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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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sailingtheseaoffools commented on Review: SPOGS Racing:

"videos, and now I can see that it's not as good as I believed"

This game still looks better and costs less then a lot of ps2 to wii shovelware released by certain companies such as Data Design, Phoenix Games, Popcorn Arcade or whatever the hell they call themselves.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Telltale Games Interview - Strong Bad's Cool Game:

"we can't demo a game"

Nintendo is smart about not requiring demos. They are the kiss of death to xbox live titles. Ever wonder why they never state how many sales of games there are?

Last time they did it the ratio of demos to purchases was six to one. The vc seems to sell ten times a month what the xbox live arcade does.

Five to ten bucks is an impulse purchase price. Demos would kill that impulse killing 90% of sales.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Review: Gyrostarr:

"Why include them if they don't work?"

Likely takes practice and some people are naturals at motion controls.

Also get more people and do more levels.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Review: Gyrostarr:

" are they simply default records?"

The standard default ones. I think people got confused since several other titles on wiiware with leaderboards have them be through the wifi.

"when is europe getting this!"

I believe it was rated by the other ratings boards. Maybe a month or two.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Xiotex Amazed By Reaction To WiiWare Rebuttal:

". The main argument seems to be that Nintendo are accepting some people without offices but so far the only person who I've heard mentioned in that context"

World of Goo but guess what they had an actual game to demo and Nintendo reps saw it. There are likely others as well. Even PSN and Xbox Live Arcade have requirements that they may wave if they see a product or an idea worth waiving.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Blue Oasis - Fishy Fun For All The Family:

"Euphoria engine"

Sigh people really need to do some research. Euphoria isn't an engine at all it uses the games existing physics engines. It's a frapping middleware program at best. Nor is it really impressive if you apply it to many physic engines. It's just a souless pr stunt to gussy up existing physhics engines.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on The Making Of The World Of Goo:

World of Goo which is two guys should shut up people who complain that wiiware is not for indie/small time developers. It's for indie/small time developers who actually can produce a game.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Nintendo Barring Small Developers From WiiWare?:

"What's really interesting is that if he was denied because his game was no good"

More likely he had no effing game at all. Why waste a dev kit on someone who couldn't even show off a small pc demo done on their spare time?

World of Goo is just two guys and no publisher involved who showed off a pc demo that got Nintendo vip attention at a convention.

If I recall right there was a conferance in Japan where they showed that the majority of Western wiiware developers were indepedants who were in teams of sizes smaller then ten.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Nintendo Barring Small Developers From WiiWare?:

Well first they have to a number of dev kits be sent out. Earlier last year a number of wii devs said they were on waiting lists for dev kits since there were so many applications the supply ran out and demand was just excessive.

The same applies for wii ware dev kits. A limited number for a huge applicant pool. So they have to decide who gets the dev kits out of a pool. If you have more applicants then dev kits then yes you have to select who gets the dev kits in terms of priority. 2D Boy is two guys yet they got a dev kit and are licensed to work on wiiware. Even major studios are saying the dev kit pool is limited. Lots of established devs are still waiting for their dev kits to be shipped to them. Just like the wii Nintendo had no idea so many people would want to use the dev kits so they have to ration them out.

The guy can try again in six months. Obviously not everything is being said.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Nintendo Channel Finally Comes to Europe:

"Mario Kart? Brain Training? Sight Training? Maths Training? I'm not saying these games are bad"

Blame Euro publishers. Even the US Nintendo Channel had far more videos and third party game listings on both the video archive, game listing archive, on successive weeks. Publishers have to sign up.

This also occured with the Nintendo Channel in Japan.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Nintendo Channel Finally Comes to Europe:

"There is a simple formula for improving bandwidth that doesn't involve calculating 'opt in data' to ensure smooth video play back and I will be kind enough to share it with you. Brace your self because you will not believe how simple it is. Well here it is, Formula: More is Better."

