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A brand new addition to the "Bomberman" series is available on WiiWare! Up to 8 players can battle online at once via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection! Simple controls make this a great game for family and friends to enjoy at anytime!

New items can be triggered by shaking the Wii Remote for excitement never before experienced in a Bomberman title! You can even take the intensity up another notch by adding your own Miis to the mix!

Battle results can be recorded on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Ranking, so see how you stack up against others around the globe! This title will prove to be a blast for everyone--from those who've never touched a Bomberman game, to the Bomberman masters!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Everyone's favourite arsonist is back with a blast from the past!

Of all well-known videogame characters, Bomberman has got to be the one who has stayed the closest to his roots. Almost every single Bomberman game features the exact same goal: grab power-ups, avoid the blasts of your opponents' (and your own!) bombs and...

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User Comments (111)



Jonny said:

For online multiplayer i'd consider buying to go along side '93. Otherwise no dice.



chiefeagle02 said:

I already have '93 on my Wii. Unfortunately, I don't play it that often, so I don't see me getting this soon. I would, however, get Bomberman 64 if it was made available.



Atlantis1982 said:

I'll get this if it has online multiplayer, otherwise; no point since I own Bomberman '93 anyway.



Starwolf_UK said:

For me while online would be nice there are a few other points I'd consdier before purchase:
-The graphics. The classic look with sprites would be prefered.
-The multiplayer. 4 player would be a let-down (since bomberman 93 supports 5...) as 8 wouldn't pose a problem to make (4xRemote and 4xGameucbe) and heck 12 (add nunchucks into the mix) or even 16 (erm, one gamecube controller per 2 players) is a possibility.



mysticmight2 said:

I can't wait till Bombermans 1 through 3 get released on virtual console. I'll download it right after I download Chrono Trigger.



Dazza said:

Seeing as we haven't even seen a screenshot yet it might be a bit premature to say!

I would imagine it to look and play in a similar fashion to the recent XBLA outing of Bomberman.



jg233 said:

When will WiiWare come out? I know it is March for Japan but... I JUST CANT WAIT! It will be so cool! I really need more memory tho



jackaroo said:

It better have online! If it dont im gonna bomb one of you.........somehow >:/



Atlantis1982 said:

Like everyone is saying, if it's exactly like the one on XBLA, and I quote from Merchant Kirby (avatar at the time), "I'll buy at a high price!"



MasterMario said:

I'll get this game only if this game has online play. If there isn't, then there really isn't a good reason to download this if you have Bomberman'93.



jackaroo said:

@pocketim : Im planning on getting that end of this month when i return to england. I have bomberman on XBLA also. But im gonna buy this one too if it has online You can tell when online gaming hit hudson must have thought : Bomberman + Online = ($)_($).



shynra said:

For bomerman im more of a get everyone round a TV and play rather than online (i got the 360 one for free but play the VC one more as its 5 players). I hope this is like Starwolf_UK suggested at least 8 players offline 4 via wii remotes and 4 via the GCN pads.



azariaspice said:

I'd buy it anyways. I absolutely LOVE Bomberman. It'd be nice if it went online, but sometimes, online gaming sucks when you're not placed with ppl who rank the same as you do.



Fireballmario said:

Ready for this one too, justno one of myfirst games to by, whats up with games that look like they were made on paper, not this game andnothing about paper mario,but like World of Goo fo example.



Stu said:

This is shaping up very nicely.

The price may make or break it for me.



Knux said:

I'll get if it has online play. I think I read somewhere that it does...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I can't wait!

And yes guys, it DOES have Wi-Fi. We have no clue when it'll come out. If I had to guess for our region, maybe during the Summer if not Fall?

Anyway, I have to try to set aside points for this.
I just hope there's a single-player aspect to it. Not JUST Wi-Fi, I mean, despite the fact that I also have B93.



Knux said:


I think Bomberman WiiWare has mainly only multiplayer. But I think there is a retail version coming out that includes a story mode though.



Aardvark_Soup said:

I'm only getting this if it has online multiplayer (against other people than friends). Otherwise I'll just stick to Bomberman '93.



Raptor78 said:

Wow... Ive just read that Bomberman wiiware and Bommerman wii (retail) will be able to play online against each other on Battlemode.
Which really appeals to me, because to me Bomberman is all about the battle mode (thats all I ever play on Bommerman'93). So its good to see im not getting penalized for not buying retail.

From what it actually sounds like is that Bomberman wiiware is essentially a fully functioning (full online etc) stripped down copy of the retail just like how shareware games work like Doom did, so who knows if the wiiware game is that good I may even buy the reatil.



Steviis_Father said:

Thomas, with all due respect... Bomberman 64 is one of the worst ones. I do hope, for the others who may not have caught the sarcasm, that it was indeed sarcasm.

