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Fri 9th Jul 2010

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Frango commented on 3DS to Boot Games Straight from SD and More In...:

A fact is: Nintendo is not trying hard enough to stop piracy, I guess we all noticed that... IMHO I guess that's for the same reason as the X360 and DS: Piracy busts console sales. When people, like casual gamers, which aren't willing to spend too much money on consoles, see that they can have the software for free, most of them will buy the console (even if it's a little expensive, like the 3DS), because they figure that's all they gonna spend.... And, to make my point stronger, you can see how 3DS is much more expensive than most consoles out there right now, so they can make most profit on the console cost, not games... It's like the PSP too, which didn't sell many units... But can you imagine how many units would it sell if it had no way to CFW it? Well, that's it...



Frango commented on Super Street Fighter IV Trailer Shows New Mode...:

@ 15. GabeGreens:

Maybe they will, in Japan.... Well, here in the west, all I can say is I'll do my job, always trying to keep it in my pocket and on wireless while at home... I just hope more people around here, in Rio de Janeiro, buy a 3DS, besides my brother o.O... It must be fun to walk around with your handheld and when you come back home, you see a green light indicating you found someone else's 3DS and exchanged data... =D



Frango commented on Nintendo Predicts 4 Million 3DS Units to Sell ...:

@ 34. JesusSaves:
Potentially eye-harming? How come 3D can harm your eyes if you see everything in 3D, ALL THE TIME... come on we've been through this before... The only thing that could possibly harm your eyes on the 3DS would be the refresh rate of the screen, but, taking the fact that it has an LCD display, it doesn't harm at all....

Now, about the price.... Yes yes it's a little higher than we thought... But I wonder if it's really worth to wait for the price to get lower, maybe $50... Anyway, I will do my best to buy it at the first month ¬¬



Frango commented on Nintendo Predicts 4 Million 3DS Units to Sell ...:

I know my previous comment had almost nothing to do with the news, but I lost focus when I started reading other comments... So, anyway... 4m is quite a estimative... Dunno if it will be as easy as it seems to be to achieve... Well, we'll see, right?



Frango commented on Nintendo Predicts 4 Million 3DS Units to Sell ...:

Well, picturing the fact that here, in Brazil, WHEN it launches here it will be for the price of around U$600 (aproximated converted price), as it happened with the PSP, PS3, X360, and almost happened with the DS, I'm kinda used to this high price, and as I'm planning on importing my 3DS, even if the price in Europe and North America become the equivalent to these estimated 250$, than it's still pretty cheap... And you also gotta think it's a one-time purchase for lots of hours over a couple of years of fun... It's worth it...



Frango commented on Rumour: 3DS Tech Specs Revealed:

@ 69. Mach-X:
The lower screen, which is the one with the lower resolution, already has 320x240 pixels... The top one has even more: 400x240 effectively... And also, the 3DS will suppoer antialiasing while in 2D, and while in 3D, just the fact that the image is doubled will make it look much more "rounded"... So why do we need a higher resolution on a 3.5'' screen? It would just chop off the performance, and, if you say the reason is for "detailed graphics", well, the performance rip off by the resolution would probably make it impossible to add more details without losing performance, and, as eveyone knows, when you buy a Nintendo console (or handheld), you know you're aiming for gameplay, so we don't want choppy fps, right?



Frango commented on Rumour: 3DS Tech Specs Revealed:

(copy and paste gatygun comments here)

And that's why I'm going to buy a 3DS and am looking forward to it's release. Tomorrow is the day!



Frango commented on 3DS Could Cause Eye Problems in Later Life:

So everybody should close their eyes since, as far as I'm concerned, the whole world is in 3D...

Oh... that's amazing hehehe...

I guess all the damage the 3ds can cause to your eyes is the same as any other video game... with 3d on or off...



Frango commented on 1 in 10 People Can't See 3D Properly:

I'm sorry, but the 3D technology of the 3DS is totally different from any other device that requires the glasses to watch things in 3D, so all the glasses will do is bother you...

