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Nintendo Download 04-05 August 2009 (JAPAN)

Posted by Sean Aaron

It's a mega update in the Land of the Rising Sun!

The release schedules around the world have seen bumper crops of WiiWare releases (and in PAL territories VC ones courtesy of the latest Hanabi Festival); naturally being Nintendo's home territory it should come as no surprise that Japan outdoes even these impressive download service updates.

Next week sees the release of no less than nine WiiWare releases (although 3 of these are Pokemon titles), four for the Virtual Console and on Wednesday seven DSiWare releases! If you haven't considered importing a Japanese Wii before now, this may push you over the edge!

Sea Farm (500pts - T&S) -- This is a dolphin training sim where the objective is to win trophies in competitions with other virtual dolphin trainers. The entry point is cheap, but there's additional paid downloadable content like training balls and dolphin fashion colours (assuming we're getting the translation correct).

Shikaku i Atama o Maru Kusuru (800pts - IE Institute Co., Ltd.) -- From the makers of kids brain training and English language games for Japanese speakers on the DSi comes what appears to be a knowledge quiz game for the whole family. There're 2,000 questions relating to maths, language and social sciences. Apparently there's some kind of DSi connectivity as well.

Derby Dog (500pts - Sims) -- This is a dog racing game, though not with greyhounds. Raise and train your dog for racing in circuits with a choice of breeds including dachshund, Chihuahua, miniature poodle, Shibanuma, Labrador retriever and French bulldog. The game features 2-8 player WiFi competition and the option to buy additional content in the form of a dog house to improve your dog-raising ability.

Tomenasaner Wii (500pts - Konami) -- The recently unveiled mad-mental single-button breakdancing salaryman game. 1-4 player local multiplayer and a bunch of wacky environments. Expect First Impressions for this exciting new title next week!

Beach de Oshiro o Tsukutcha Wow! (500pts - Konami) -- A catch-up title, this game is known in the Americas as Sandy Beach.

Bit.Trip CORE (500pts - Arc System Works) -- As with Bit.Trip BEAT, this game is 100pts cheaper than the North American release, but is the same great game with no localisation changes apparent outside of the operations guide.

Finally there are three Pokemon Fantasy Dungeon games (1200pts - Nintendo): Susumu! The Adventures of Flame, Ikuzo! The Adventures of Storm and Muzase! The Adventures of Light are all RPGs featuring some kind of WiFi component (though all are stated as single-player games, so it's unclear what this might be -- possibly leader boards?) and a DSi component (possibly tying in with a DSi cart or DSiWare release). It's definitely going to be an expensive month for diehard Pokemon fans!

Virtual Console
Final Fantasy IV (SNES, 900pts - Square Enix) -- Familiar outside of Japan as the second Final Fantasy game, it's a good sign that hopefully we'll be seeing this one overseas, though hopefully not with the 100 point premium that seems to have been applied.

Pengo (MD, 600pts - Sega) -- A more fleshed-out story mode, plus a welcome port of the original arcade game are included in this classic Megadrive VC release.

Cosmo Gang, The Video (Arcade, 800pts - Namco) -- Parodius meets Galaga in this 2nd title in the Cosmo Gang series of arcade games from Namco.

Pac Mania (Arcade, 800pts - Namco) -- The first 3D Pac-Man game from Namco which introduced a jump button to the classic dot-munching maze game.

Two new Electroplankton titles, Taiyo Uchuu (Sun-Animalcule elsewhere) and Luminarian (200pts - Nintendo) continue the series of musical diversions on the DSiWare service with the promise of more later in the month of August.

Utsushite Jikkan! Diet Memo (500pts - Bandai-Namco) -- A calorie-counting weight loss program for the DSi which will no doubt be a popular seller and will likely see release overseas.

Otonano Tamu no Keisan Training DS (500pts - IE Institute Co., Ltd.) -- An adults math's training game. Basically the maths portion of the popular Brain Training series in a standalone game from the looks of it.

Detective Saburoo Jinguuji: Akenai Yoru ni & Nazo no Jikenbo (500pts - Arc System Works) -- This is another in a series of Detective Saburoo games for the DSiWare service. People outside of Japan may have come across this character as "Jake Hunter" though only one of dozens of these "visual novels" have ever been officially released outside of Japan.

