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A new kind of shooter where players aim for the best scores within a 2 or 5-minute time limit!

Develop various scoring strategies and pump out those points within the breakneck timeframe!
In-depth gameplay, tons of replayability!

Assembled in record time to counter the advance of a powerful enemy, the mysterious Brain Forces, the "Caesar" starfighter takes off to fight for the very future of mankind!

Shoot down countless enemies, upgrade your ship to the max with power-ups hidden throughout the levels, and carry out an all-out assault against the core of the enemy fortress!

Combining the excitement of shoot'em-ups with in-depth scoring strategies, this state-of-the-art competitive shooter will keep you coming back for more!

Upload your best scores with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and pit your skills against the world's best fighter pilots from the comfort of your living room! Hone your skills and show the world who's boss!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Does Star Soldier R have enough fire-power to satisfy shooter fans?

The shoot 'em up genre has been lacking for many years now, so it's no real surprise that shooter fans have been anxiously awaiting Hudson's newest entry in their Star Soldier series. WiiWare seems like the perfect fit for a good old-fashioned space shoot...

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User Comments (70)



deggs said:

looks like a heavily updated version of the original star soldier (which actually wasn't that bad a game. i got it for nes almost 2 decades ago but i still was playing until my nes got stolen). still, this and dr. mario look amazing. i actually don't plan on getting many wiiware titles but these updated versions of classic games looks kinda fun



JD1 said:

Loved this game back in the day, I don't have an original or emulated version of it at the moment, I am looking forward to this.



Nigel said:

This is what WiiWare is all about as far as I'm concerned. I love classic 2-D gameplay with modern graphical overhauls. Castlevania and Mega Man for the PSP being great examples of this. I think 2-D games will never die, you can't replicate the experience in a 3-D world. They activate different centres of the brain.



djshep1973 said:

I'll be downloading this one for sure, should it reach the European WiiWare! I loves me retro shoot-em-ups, and would definitely welcome updates to more classic shooters!



GameGod3008 said:

It will be available at 800 Points in Japan when Wiiware goes live so i'd expect it to be the same Worldwide. If so then i'm getting it when Wiiware is live in Europe



Shiryu said:

I still hope N64 "Soldier Earth" makes it to the Wii VC.

Still, this will be Day 1 purchase.



ICEknight said:

"I battle for the reign of 50hz"
Like 90% of the PAL gamers, I hope you never succeed. =P
This game looks brilliant, I'm gonna buy it unless it's 50Hz-only.



GameGod3008 said:

I've heard that this will be similar to the Gamecube remake. Is that true or is it just rumors and speculation?



TheLuigiDude said:

Uggh, after reading IGN's summary on this I'm sorely disappointed! A shmup which only lets you play for a limited amount of time? Now I'm not against high scoring or anything, but that's just not cool and a real stinker. I guess Hudson Soft felt as if they didn't have the time to make a Real Star Soldier.

(If I'm wrong, which I'm hoping, then that's a good thing and boo IGN!)



RoninDennis said:

Hmm, I feared this might be the case, no campaign, huh? I love the 2 and 5 min. battle on Soldier Blade, but as a stand alone game? No, afraid this won't cut it for me...



Fireballmario said:

I kinda agree with TheLuigiDude becaus its even in the movie, still it looks better than the World of Goo, that game is just creepy. Hope theres a longer mode than 2 or 5 minutes, like play until your dead.



CopyofCopyX said:

Appears to be very short with just two levels and why does the first boss look like a X-Box????



Fireballmario said:

Guys I've got good news, watch the video again and you will see that there is a Game Start choice so it looks like this will be longer than 5 minutes, gonna buy this game so totally, even if it does only last for an amount of time.



Objection said:

@ Fireballmario
Let us know when u get it if there is a non timed mode with real levels. Otherwise, this game is dead to me. Gyrostarr FTW!



Kenji510 said:

Were gonna get this game next week on the 19th of May... i seen the release date too on the IGN website as well.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yes, Gryostarr FTW!
And yeah, someone please let us know about if there's a non-timed mode (which I doubt from what I hear).

I considered getting this until I heard that it lacks enough substance to be worth 800, but it does appeal to me, save for the fact that there's no multiplayer but the game looks stellar either way.