Oh and I am not being sarcastic.



Big_Sexy said:

Did anyone notice screenshot 8 has two different skulls - one red and one black? What's the deal with that?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Good eye, Big=Sexy. I hadn't taken a gander at the screens here at WW. Yep, you're right. I imagine it means.. instant death for a certain coloured Bomberman, maybe? Or maybe one is a Reversal of Controls and the other does something more devious such as not being able to place Bombs. I guess it's varying forms of the Virus, like in B93, the Virus item can do different things to you.



ReaperJ21 said:

This looks intresting, especially for online multiplayer and mii support, never would of thought of mii's in bomberman, i want 2 get it, but due 2 about 300 blocks left, im gonna have 2 think about it even though its not out yet



Big_Sexy said:

Instant Death?! Oh god, that would break the game so fast. I was hoping something like 2 sets of diseases, instead of all negative and positive being in one Skull. I've also noticed that, while powerups from the newer Bomberman games are coming in (screenshot 9 shows White Bomberman using the Shield item) there's no confirmation on the return of the Revenge Bomber function. You know, when you die, you sidle along the edge of the screen and can throw bombs in - and if you kill someone, you come back? That one.

Also, why is there a boss screen and stage screen if the WiiWare version will be battle only? Am I looking too deep into it?



BlueRider said:

Yes i was waiting for Nintendo to have a online Bomberman game and what make it better you can vs eight people online when does this game come out



The_shoemaker said:

I can't say I'm too interested in this game. Although that's what I said about Dr. Mario, and look at me now, I just donwloded it yesterday. I think aall wiiware games deserve a second look.



G-MAN said:

This is game does sound pretty sweet. But i hope it has an actual story mode like in bomberman jetters nad generaton for the gamecube. Plus dodge bomber and coin bomber from generation. But if the 1 player is just exploding enemies i wouldn't suggest buying it.



mr_niceguy said:

For me, an online battle mode is all I need. I never got into the single player all that much, but multiplayer has always been the best part of Bomberman, for me at least. I don't know if I'll be getting the disk game, but I'm definately getting this one.



pApEr_y0sh said:

@mr.niceguy- same. well have to exchange codes so i can kick ur ...... you get the point



mr_niceguy said:

^Ha-Ha! Can't wait! It's been a while since I've played multiplayer, but I bet you I'll be the one doin' the kickin', once the game comes out!



Ian_Daemon said:

Bomberman Generation for the GameCube has a great single player mode while still including a really fun and addictive multiplayer mode with great powerups. I'm hoping for a WiiWare version that continues the fine Bomberman tradition!

Based on the screenshots, this WiiWare version looks to be really really fun! Mii support? Eight players? I'm excited... 8D



Terra said:

I am so annoyed that Europe won't get the retail version and only this one. It's just not the same



NNoah95 said:

I'm a bit confused. Will the retail version have everything the WiiWare version have and more, or will be both diffrent?



CanisWolfred said:


Yes and No: The "retail version" is the Bomberman game coming out in stores(on a disc), which has most of what the Wiiware version has plus the Singleplayer. The Wiiware version has the Retail version's Multiplayer, and I believe a few extra items and modes(don't quote me on that one). Just so you know, you can play multiplayer against people who have the retail version.



Yasume said:

This and Mega Man 9 are the two WiiWare games I'm looking most forward too.



Raptor78 said:

@ x.SuperMario.x

If you check the Japanese Hudson website Bomberman Blast or "Wi-Fi 8 people Bomberman Battle" as it translates will be released on the 30th of September for 1000 points... however Hudson had already hinted that all regions would get it at the same time so logically everywhere should get the wiiware version September 30th.... the retail version on the otherhand im not sure if it will ever see a release outside Japan because on an earlier article on this site mentioned that Europe will ONLY get a wiiware version and no retail .



Gee, I can't wait to bomb all my opponents! (poses like Link)
Seriously, it's gonna be really cool to play online again, and even better, play as my Mii. _



Super_Sonic said:

North America better have the retail version or I'm getting furious! I will tell everybody to start a petation to not buy the Wiiware version and I'm not shelling out 300 blocks for this! I will complain to Hudson EVERY SINGLE DAY!



lordbowser said:

@ PuppetMasterKuruku

Enough (Waves hand in face). I wonder when this game will be released.



Outrunner said:

If the Wiiware version is just wifi multi-player I'll be very happy. I hate Bomberman in single player.



Super_Sonic said:

What do you mean Finalkingdom13? I have less then 400 blocks left and I refuse to miss out any contents. I also want to save some blocks.



Kenji510 said:

You guys in Europe got it today and you are very lucky too.. hope you enjoy this game very much and i know i will when it comes out in the US!!



