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Tue 12th Feb 2008

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Clockwork commented on Ubisoft Brings Protothea to WiiWare:

I guess it doesn't look too bad but I agree that 1000 points is pretty steep. Nintendo should do discount weekends or something along the lines of Steam every now and then.



Clockwork commented on Double Dragon:

My buddies and I used to try and see how far we could get in the game with only using punches and jump kicks. No regular kicks allowed. It was great fun.



Clockwork commented on Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?:

I can agree with some of the points here. I personally will have no problem paying a little extra (And I mean a little) for new characters that I want to play as. Just look at Rock Band for your updates. I believe it is an exceptional service in them creating new songs for the game. It just adds more longevity for players but at the same time it doesn't raise costs for the companies to manufacture a new game. We just pay for and download the songs we want to play and that's that. Sure some see this as nickel and diming, but we see this as paying a little at a time instead of paying for a whole new game up front.

I see this, if true, as a way of Nintendo starting to offer updates like these. They will be great for Nintendo because more and more players are looking for new content for their favorite games.