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E3 2010: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Posted by James Newton

Link's latest finally unveiled! Updated with trailer!

All the speculation can finally end: we've seen the new Legend of Zelda game, subtitled Skyward Sword. And it looks good.

Taking a graphical style that combines the cartoon palette of Wind Waker and the grown-up visuals of Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword is Nintendo's attempt to make the game much more accessible to gamers. With the Wii Remote – for which you'll need MotionPlus – and Nunchuk displayed on screen at all times, the controls seem more streamlined, with swapping between items as simple as picking from a radial menu and then pressing B to begin.

The Skyward Sword in the title refers to the ability to hold your Remote (and therefore sword) aloft in-game to begin charging a beam attack that can be launched at enemies. Yes, for the first time in many years, Link can shoot beams from his sword again. Happy days.

Although the on-stage demonstration suffered from some technical glitches it was still clear that MotionPlus looks to add a great deal to the game, with Link's swordfighting and other items taking on a new dimension of control. Certain enemies can only be conquered by slashing them in a particular direction, and there was an eye guarding a door that could be confused by moving the tip of the sword around: as the eye followed the sword, it became hypnotised and disappeared.

Taking out familiar items such as the slingshot and bow are in place, with the slingshot using pointer controls and the bow handling rather like the archery in Wii Sports Resort: holding up the Remote aims the bow, with the Nunchuk used to draw back the arrow. Again, technical difficulties prevented this from being shown off to its full potential, but our hands-on First Impressions should be available soon to give you a better idea of how this part of the game handles. Bombs have returned as well, and can be thrown as well as rolled underarm to fit through small crevices and gaps.

When it comes to new items, the game delivers with a flying beetle and a whip. The beetle flies around to access new items and other areas and the whip can be used to pull opponents and items or take out large groups of smaller enemies such as Keese.

On the whole this was an impressive first showing for the title, but the one fly in the ointment was the announcement that the game will not launch in 2010, with Mr Miyamoto announcing a 2011 release date. Here's the first trailer to whet your whistle:

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warioswoods said:

Miyamoto is backstage cursing out his tech people.

The graphical style looked perfect, though, and the quick item selection is a godsend.



CanisWolfred said:

I'm not impressed with it so far. Granted, I stopped caring about Zelda a while ago, so I guess it would take a lot to spark my interest.



GloomShroom said:

they have a long way to go... but it's well on its way to being a truly great epic. I was glad when they announced a 2011 release... it means the game will be polished and then some.



Chris720 said:

Zelda: Skyward Sword... Is... EPIC!

Controls looking perfect. Graphics look perfect. Sword beams are back!

This... Is... Going... To... Be... ****... Awesome!

Cannot... Wait... Until... 20... 11... I WANT THIS GAME NOW! D:

EDIT: Watch the language please.

EDIT: Sorry, my bad.



NotEnoughGolds said:

I don't know if I like the idea of standing in front of my TV to play this game for 30-60 hours.
If that's something N really expects me to do, then I probably won't be able to finish the game until 2014.



Atlantis1982 said:

I think to me this was a complete let down, and I was having low expectations too. Maybe a little know-how of the story might entice me to reconsider.



AlexSays said:

Not a fan of the series but I really like it.

Control issues will be fixed, no doubt.



Edwin said:

Unforgivable if the outline of the remote and nunchuk stay on the screen the whole time. I'm not two years old, I know where the A button is without having to look at a diagram.



Bigdog said:

@NotEnoughGolds So far, I haven't seem anything from the Videos, gameplay, or otherwise to suggest this won't be playable while laying down on a couch. As long as they don't do this with strength response they can make this as long a game as usual. (Red Steel 2, at just under 10 hours, was perfect in length and left my arm tired. But that's because of the strength response. You had to hit some enimies harder and at a certain angle to injure them. This requires more.)



bngrybt said:

Graphics look awesome. Cel-shaded adult Link is great. Not as dark and gloomy and brown as TP, and not kiddy like WW... strikes a nice balance that brings to mind what LTTP would look like in 3D.



kevohki said:

This was probably the worst thing Nintendo showed outside of Just Dance 2 and Wii Party. I had low expectations after Twilight Princess but was excited when they said they were "reinventing" Zelda. I didn't realize that meant simply putting MotionPlus over TP's already busted controls while not reinventing anything.