Starwolf_UK said:

Here are a few videos I found down at gonintendo...
Yay, revenge bomber confirmed

Hey guys, so there is confirmation you can use a GC controller?
According to the new post comment it does and you can even have 8 on one system (i'd wait for a second confirmation of this though). Also I would imagine such info to be in the manual.



cr00mz said:

how is this game online? Can you play with random people or only friends? are there different game modes etc. to the ones who have it can you share some information?



Jayenkai said:

Yup, it's ONLINE! Wootsocks!
You can play against friends, where you all have little messages that you can add in the setup.
You can play against strangers.

Not sure how it plays online, though, because there's nobody there!

Still, Bomberman! Online!

1. The bombs seem to take about twice as long to explode as they used to. This either means A) Lots of Sudden Death lead death, or B) You'll be putting the timer up a wee bit. Something I've rarely done in a bomberman game.

2. The game doesn't initially lead you to "User Information".. But you need to go there first for "User Setup".. sigh Otherwise you just get a baffling menu that really seems rather odd!

3. I can only assume that a complete moron coded the keyboard.
A) We've a pointer, let us use it, rather than good-old-fashioned dpad stumbling.
B) Shift inexplicably does not capitalise the letters!!!! It only does the number/symbol shift, instead! You have to use Caps to capitalise the letters..!

4. And, did we really need 270+ blocks for bomberman? Really? Bomberman 93 was only 34 blocks. 3D models aren't exactly small on space, but when all your 3d models are the size of your thumb, you can lay off the polygons a bit! I can only assume the music is a batch of high-quality mp3/oggs instead of good-old mods, midis and other space saving formats. Come on Wii-ware folk. Get compressing those games! At least a little bit!!!
I now have only 10 Wii channels.. 10!! And 100 blocks of data remaining.
I had about 30 channels pre-WiiWare.
This isn't Nintendo's fault.. Smaller games = Happier people!



Dazza said:

Please post any friend codes you wish to swap in this thread. If you haven't yet signed up to VC Forums, we recommend you do so.

Any friends codes posted on this page will be removed. Please keep your comments about the game



Wiiloveit said:

@Dazza: here's my... comments... on the game

When it comes to multiplayer games, Bomberman has always been a favourite. Whether playing with seven friends on DS Download Play, or connecting that dusty GameCube controller up to play five-player Bomberman '93 on the Virtual Console. When it comes to single player modes however, the game isn't so hot, so it will come as good news to many, that this WiiWare version is stripped of the usually dull single player mode (which was only included in the Japanese retail version this time) and focuses instead on the battle features.

In this new edition, as well as new levels, there are also several unique modes readily available as well, with missions including dodging bombs as they fall from the sky and obtaining a crown that makes you the king until you get blown up. These offer variety to the gameplay, and are still great fun, despite being different to the standard game.

One of the main new features has to be the updated multiplayer. With up to eight players on one console or online (with up to three local friends able to join you in battle), the game is most fun when you're against other people. This is all made even more addictive by the online leaderboard, in which you earn or lose points during online play to decide your final position (think Dr Mario), and the fact that you can always continue the fun when you are dead by throwing bombs from the side of the arena. If one of these bombs manages to kill anybody (despite their short throwing distance), you swap over and take their place in the game.

In addition to all this, you can play across the ten stages (with two being unlocked very early in the game) as your Mii (which is unlockable after playing all of the stages once), which adds a little more of your own personality to the game. All of the extra features and classic gameplay adds up to a truly memorable WiiWare experience, with our only niggle being that the action can sometimes get too frantic when there are eight players playing at once. The DS version managed to do it, but that was because the arenas were split over two screens. With just the one screen, you can often lose track of what's going on, and then find out you're at the other end of the stage to where you thought you were, trapped between three walls and a bomb. Oops.

Overall, if you're looking for a top multiplayer and online experience, this is the place to look. Don't expect too much from playing it solo, or you will be dissappointed.

Rating: 27/30 - Excellent



Wiiloveit said:

@Junichi: I don't see people complaining about 1UP's ranking system or Famitsu's /40 scores. But anyway, here's how I got the score: 9/10 Gameplay; 9/10 Presentation (graphics, sound etc); 5/5 Enjoyment; 4/5 Extra Features



Big_Sexy said:

After seeing the video, I can see that the battle music isn't directly ripped from Generations, but rather derived from it. The difference is small, but to an audiophile like myself, I rather dig the more techno-like sound.

Also, I hate when you're playing by yourself and the computers/yourself manages to kill you really early on. The battle seems to drag on forever.



Yasume said:

So this game is playable with GC and Classic Controllers? When I checked the game it said that it's only compatible with a WiiMote.