The TV 3D glasses (and also that nVidia one) uses a flicker synchronization to make the 3D illusion, this is: The display shows 120 images per second (on 120hz TVs) and keep flickering between each eyes picture, thus 60 images per eye, and then the glasses synchronize with the TV and covers one eye to show the desired image to the other eye, and so on.

The theaters 3D glasses works differently: The movie is exhibited using 2 projectors, each of them with a different filter on the lens... And all the glasses do is to have the same filters of the lens on each eyes (corresponding the ones of the projectors) and thus, each eye sees only one image, making the 3D illusion.

But the 3DS is different: The screen has double the horizontal lines, and each half of them show the image for one eye, alternating the columns, and then is applied a parallax barrier that directs the desired images to their desired eyes...

Hope I made it clear. =)



Frango commented on Nintendo Admits Advertising for 3DS Will be Tr...:

Well, 3D is not the only aspect that pulls the attention to the 3DS, even though it's a great part of it.... But you see, just as vherub said, just the phrase "3D without glasses" would be enough to pulls most people attention, and ALSO the 3DS has some nice graphics for a handheld, and these graphics can be shown on comercials on non-3D TVs and ALSO there's the new Gyroscope and Accelerometer... You can always show people playing using them...

But ALSO they could advertise the GAMEPLAY on 3D Theaters and, at the end of the trailer, come with the phrase "Now, imagine this without this annoying glasses!" xD



Frango commented on 3DS Anti-Piracy Measures are Too Sophisticated...:

Is THQ really so easily convinced? C'mon! Not that it's bad, but "too sophisticated" just seems like a cheap excuse o.O

But well, I really don't believe in all this succesfull anti-piracy stuff... I've seen tougher systems getting pirate xD... Maybe it will really self-destruct after 60 seconds with the insertion of pirate data, just like timp29 said xD...



Frango commented on Metal Gear Solid Creator Briefs Us on What We ...:

So the 3DS has the power... Now it's up to the developers to make some nice graphics =)....

Hoping for a Super Smash Bros. with AT LEAST Brawl's graphics. =)

@17.: I wouldn't say the same, since you can see a HUGE difference just by staring at Big Boss' face xD... Much more detailed...



Frango commented on Mario Kart:

What I want of this? Well, Something closer to the NGC version: Special Items for specific characters; Piranha Flower (Petey Piranha, I guess it's the name) as playable character; Single Player in a Kart; Back to the 8 Racers; Blue Shells back to the NGC way (where you could flee from it just by using mushrooms in the turns); Some features from the Wii and NDS, like the Jump before Drift and left-right to get boost and BABY PARK!!! WHY DIDN'T THEY PUT BABY PARK ON WII?! (yeah yeah I know they already put it on the DS... sad) IT'S THE BEST TRACK EVER!!! (together with Yoshi's Island)...

BTW I wouldn't like to see the Bullet Bill item.



Frango commented on 3DS Could Feature 3G Connectivity:

Yeah yeah that's nice, but still I would like to control when to download these content... =/ Like when the 3DS is in charge and homesafe xD

Sorry... I just can't see this "Push" way of update in a good way =/

And also I don't think 3G would be viable for online play... Just my 2 cents...



Frango commented on 3DS Could Feature 3G Connectivity:

You see, here in Brazil, Zeebo Inc.¹ Developed a console (Zeebo) that, even though it SUCKED in every possible way, it has a FREE 3G connection ONLY to access their website to pay and download content for the console... So yes, I think it's possible to have a FREE 3G connection using the 3DS... All I want is to be able to turn it off (as well as the supposed "auto-download content" feature they're willing to use) so that my battery can last longer... I see no point of being connected to the internet for the whole time my handheld is on, but to consume more energy... And also I would like to see a REAL battery energy meter on the GUi, since that sucked on the DS: You picked the handheld and thought it had enough battery and than you leave home. When you go to play it to spend some time than the LED turns into red and you see how BAD that damn LED indicator sucks. =)

That's all.

¹Old TecToy: