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Charles Martinet Shares Your Pain, Waluigi

Posted by James Newton

Voice actor wants a game for the purple one

Wario, Luigi, Peach: they've all had chances to strike out on their own with games where they play the lead, but one character missing from the line-up is lanky misfit Waluigi, who's yet to receive his own game. At least one person sees the injustice in this situation: voice actor Charles Martinet, who sees the purple potential:

I'd love to see a Waluigi game where you have to cheat to win, ya know. That would be funny.

Mr Martinet made a similar remark to us in October, so it seems it's not an off-the-cuff idea but something he actually would like. Maybe he's voiced his opinion to Nintendo and they're thinking about it. Who knows? Speculation aside, you don't have to wait for a Waluigi game where cheating equals winning: certain staff here have made that an artform already.


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Chris720 said:

A Waluigi game sounds intriguing. But how could you base a game around a 'lanky misfit'? It sounds like it would be a Wario game, but he'd be taller and he'd be purple.

P.S. Nice picture of you and Mr. Martinet there James.



WaveGhoul said:

Well...He most likely will be playable in the next Super Smash Bros. But he doesn't have any games to base his moves off of. He's as deep as Princess Daisy



KDR_11k said:

Giant Bomb's Podcast (IIRC) talked about how horrible Waluigi is. The impression I get is that he's still different from the other characters: Wario is egoistic and ugly but Waluigi is plain up insane. The name sounds slighly less awkward when you learn that it's a pun in Japan with warui meaning evil but they probably should have adjusted it for the west where the pun doesn't work (Weegee?).



edhe said:

How about a game with Wario AND Waluigi as the main focus.

Waluigi may not be a deep character, but he should have plenty of potential if offset by Wario. (just so long as he doesn't end up being a blue Wario.)



Deviant_Mugen said:

A famous supporter to the cause, and he's Waluigi's voice actor! Charles Martinet, you rule. Try to use some (if any) of the influence you have with Nintendo to get a Waluigi platformer in production...

@edhe: No, if Waluigi is going to exist in a platformer it should just be Waluigi. Wario has his own series of platformers and that's where he belongs, we don't need him hogging the spotlight from his brother's potential adventure...



Mario_maniac said:

A Waluigi game would please me thoroughly. = 3

Shame I can't see it ever happening. I fear the poor guy's doomed to spin-off games for the time being, like Daisy and Birdo.



Sneaker13 said:

I would love a Waluigi game as well. Don't know how they could make a good story around him though.



KonsumKasse said:

Some indie-developer did a unofficial Waluigi 2d plattformer game quite recently, the game got positive acclaim from indie-blogs, if i remember correctly.



Big_A2 said:

Mario Kart DS 2:
You can only be Waluigi and the only way to move your kart foraward is by snaking.



Chris720 said:

@Marz Every Nintendo platformer has a good story... Sort of. SMG2 has a good story... Well by trailers anyways...

Well if Nintendo gave Waluigi a signature move like Mario, Wario and Luigi (?) maybe they could make a game and base it around gameplay value.

Waluigi and Luigi are always gonna be sidekicks, like Robin from Batman. They never get recognized unless their brothers are there with them in my opinion. So there never gonna get their own game, which kinda sucks really...



SKTTR said:

"...where you have to cheat to win..." Like, real cheats?

That's an interesting idea. Impossible stages, but you have to find cheats, button combinations, and passwords, to beat them.

Of course the cheats should be only availabel for one stage.

So in one stage you have to find the unlimited energy cheat to get past a lava pool. Or in another stage you need to find the super jump cheat to get something hidden up in the clouds. Or a collision-detection-off-cheat the walk past walls and all that common cheating stuff.

The main area is just Waluigi hacking in front of his console, selecting his unlocked level select stuff, debug options and trying to find additional cheats in a code menu.

Nintendo could release more cheats by internet games / websites like they did with Pokemon Rumble or other stuff like in WarioWare DIY weekly updates, a comic/game where you find a hidden cheat.

Whatever happens, I'd like to see Wario having a small cameo appearance in Waluigi's own game.



LztheQuack said:

Awesome. More water levels please!

At least give him a chance to be playable in a game other than party or sports



Chris720 said:

@Aviator That is just weird...

Water Levels are awesome! As long as you get the camera and controls sorted out, otherwise water levels are just horrible.



JebbyDeringer said:

I too hate Waluigi. Wario I was unsure of in the beginning but I learned to accept him. Waluigi not so much. Perhaps if it was an original game I might change my mind.



thedanman64 said:

Wario and Waluigi should definity appear in the same game. Nintendo could call it 'Super Wario Bros'. It would play out as a parody of 'Super Mario Bros' where instead of jumping on enemies, wario uses his shoulder charge or fart attacks to send enemies flying and waluigi uses a tennis racquet to deal with enemies.



Useless_Account said:

Wario and Waluigi: Coins of the Forgotten... haha. And ya it would be an RPG
also, maybe a 3d adventure where Waluigi fights his own Nemesis, a Bowser like charcter. Maybe a land where the populus is Dandelion people, instead of bean or mushroom.



MasterGraveheart said:

@Aviator: Man, if I could run into Ariel whenever there was a water world, I'd tell the Zelda designers to put TEN Water Temples in their future games. She's a total hottie... but Princess Ruto actually has legs... wait a minute, this is going to turn into a fish-girl sex symbol debate, isn't it?



MeloMan said:

I've wanted the Wario Bros. united in a a parody platformer forEVER and I shall faithfully await it as a Waluigi supporter. Period.



WarioPower said:

As much as I like Waluigi, it would just seem weird to play as him in a ACTUAL game(not a spinoff).



Bakajin said:

I don't understand why there's all this Waluigi hate. Sure, he's not a very fleshed out character—so give him a game and flesh him out!



RevolverLink said:

As disappointed as my younger self would be to hear this, Waluigi's somewhat grown on me over the past 10 years.

But I would still like to see Daisy and her creepy, vacant insect eyes tossed into a pit of fire.



JakobG said:

This guy reads Brawl in the Family for sure.
Major role for Waluigi would be awesome.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Waluigi rocks! If you play certain titles, you get the impression that he sees himself as something of a lover, always holding those roses out. And he's the first boss in DDR Mario Mix, which is pretty cool, IMO. He dances to Wrecking Crew music!

Really, I don't get all the Waluigi hate either. He's a cool character who really deserves to be featured more. He's also become my brother's character of choice in multiplayer games, while I still go with good old Luigi.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and that caption fits the picture all too well, Prosody. Keep on bragging, why don't you?



Knux said:

The problem is, how can you make an original game based on Waluigi?



MarkyVigoroth said:

There will be a Waluigi game, and there will be a Toad game...
...but both seem FAR more likely than a Bowser-only game!



SafariSuz said:

|sf>Well, I'm not sure that he could carry a whole Wii disk game on his own, but he could probably carry a WiiWare title.



Collinhall said:

Wait, if your cheating, and the game tells you do do so, than it really isn't cheating now is it!



NapalmHornet said:

Waluigi is a very shallow and tact on character. Probably only made him because Mario had an alter-ego and they probably wanted more characters for their crappy party series.



jhuhn said:

Charles also appeared on the May 31, 2010 episode of Nintendo Week to promote the Super Mario Galaxy 2 game at the Nintendo World store in New York City and was also interviewed by Gary & Alison with his impressions.



KiroX777 said:

@jhuhn ohhh thats right D ': i was supposed to get there eairlier to meet them too. damn i wanted to give them something to say to nintendo - _ - w/e its gone now, maybe another event ill find them gotta be optimistic

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