Objection said:

@Knuckles You are offically my wavelength buddy. lol
Anyway, this needs a campaign mode. Or something...more...
Anyone know Gyrostarr's release date?

EDIT: Changed typo



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Lol. Sweet! But I'm Knuckles not Kunckles. xD

Gyrostarr releases May 19th! I can't wait!
But yeah, Star Soldier R needs more substance to be worth 800 as many have noted already but we'll see how others like the game when it hits, again, on May 19th.



Chipmunk777 said:

Man... I want to get all of these games. Star soldier, dr. mario, gyrostarr, lost winds.. But I just don't have the room on my wii with all of my vc games



Objection said:

CuRSEs!.! Typo--!!
Anyway, awesome!! Gyrostar on the 19th?!
If this is true, then I'll save my poitns for that instead of FFCC! HA HA!



Objection said:

Wiiware>VC Prepare to delete!!
(Or wait until summer, when people are thinking Ninty will announce/start storage solution)



CopyofCopyX said:

Seems to lack a lot of content, compared to other games you can get for 800 points:
Lords of Thunder
Gate of Thunder



Knux said:

Looks neat but I'm debating about it. Is it coming out on May 19th in America or not?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

According to IGN, it is, but we don't know if we should go by that or not. But at least it's SOMETHING to go by I guess. But I just wish the game was a bit... longer. Then this would be an instant-buy for me. I'm really looking fwd to a review on this title and Gyrostarr to help me decide properly.



sailingtheseaoffools said:

"35. Chipmunk777 14 May 2008, 02:38 GMT

Man... I want to get all of these games. Star soldier, dr. mario, gyrostarr, lost winds.. But I just don't have the room on my wii with all of my vc game"

Well finish the vc games you haven't finished yet. Then if you aren't going to play them again delete them to make room. You can redownload them again later since they are tied to that wii.



Kenji510 said:

This game will do for me when it comes out and im surprised were not gonna get Dr. Mario Online Rx on monday anymore and its only Europe getting it for now.



Corbs said:

I'll try to get this one reviewed on the same day it comes out here in the US so those of you waiting for the review won't have to wait too long. I'm a big Star Soldier fan, so I'm excited to see what this game will be like.



Terra said:

Here's to hoping that there is a decent campaign mode instead of just a 2/5 Minute mode



TenthDivine said:

Someone on GameFAQs has played the game and there is no campaign mode, only a 2 and 5 minute mode. Still won't stop me from getting it, though.



Matmax14 said:

i think i download this one...but it would be better when there's more than just a 2 and 5 minute mode...



blackknight77 said:

Thanks Corbie
I await your review. IF its positive I will download tonight. Anyway I will skip Sky kid.



Wiireview123 said:

has anybody bought the game yet? if so can anybody tell me if there is more than two levels. because i read something today that said that you have to beat a level in 2 or 5 minutes and that there are more than 2 levels.



TenthDivine said:

@ Wiireview123
There are not more than two levels. The goal of the game is to beat the high score and see how you stack up with the rest of the world. I find the game very fun, and it'll keep you coming back for short bursts. Well worth the 800 point asking price IMO.

Edit: I've just submitted my review to GameFAQs, it should be up within a couple days.



Corbs said:

I'll have the review up in a few hours. So far the game has proven to be at least worth the $8. But as good as the two levels are, it really leaves you wanting more.

And using just the Nunchuck, while not very practical on the hand, is funny. I even sat there and played through the first level using only the Nunchuck and eating a sandwich and drinking my Pepsi with my free hand, all while playing the game. If you have access to the Super Famicom Classic Controller I highly recommend it for this one. Works like a dream.



Dazza said:

My first impressions of this are very good. Lets get this out the way first, there this no campaign mode so you are purely playing this game for hi-score in 2 min or 5 min blasts.

I have run through the 2 minute mode a few times now. With a bit of practice I have found my skills improving and I can run through it with the greatest of ease now.

I have my region set to the South Western USA region, the same as Corbie's so I could pace myself against his score. I just pipped it, placing me at #12 with a hi-score of 689,800.

