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Fri 23rd Jan 2009

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kq76 commented on Review: Nerf N-Strike (Wii):

The game may indeed be crappy (it looked somewhat interesting to me), but I doubt that it is worse than the grammar in this review. Does no one check these before they're posted? Yes, I suppose some info on a game may be better than nothing, but if a review is this poorly written it makes you think they probably didn't even really put in the effort to fairly judge the game. Why even bother?

There are some good reviews at this site. Please try to keep the bar decently high.



kq76 commented on Bomberman Blast:

I got this, but I totally don't get it. Yes, this is my first experience with Bomberman and I get that you have to blow the others up, but I keep dying almost immediately. Tutorial-like levels like Toki Tori has would have really helped those of us new to the game. I'm going to try to find a good guide somewhere because this was a waste otherwise.