Chris720 said:

Your gonna have to stand up to play this for sure! You cannot "bowl" a bomb sitting down, unless the 1:1 control is perfect.

I like how they implemented the controls where you have to slash a certain way to kill a monster.

The only thing I'm going to nitpick about this game is: Where's my Epona?



Awesome5 said:

This game looks awesome! Yeah, the glitches during the demo sucked, but it was cool to see how it would work nonetheless. Graphic style looks nice, the only thing that sucks about it are the goblins, they look a bit too squarish. Anyways, can't wait!



Burny said:

Standing in front.. What? You actually stand while playing stuff like WSR? Try to play it in a comfortable armchair. You'll see, it works just as well. So will this Zelda, I hope.

Except for golf, obviously. But as there hasn't been a golf minigame announced for Zelda...



turtlelink said:

This is turtles friend. He passed out watching the trailer so, yea.
Its....its....its beautiful!!!



Link-Hero said:

This game looked great, but too bad the controller was getting some interference problems. Other than that, the gameplay mechanics and graphic style looked awesome.



Burny said:

Has anyone given a thought to the last scene where Link jumps from some sort of cliff?




Token_Girl said:

I like the items and such. Hopefully the presence of the wiimote on screen was just for the demo, and, knowing Nintendo, I'm sure the glitches will be worked out prior too release. Look forward to more trailers/gameplay footage.



NotEnoughGolds said:

I don't have WSR. I was basing it on my experience with Red Steel 2, which cannot be played sitting down.

No force detection would make it better for Zelda, but I'm still concerned at having to do stuff like bowl bombs. If the game frequently requires full range of motion, it's going to be tough to play it whilst sitting down.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I've never been a huge fan of Zelda, but something about this trailer just looks..... incredible.

Also, am I the only one who finds the subtitle intriguing? "Skyward Sword." Doesn't that sound like it implies flying or something???

EDIT: Burny beat me



ReddLionz said:

in a Zelda game, you kinda have to have that diagram. For one, the A button is there because it's the action button, you need to be able to see what will happen if you push A. Also, you need to be able to see what items are mapped to what buttons.

As for the game, it looks awesome so far, but I'm still not sure about the visual style, I was kinda hoping it would be more like Twilight Princess.



Capt_N said:

The graphics, while good, remind me of the new Alice in Wonderland movie, w/ Johnny Depp. Hopefully the gameplay will be superb. This is a good thing that it won't see store shelves until next year. That gives N time to fix, & better the game in many ways.



MasterGraveheart said:

Wow, it looks fantastic. It's colorful... I love it! It brings me back to A Link to the Past, kind of. This is going to be fantastic. Still, kind of wish Link would remain left-handed. I mean, that's his trademark, y'know? Meh, who am I to complain? This has been Nintendo's greatest press conference in... just about forever.



Edwin said:


Anyone can easily remember what items are mapped to a few buttons. The game screen would look so much better without all that clutter.



theblackdragon said:

@reddlionz72: to add to what Edwin said, i'd also kinda expect whatever items i had mapped to Link's hands to be visible, like the whip, bow+arrow, etc. i'm just not a fan of cluttered screens, nor am i a fan of being constantly shown what to do.



Var said:

Loving the graphical style, puts it out there as different to both TP and WW rather than making it seem like its trying to be what they weren't.
I'm interested about the inclusion of the Bow and the Slingshot however, I thought this Zelda game was trying to strip down the items that were never used to instead have core items that would be used much more.



EdEN said:

See, I KNEW they would delay it to 2011. Still, that means more time to save for it.



Bassman_Q said:

Hope they add some gameplay twists. I seriously thought a dragon would show up when Link jumped off the cliff to catch him. But this looks awesome!



OldBoy said:

@Corbie. Can you ask em' if it has gamecube controller support please? That looks like an absolute ball ache to play IMO.No thanks.
Glad to see they have found their colourful crayons again though I'm not sold on the style either ,looks to much like a mish mash trying to please both sets of fans (TP/WW).



