit. It wíll print money so they keep making sequels, let's just hope this one will be quality...



Mendoza commented on Review: Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ (D...:

@ Roopa132: Yea but the price tag differs quite a bit, at least from the retail version at the release back then. And they twitched the game like removing minor bugs & glitches, so it's superior. Can't wait to download this game myself



Mendoza commented on Dragon's Lair Coming to DSiWare?:

Oh my god I certainly hope so
Just add a few bonusses (artwork, screenshots and... dev vids?) And an extra level and you can count me in I hope you can unlock the NES version ^^



Mendoza commented on First Bomberman Blitz Screenshots Released:

Looks like the new and stronger DSiWare era has just begun, with MvsD at the start followed by games like Castle of Magic, Draon Quest Wars and this one ^^ Can't wait to play them all



Mendoza commented on Review: Art Academy: First Semester (DSiWare):

Looks quite artistic for a DSiWare game. I'd rather buy it for 500 points but whaddya do.... Always better than the crappy MySims camera we get tommorow

p.s. Can't wait to get my hands on Castle of Magic (is Oscar a good game btw?)



Mendoza commented on Review: Flipnote Studio (DSiWare):

Man this is one of the reasons to own a DSi ( also the web browser and games like PiCOPiCT and Sujin Taisin are the reason)

here's one of my first flipnotes:

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