Funny how MMOs suffer the same issues even with millions spent on servers to prepare for the launch week with just one hundred thousand people logging in. Funny how Itunes and other sites with megabandwidths shut down when millions of log in attempts occur after Christmass when people get ipod songs.

MMOs and other internet providers use data that people send usually automatically to try to get rid of the bottlenecks.

You still believe that crap that hard drives will no longer be in pc's in five years because due to the internet we would be able to access everything said internet? That was said ten years ago. Obviously you haven't heard there are enourmous issues with the web running out space that there are serious issues with speed. Hence why companies want bandwidth caps on usage because the network is being overtaxed.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Nintendo Channel Finally Comes to Europe:

"The Nintendo Channel has pretty much been a bust for me. I don't have the patience to wait for the videos to download. I get 9 seconds of video than I wait up to a minute or more for another 9 seconds to download. That's no way to watch a video. Maybe the wireless link is weak/bad but everything else (Internet Channel, Wii Shop and all of my Tivos) seems to have no problem with the WiFi connection."

Do you not know how bandwidth works? Everything in Europe is hitting the channel of course it is going to be slow for the first week or two. Part of the opt in data purpose is to determine how fast you are downloading the videos so they can use said data to improve the bandwidth so videos get downloaded faster as the months go on.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Nintendo Channel Finally Comes to Europe:

The recommendation stuff they have to gather it for a few weeks before it shows results in the find titles search thing.

Also the data that Nintendo collects is stuff like how many blocks you have. Wheter you have the remote speaker on, what volume. There is a frigging page on that explains the details on what they do collect and what they don't. It's nothing more then Amazon, ebay millions of other web sites collect. It's marketing stuff pure and simple. You have to agree to it and once you do on this meaningless data you get access to DS demos. They have to justify the bandwidth and the data is the justification price. Grow up and learn how the real world works.

Wiiware and vc games are indeed shown on the Nintendo Channel or often times in the back catalog area. Click the tag at the top of the channel. That takes you to the search games function. One of the search options is for videos. More and more videos are added all the time. Also the games you can recommened list also grows since more and more publishers are having their games added to the database.

They will never do vc demos due to the horrible data that Microsoft revealed on how demos kill 99% of xbox live arcade sales.

Only one out of six demos downloads to a sale. Five million paid downloads in two years and Nintendo outsells xbox live arcade each month by several hundred thousand.

No one is going to allow demo downloads on impulse price items because the demos would nullify the impulse.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Impossible Mission:

There is a DS and Wii retail release of this game. Both classic and remade are on the same release.

The DS version you can get from gamestops for 9.99.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Review: Star Soldier R:

Hmm this is pretty much a test by Hudson to judge demand for a full wii release of a new Star Soldier game.

Consider the eight bucks spent to play a demo of such a future Star Soldier game.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Review: Defend Your Castle:

It has more content somewhat improved better graphics, four player action.

It endlessly repeats. Honestly past level 50 unless you have friends over it's not worth playing an hour each day.

Platformers? Funny I thought it was said to be loaded with shumps and rpgs.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Defend Your Castle:

Or you could use the enemy suicide bombers. I now use those guys to clear the gate area. They are quite effective. You can hear the catapults coming as well. The explosive does work may take it plus some suicide archery hits.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Star Soldier R:

"35. Chipmunk777 14 May 2008, 02:38 GMT

Man... I want to get all of these games. Star soldier, dr. mario, gyrostarr, lost winds.. But I just don't have the room on my wii with all of my vc game"

Well finish the vc games you haven't finished yet. Then if you aren't going to play them again delete them to make room. You can redownload them again later since they are tied to that wii.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My L...:

Delete the game and redownload. That should fix the issue. Once bought the dlc works for all saves including plus new game.

Unless you hacked the game to avoid buying the dlc. Also not all the dungeons open up at the start nor the same number on each difficulty.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Review: Defend Your Castle:

At level 40 you do get catapult enemies. It's meant to be played in spurts. The difficulty drasticaly ramps up.

Thankfully if you get a game over and retry the level the points and converts earned in the failed battle get carried over to be added to the castle's archery, stone mason, wizard or one shot used in the demolitions tower. The points can be used to improve the wall hitpoints. Have to spend some to repair the castle from it's wiped out health state but odds are you well have enough left over to add a hundred or so hitpoints to the castle to try again. .



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Defend Your Castle:

Easter eggs? Hope sites start posting what they are. Also well Xgen state what they are a few months down the road in case they aren't all found so people can look for them in the game?



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Pirates: The Key of Dreams:

The press release came out on April 17th. The wiiware prequel seems like a good advertising method to get people to buy the full fledged DS game. Consider the wiiware game a demo.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, ENGLAND, April 17th, 2008 – Wanted! Hardy ship mates with strong sea legs and a thirst for adventure. Must enjoy battling sea monsters, fighting pirates, discovering buried treasure and performing feats of daring do on the High Seas. All aspiring crew members should board with the release of Pirates: Duels on the High Seas, the naval combat game for the Nintendo DS in June from Oxygen Games.

A chance encounter with an old sea-dog and the legend of a fantastic treasure - Thus begins an epic adventure for the ‘Seven Keys of the Seven Seas’! In an era when Britannia ruled the waves and pirates terrorized the oceans, the legend of Blackbeard’s treasure and the Seven Keys has seen many a pirate to an early grave with their fabled curse and tales of agonising death for those that dare to pursue them. Faced by the prospect of such a death should you fail, and with the allure of untold riches should you succeed, your adventure begins!

Steel yourself to face foes that no captain has ever bested before and lived to tell the tale including the might of the Royal Navy, the legendary and deadly Kraken, a Witch Queen and Blackbeard himself. Collect weapons, recruit crewmen, amass great riches and journey through unchartered waters on your quest for the fabled Keys.

Pirates: Duels on the High Seas is a fun and intuitive naval combat game transporting the player back to a golden age of adventure on the High Seas, encompassing naval battles, running blockades, battling sea monsters, encountering supernatural forces and discovering treasure. And with the WiiWare™ prequel game Pirates: The Key of Dreams expanding on the story and also set for release in the summer, what more could any self-respecting sea dog wish for!


• 70 unique levels – 35 single player and 35 multiplayer & Skirmish levels
• Single player ‘Story’ mode and ‘Skirmish’ mode with players battling 2-3 AI opponents
• ‘Salty Sea Dog’ multiplayer mode for 2-4 players, single-cart or multi-cart
• Three types of ship available to captain, each one representing a different difficulty setting
• Seven locations across the globe to sail including Porto Bello in South America, Port Royal in the Caribbean, The Bermuda Triangle, the China Sea and the Persian Gulf
• An array of cannon-blazing sea battles against a variety of enemies including rival pirates, the Spanish Navy, Blackbeard, The Kraken and a Chinese Dragon
• Discover buried treasure allowing you to hire additional crew members and pay for ship repairs.
• Unearth enchanted Inca gold that creates a magical protective aura around your ship
• Flotsam and Jetsam – assorted cargo that you can trade for gold
• Classic ship weaponry – fight your sea battles using the tried and tested arsenal of a sea-faring pirate including cannons, sea mines, rockets and chain shot
• Rescue castaways – four types of castaway to rescue in the game, each one improving the performance of your ship including ‘Lookout’, ‘Navigator’ and ‘Master Gunner’



sailingtheseaoffools commented on North American WiiWare launch games:

People are bitching about five to fifteen bucks for a game? That's the price of a freaking rental or book. Grow up. If you are hurting because of fifteen bucks you need to look at all the crap you have in your house and get your finances in order because you have real problems to deal with.



sailingtheseaoffools commented on Playtest: The Shaft Virtual Console joystick:

For the one saying Punch out is lagging what av inputs are you using plus what type of TV? HDTVs have lag issues unless you use the right inputs plus certain ones have a game mode that disables what causes the lag or you have to do it yourself if the tv manufactorer allowed you to.