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Sat 6th Dec 2008

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Dragonmxz commented on Review: Star Fox Command (DS):

@64 personally, i have barely played the game so i can't really comment on it, but everyone IS entilted to their opinon, and saying somone is in denial just because they don't agree with your point of view is foolish. its fine if you think the game sucks, but don't disregard everyone elses opinion and say their wrong, that just leads to the "Nuh Uh." "Uh Huh." "NUH UH!" "UH HUH" argument.



Dragonmxz commented on Review: Pop Island: Paperfield (DSiWare):

I think the fact that Corbie is in the game(as the jet, Corb) swayed his opinon a bit. but the game is a lot of fun and a worthy update to the origanal. The new vehicals are not just reskins of the old, if you play them enuff you will definatley see and feel the diffrence. the new maps are fun too, with more water based ones this time. Finally, my high score on this game is 423 with Mano and i'd like to see if anyone ca beat that.

@raffel most of the almost black team returns, with the exception of geoff. for whatever weird reason, they replaced him with Luna.



Dragonmxz commented on 1 in 10 People Can't See 3D Properly:

"that treatment could be as simple as a new pair of glasses or some "vision therapy", which we imagine to be rather like retail therapy only with less purchasing. "

Dosen't that solve the whole problem?



Dragonmxz commented on Dragon Master Gameplay Video:

I could barely make sense of it because the entire time it was stuttering through the entire video. it could still be good so i'll wait for the reveiw



Dragonmxz commented on Top 20 DSiWare Games in USA (17th June):

There are three things that nintendo needs to do to get dsiware to be good
1.Add a virtual console
2.Focus on really getting a lot of high quality games for it such as Mario vs. donkey kong and stop making meaningless apps.
3.Get a LOT more third party developers.If they get get enough then they can release more games and mabey make it become sort of like the app store for the iphone.
Also if nintendo has to make apps then they should at least release ones that are good like a downloadable cookbook with new recepis every week or something.Also less puzzel games, more RPG and action/adventure



Dragonmxz commented on Hollow Victory for Nintendo as Latest Pokémon...:

Really CowLaunch? There are now far more high quality titles on the Wii than there were year ago such as Metroid prime,mario strikers, mario kart, the soon to be relesed PunchOut!!, The Conduit, little kings story, excitebots, and boom blox bash party. maybe you just aren't seeing the the good game on the wii? Though they should relese vc on the DSi with you know really old gameboy color titles and some hard to find gameboy advanced ones.