Terra said:

Seeing that Hudson have just announced a PS3 downloadable Online Bomberman (Another One, this one is called Ultra) and i plan to get a PS3 very soon, i wonder if i should wait for that or buy this one. I can understand them doing a game for the PS3 but i honestly expected a port of Live and not a new one. Maybe they planned a trilogy of Online Bomberman games for awhile. I don't know, i should probably go for this one



Steviis_Father said:

Second only to Mega Man, I never had a clearer impulse buy for my Wii... Immediate launch date purchase! Immediate fun! Immediate blasting!



cjmabry25 said:

I've never played Bomberman. Well, I may have a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago, but don't remember much of it. Think this would be a good buy if I'm not a big Bomberman fan? Same thing applies to Megaman...



Terra said:

If i didn't download Bomberman '93, the choice of which online Bomberman i got would be easier.

I'd recommend Bomberman as it is quite fun with friends/siblings/whoever will play you in Multiplayer. Mega Man not so much if you're more of a casual gamer but if you're more of a hardcore gamer and like difficult challenges, go for it.



cjmabry25 said:

Thanks for the re Terranigma .
Anyways, i'm definately a hardcore gamer. Just never got the chance to play some of the classics like Megaman, Bon=mberman, Metroid (Originals), Kirby, etc. I think I might give it a try, Plus, if anyone didn't know, Toys 'R' Us is running a 40% off special on Wii accesories - Wii Points included!



Mainstreamguy said:

The Classic Controller doesn't work for me on Bomberman Blast

The game is definitely worth the 1000 points. The modes are a lot of fun and you can fight online very fast.

Same for me. However, I downloaded Mega Man 9 and Bomberman Blast anyway and I like them



eval said:

Je suis fan de bomberman depuis des années. J'en possède plein sur diverses consoles. J'ai acheté récemment Bomberman Blast Online 2008 en le téléchargeant pour 10,00€ sur le Wiiware. Autant dire qu'à ce prix là je m'attendais à un bon produit...

Malheureusement j'ai été très déçu :

  • Ce jeu comporte uniquement du combat multijoueur.
  • Le multi joueur LAGUE à mort : des objets sont affichés alors qu'ils n'existent plus !!!
    les ennemis ne sont pas à la place où ils sont en réalité !!!

Ca ralentit tellement que vous croyez bloquer ou attaquer un ennemi alors qu'il est déjà à l'autre bout de l'écran !!!!
Les parties multijoueur vous déconnectent très très TRES souvent !!!
Le temps d'attente de connexion à une partie peut être très très TRES LONG !!!
(Quitter un menu) ou autre temps d'attente entre chaque clic ou décision peut aller jusqu'à 30 secondes sans avoir besoin du moindre accès à Internet !!!

  • Les musiques sont insupportables
  • La doc est difficilement accessible (je l'ai toujours pas trouvée), je ne sais pas utiliser certaines fonctionnalités... toujours pas !
  • Je joue depuis une semaine et je n'ai toujours pas pu customiser mon joueur.


  • Diversité des cartes
  • DIversité des modes de jeu (très stressant)

En conclusino c'est inadmissible de vendre un jeu réseau lorsque le réseau nintendo est HS, lent et ne fonctionne qu'au ralentit au point que le jeu devienne injouable !! Je suis extrêmement déçu par ce jeu de la wiiware qui ne vaut en réalité même pas 2 euros.

Mon conseil : si vous comptiez l'acheter, passez votre chemin ou téléchargez l'autre bomberman plus ancien sur le wiiware, celui de Turbografix.



lockelocke said:

Dude, I used to own kids at Bomberman 64 back in the day, but I can't play this worth a damn. I can't even get one lousy kill in on an easy SIM! PLEASE, anyone, TIPS!!? Strategies...etc?



lockelocke said:

Is this a totally different game than Bomberman Live for the 360?

You're about as good as I am, homie. That Easy SIM smoked you first round, and pretty much committed suicide those next two rounds. I feel your pain.



tatemon555 said:

Oh eval, nice french comment. I could make out what it says and all, but unless you don't know how to, try posting comments in English.
Anyways, I'm getting this today, since the '93 version glitched up completely on my Wii (don't seem to have much luck).



kq76 said:

I got this, but I totally don't get it. Yes, this is my first experience with Bomberman and I get that you have to blow the others up, but I keep dying almost immediately. Tutorial-like levels like Toki Tori has would have really helped those of us new to the game. I'm going to try to find a good guide somewhere because this was a waste otherwise.



grimor said:

1/5 Broken Wii-motes on the frustration meter
Fun game and while losing is slightly frustrating, it's still fun and not the kind of "this is BS" losing where you feel like the game is bad.

Cost: 1000 Worth: 875

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