5 min mode seems a lot harder. I got my ass handed to me on a plate by the 2nd end of level guardian! Not good!!



blackknight77 said:

I just downloaded Star Soldier R. I don't think the "R" stands ripoff. This game is fun!!!! The graphics are very colorful and impressive. I like the music as well. It's true, I wish it had a more in-depth single player mode, but I think it's easily worth the 800 points.

I got to post my score for the Northeast United states too! ( Delaware to be exact)
My ranking was 13 ( for Tony F) but I am sure that will change. I guess I better practice.

Also I agree with Dazza, the second level boss is no joke:)



Wiireview123 said:

@TenthDivine: oh ok then that person must have been stupid because that post came up 3 days ago. anyway, i just might get the game then because a lot of you people are having fun with with the game



Adamant said:

"A new kind of shooter"

...what? Is that why my Gamecube Star Soldier game has the exact same type of time-limited modes?



tovare said:

It's all about the high-score. I've played this game for a few hours now, and I think it's pretty cool, but feels very short. Instead of all those shooters that are impossible to beat, you'll beat this one in a few tries, then you just replay and replay and replay to beat your high-score.



Reign1770 said:

I'am 59 yeah! :/ Anyways the online ranking gets addicting, plus the visuals & powerups are sweat:)



sirmatt said:

I think you have to see this game more as a racing game, akin to Excite Truck (which I loved): going through the same track repetitively, trying to get that "S," or in this case, that g*#$d*&mned high score!

The shooter aspect of this game takes a back seat ultimately to the strategy of racking up points. Again, it's just like Excite Truck in that aspect: you start to know the course like the back of your hand and the "racing" part of it plays second fiddle, and yet it still is fun because you are trying to eke out those last critical points to get your ranking and so on. It's just that now, you are focused on an overlay of strategy and all the little flips and tricks you have to do to up your point score.

The racing takes the back seat in a racing game, the shoot-em-up aspect takes a back seat in a shoot-em-up in favor of perfecting that overlay of tactics, tricks, shortcuts and techniques. Same thing...in other words, the lack of tracks really means sod all. I mean, even after getting an S in all of the Platinum levels, I took weeks and weeks to finally get an S in Gold Canada in Excite Truck, and I played that sucker with great excitement each time. The same phenomenon applies here.

This game makes this even more fun with regional and international scoring, it just motivates you.

I play games on a very limited basis, maybe 30 - 60 mins a day and this game is perfect for me, I love it. I own Soldier Blade (love that, too) but Solider Blade is just a different game. Same, yet different. Soldier Blade has a greater focus on the shoot-em-up because it's endless, and yet not as densely packed and incredibly orchestrated like SSR is.

See this more like a tough points-based racing track game versus a pure shooter, and you will get the picture.

  • Matt


Peznaze said:

Indeed, I'd have thought the short play style would've been a selling point, too. Apparently, it's not.



mr_niceguy said:

G-D!!! Why do I still not have this game?!?!?!?! The more I think, the more I want, yet I never get it. I don't have F-Zero X, I don't have Alien Soldier, I don't have Gunstar Heroes, I don't have Lords of Thunder, I don't have Toki Tori, now I don't have this! What is my problem?!?!?!?!?!



mr_niceguy said:

There's a Soldier Earth?! No wonder they never released Final Soldier in the U.S., it would've been totally redundant.

By the way, it's Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth, for those planning to look it up.



AlexSays said:

Just got 854,000 in the 2 min.
I'm feeling pretty proud at the moment. I'm also 75th in my region.



Ricardo91 said:

If this was 200-300 pts cheaper, I would have gotten this. Ah well, Soldier Blade's good enough for me!



CanisWolfred said:

I definately loved this game more than I expected to, though I really can't seem to get to the 800,000's yet. Which is better, speed level 2 or 3? I've tried both but I can't seem to figure it out.



Terra said:

I hear that R stands for revolution. I wouldn't agree that it is, would anyone else?



lockelocke said:

Has anyone broken a mil on 2-minute mode?
I've been stuck as 998,000 for like two months, I mean how on God's green earth could you possibly score any higher? Pointers, anyone?



whalleywhat said:

I'm on speed 3, I only slow down when the circle thing closes around me.
My best 2-minute score was somewhere around 930,000. I had a run that would've gotten me 960,000, but I farked up the closing eyes bonus at the end. Arrrgghh. You have to be some sort of robot to clear a million.

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