Asphalt 4 (800pts - Gameloft) -- A racing game already available elsewhere.

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User Comments (64)



T_T Next monday we getter bet Cave story and more VC games dammit D8



Adam said:

I don't really like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeons, but I'm glad to see the Mystery Dungeon series on WiiWare in any form.



Wiiperson11 said:

The dog game looks really cool and for just 500 points!
It should come to Europe and America since it has Wi-Fi!



King_Elemento said:

Holy c- 9 releases? On just WiiWare? 4 on VC?
And yet we get 3 on WiiWare, with NOTHING on VC.
This is ridiculous. I don't care if Nintendo is Japanese, whatever happened to racial equality?

EDIT: That's 17 releases overall. 9 WiiWare, 4 VC and 4 DSiWare. That's over the top, when we get 4 downloadable releases per week, they get more than 4 times as many!



Charlie_The_Unicorn said:

Dogs, Dolphins, and Accountants play Trivia as Pokemon meet Pengo at a Fantasy Gang hideout, as Pac Mania strikes Racing Electroplankton training Healthfully and Mathematically!



Noire said:

Oh man, I really want to get Tomenasaner! Please let us see that game here in the West! Please please please please please please! Or I may have to import a Japanese Wii, which I don't have the money for.



pixelman said:

"Final Fantasy IV (SNES, 900pts - Square Enix) -- Familiar outside of Japan as the first Final Fantasy game"

Eh? FF4 was the second one released in the US.



blackknight77 said:

My expectations are already low for the NA update monday. Japan has set the bar so high for other regions it just out of control.



Terra said:

This just gets me annoyed. Japan get so much stuff for their Update but we get so little in comparison. "Sigh"



astarisborn94 said:

This is toally unfair! We haven't got squat for the Virtual Console for two weeks and they get four? SPOIL BRATS! Not only that, they also got nine WiiWare games and six DSiWare games.

Let's hope that's all the game there getting for the month, but knowing NOJ, they wouldn't do that to there so-called "loyal fans".

We should have an mega update on the first Monday of the month and give NOA time to upload more Virtual Console and WiiWare games in the beginning of the month. Good plan, wouldn't you agree?



wanderlustwarrior said:

@Atlantis1982: agreed.

God freaking dammit. I'm actually thinking of sending NOA a letter expressing my distaste in their recent decisions. I haven't been this mad at a game company since going into SEGA of America headquarters and telling the first worker I saw to treat the Sonic franchise with respect.



Ratengo said:

@Sean: Nintendo will take the week of 11th-12th of August off, due to the upcoming Obon Festival, so this is particularly a double update. You had put a lot of work into the article and deserve a break next Friday. Phew...!

You forgot to mention Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Akenai Yoru ni & Nazo no Jikenbo by Arc System Works for DSiWare. The game costs 500 points. 'Daabiidoggu' for WiiWare reads as 'Derby Dog'.



motang said:

I don't think Japan is looking into the downloads, as Monster Hunter 3 is out and I am seeing on the net that there are huge lines for it!



AVahne said:

damn not fair,Japan gets so many things while we're dry over here in the states



N64_Gamer said:

I don't want to sound like a jerk, but do Nintendo know about the continent, Europe?



MegaMX4 said:

I'm really beginning to wonder just what Nintendo's strategy is here! What's the deal? My purchase of a Wii was specifically due to the Virtual Console and everything it promised...

Once again, I'm left disappointed. Why can't we all have it this good?



bboy2970 said:

wow. I just don't know what to say. keep thinking "hey, maybe things will change! Maybe other regions will get tons of games on some magical update!" My belief in that statement is continuosly dwindled especially since Japan gets 19 games in a single update! 19!!!!! I would KILL to get just 10 games total in one update. And you wanna know the sad part? A 10 game update is considered "light" for Japan. I am seriously SERIOUSLY sick of this. I don't know how much more of this crap I can take. Especially after Nintendo decides to cut back on VC games in the US. Cut back? Really? I'm pretty sure that 1 game per week was cut back enough!! I am seriously going to slam Nintendo with so much email!! I know it won't do any good but it helps me blow off steam about this stuff.



bboy2970 said:

@N64 Gamer:
Don't worry, you don't sound like a jerk. Nintendo CLEALY has that position taken care of just fine!