DavidRY said:

Whoa. Linked (pun intended) here from Wired's GameLife Blog! Are they somehow related?



Kelvin said:

I thought Twilight Princess and Wind Waker were two games with beautiful graphical styles, so I have no problem at all with their synthesis here.



JimLad said:


Honestly though when was the last time there was a bad Zelda game? You know it's going to be awesome.



rjejr said:

I don't see any reason why this couldn't be played sitting down, just sit at the end of the couch so your arm can hang over the edge, or get a chair.

I was kinda surprised by the cell shaded graphics and I can see why people don't like them. I happen to like cell shaded graphics since the Dark Cloud PS2 days, but even I didn't like them here. I was expecting something more like SSBB or SMG2 as all we kept hearing about was how this was made from the ground up for the Wii. So what do we get? A combination of 2 GC games. The style will probably grow on me over the next year or however long until it comes out though.

I also don't see anything new. I've never played Ocarina of Time - maybe on the 3DS now - but I still knew Twilight Princess was similar. This looks similar. I don't have any alternatives, I'm just saying it looks like more of the same. Maybe they should have made it a 2D side-scroller like everything else?



Mike1 said:

Can't wait. Kirby, Zelda, and Donkey Kong. Best E3 in a long time.



jbrodack said:

The controls look like they should be fun.

Looks like Link gets tired of all the adventuring and kills himself at the end of the trailer.



rhythmheavenfan said:

That graphical style is simply gorgeous. I love it. The game sounds extremely immersive and I think I'm going to love it. Although, who won't?



JimLad said:

The problem is they didn't show a proper trailer with all the drama I think everyone was looking for. It was just: "here's link, here's a forest, use some items." It was more of a tech demo than anything.
But I have faith they will create a great game around these new controls, and we will probably get more and more info about it as the months roll on.

Anyone that has played Red Steel 2 knows how fun motion controlled sword play can be.



Angaran said:

I thought the Graphics wer suposed to be better than Monster Hunter tri !? The graphics don't look that great but the swords play looks cool.
The Grapics for me are a minor step back for a Zelda game. Not to mention I'm a huge Zelda fan; I loved Zelda the wind waker, and really loved Twilight Princess, but it's all down to the final game and if people give it a really good rating will I ever buy it.



Sockapal said:

@Angaran: I think the graphical style is a perfect blend of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, it has that colorful, cel-shaded feel while still remaining a bit more natural. Honestly, it reminds me more of A Link to the Past than anything else, which is fantastic!!!!



Fmkz said:

The graphics look kind of weird (Not in a bad way). Looks like upgraded graphics of windwaker and Tp combined. Can't wait to play it's going to be awesome.



Just10 said:

Man. Everybody here's taking the cel-shaded decision pretty well. I guess Zelda's bulletproof now.



chiwii said:

@JimLad - I totally agree! Even if the controls had worked properly during the presentation, it still would have just been a boring "tech demo."

They could have done a lot more to hype up this game. Instead, we get to see that the plants open horizontally or vertically, and you have to swing your sword in a corresponding fashion to kill them. Oh, and you can swing your sword around in a circle to confuse the eye on the door. Not too exciting.



marioman said:

MUST GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by the way how do you change your little picture thingy?



super-nintendo said:

@marioman.....Go to Edit the bottom you will see "Avatar" with your current smiley can then either browse pictures already on your computer or find some around the web to incorporate to change your avatar pic. I hope this helps bud.



Ezio1548 said:

in my opinion as a person that plays many gamesand can always go back to play zelda if this is the last it will be a sad day for everyone



Zeldafan223 said:

All u ppl putting down N and it's new Zelda game need to stfu because all u r basing it on is the trailer or E3 conference which if u listened or researched u would know tht was all interference so instead of complaining rent it and see If u like it before u buy but I am for sure buying it (once I get money) lol



theblackdragon said:

@Zeldafan223: You realize the people posting in this comment thread talking about it were basing it on the E3 conference trailer because E3 had just happened, right? You're replying to a comment thread from back in June, lol. of course we know a bit more about it now, but back then there was nothing else to go on. chill, plz :3

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