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Thu 16th Apr 2009

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MegaMX4 commented on Nintendo Download 04-05 August 2009 (JAPAN):

I'm really beginning to wonder just what Nintendo's strategy is here! What's the deal? My purchase of a Wii was specifically due to the Virtual Console and everything it promised...

Once again, I'm left disappointed. Why can't we all have it this good?



MegaMX4 commented on What Capcom games do you want to see on the Vi...:

Every game already mentioned is a game I'd love you to release for the VC, Capcom! But here are my personal faves:

Absolutely EVERYTHING Mega Man related
Aliens Vs Predator/Cadillacs & Dinosaurs/Punisher
The 194X series & every Street Fighter from the original to 3rd Strike (including Hyper SFII: Anniversary Edition)

And last but not least, I beg you from the depths of my soul....don't stop pestering Nintendo about Bionic Commando. Regardless of the reasons why they'd be against this release, the squeaky wheel gets the grease...we'll keep clamoring for it if you'll keep fighting to release it!



MegaMX4 commented on Nintendo Download: Masks, Crystals, Chess and ...:

While I strongly dislike that Nintendo would take so long with VC releases, this brings us one step closer to completing the N64 library. Still have a ways to go (and some licensing hurdles), but we'll get there!

Majora's Mask, here I come....



MegaMX4 commented on Prepare To Gnash Those Teeth: Perfect Dark May...:

I have two opinions on this.

While I myself might own all 3 current gen systems, this is terrible news for non-360 owners and old-school Nintendo die-hards as well. Do you buy a new system, or do you suffer without?

Secondly, while Banjo's re-release on XBLA has updated its look and features (a wonderful thing IMO), it's a shame that at some point in the future I might own every N64 title released on VC except for the Rare-developed games. If I want to play Ocarina of Time, I can turn on my Wii...but when I want to play BK it necessitates a switch to the 360. Not only will my VC collection feel incomplete, it's just plain inconvenient to have to switch back and forth.

Final Thought: I think I'll stay optimistic in the long run. Rare did make a name for themselves on the N64, and demand for their games has not died since VC's inception. Both Rare and Nintendo must know by now that fans are dying to get their hands on the original 64 versions of these games....that's money in the bank for both of them. The way I see it? Rare will re-release their classics all remixed and purty-like for the 360, and when sales die down they'll look to Nintendo to broker a deal....pleasing those who wish to have the originals perfectly emulated on the Wii. It's only a matter of time.



MegaMX4 commented on Nintendo Download: Clocks, Calculators, Pengui...:

Amazing. I mean, Tower Toppler isn't too bad....but.....really? Charging for clocks and calculators seems a bit petty, and waiting for good VC releases is slowly but surely destroying me from the inside. I'll keep my fingers crossed for SMK and Pilotwings.

@The Fox: Agreed! Before release? I wanted a DSi worse than anything. After release and having looked at what DSiWare has to offer....I'm having a difficult time justifying a purchase.



MegaMX4 commented on The Revenge of Shinobi:

No series is complete unless every segment is included, even the least favorite...and it's good to hear we might get this one. I have good memories of RoS...I believe there was a trick to get infinite shuriken? This is a must get for me!



MegaMX4 commented on Strider:

Yay Strider! This game kicked my posterior, and yet I love it so. I really need to track down 1&2 for the PSOne...



MegaMX4 commented on Pulseman:

This looks sweet! Ahh....the synthesized voices the Genesis produced. Brings back memories. I'm really excited to play this and try it out.



MegaMX4 commented on Galaxy Force II:

Never played this one. Looks kinda Starfox/Afterburner-ish, which is a good thing.



MegaMX4 commented on Earthworm Jim 2:

I remember this being pretty hard, but it was a fun challenge....not an excrutiating cuss-at-the-screen cheap difficulty (though Peter the Puppy always gave me a heck of a time). Must have!



MegaMX4 commented on Phantasy Star:

does happy dance of JOY

A++ game. I played this to death back in the day, and in fact am in the middle of finishing it again via emulation. Let's see a release soon!



MegaMX4 commented on A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia:

Gave it a shot back in the day, got to a place where I couldn't go any farther, and used ol' Blob as a trampoline to see if I could get over the building blocking my path. And promptly died. >.>

I'm glad I'll have another chance at it! Especially with the gorgeous Wii version coming soon. Blobonia, here I come...again.



MegaMX4 commented on Nintendo World Cup:

Oh, this is guaranteed to be on my Wii day one of its many memories! Gotta love the super moves (and the gruesome faces the players made when shoved/skid into). Classic Kunio-kun at its best, and one of the most fun sports titles on the NES.

And that's saying something, considering I have no taste for sports.



MegaMX4 commented on Final Fantasy:


Agreed! I'd LOVE to have Dragon Quest 1-6. Will it happen? Guess we'll have to wait and see, huh?

And as for this game, it's about time! I won't be fully satisfied until every FF is released, but this is a truly momentous start.



MegaMX4 commented on Twinbee:

Ah, I was hoping they'd release this! Looks like it's a good time to be a shmup fan.

Now, let's see all the rest in the Twinbee series, and give us some Parodius love too, Nintendo/Konami!