Objection said:

Se...seventeen titles? And four are... "Virtual Console">? (PS what is this Virtual Console?? ) Wish I was surprised but what's the difference between Japan getting twice as much content and Japan getting nearly quadruple as much?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Daabiidoggu sounds pretty cool especially for only 500 points and I'm looking forward to hearing more on the new Konami game. Sea Farm could have some relative potential as well.



KDR_11k said:

Daabiidoggu should probably read Derby Dog.

There's already a dolphin training part in Endless Ocean if you really want something like that.



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm pleased to see WiiWare seems to have found legs of its own in Japan. Still I wonder if any of you complaining will be gloating next week at the grand total of zero

though hopefully not with the 100 point premium that seems to have been applied
Here in Europe we have no hope



Sean_Aaron said:

Yep, that's seven DSiWare releases; the Detective Saburoo one on the front page wasn't repeated in the main listing which is what I usually check so hopefully that will be fixed soon. And thanks for the FF history lesson Pixelman, we'll get that sorted as well as the Derby Dog translation -- it's a big update and many things to juggle!

If Ratengo is correct and no update is coming the following week will that make people happy? I know my wallet will need a rest!



GamerZack87 said:

Ha! Japan's getting the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games first! I knew it! But next week? Congrats to them! I hope we get them soon as well (along with Melee Scramble)

It still confuses me that they released an Electric-themed game instead of a Grass-themed one. I'd love to play as a human-turned-Bulbasaur or human-turned-Turtwig in 3D!



Adamant said:

Why don't you complainers just import a Japanese Wii then, if you'd like updates like this?
And honestly most of the Japanese-exclusive Wiiware/DSiware games are rather dull. They're exclusive for a reason. If we HAD gotten them, you'd just be crying about how the service was getting swamped in shovelware.



theblackdragon said:

"They're exclusive for a reason. If we HAD gotten them, you'd just be crying about how the service was getting swamped in shovelware."
^ quoted for truth



Knux said:

This is ridiculous! I can't believe we Americans get nothing for two weeks, and the Japanese get this! It is so unfair!



psyduck said:

Does it mean we get Bit.Trip CORE soon in PAL regions as well? Maybe this Friday even? Can't wait to get that. So far I'm having a blast with BEAT.



Kevin said:

We better get VC games monday. 9 games in one day? That's amazing.



Lotice-Paladin said:

Now that they had 17 titles in one day...I am guessing they should (but won't) get NO update for an entire month . Hey, people can dream...

Seriously, that is abit too much. If it was spreaded across more it'd have a lesser impact. Does NOA and NOE have restrictions on how many games they are allowed to release? If so, then this proves it in large amounts .



Ferret75 said:

What the hell is up with this?

We get 4 maybe 5 games a week, and they get 17!?
Come on NoA, use some common sense.



Sean_Aaron said:

As Ratengo points out there's a holiday the following week, so it's likely there will be no downloads at all -- does that make everyone feel better?



Sean_Aaron said:

Okay, I downloaded Bit.Trip CORE, Tomenasanner, Cosmo Gang: The Video and Pengo today. I got to play a bit of the first three before going to work.

Cosmo Gang: The Video is a cutsey version of Galaga; pretty fun stuff; seems aimed at younger gamers based upon the first challenging stage which was pretty easy. Not bad!

Bit.Trip CORE was hard, though given I was playing without sound (family asleep) I think I did pretty well getting a couple of MEGAs (once after dropping into Nether) just using the vibration and my eyes to cue me. So even if you're deaf it's possible to play this game! I do look forward to the full audio show. Great classic 8-bit action. People complain about it being hard, but clearly those people haven't played too many Atari 2600 games; it's all good!

Tomenassaner is not quite what I expected, but I'll need more time with the full audio experience before I feel I can make a full First Impression of it. It is single button (A, B or D-pad) and you're trying to jump or otherwise navigate past obstacles whilst constantly moving forwards towards a goal. If time runs out it's game over; get to the end to unlock the next stage. Visuals remind me of the Pitfall portion of Marvel Ultimate Alliance with the simplistic veneer of Pifall using more sophisticated graphical elements.

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