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United Kingdom

Fri 21st Mar 2008

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shynra commented on Nintendo Patents Improvements for 3DS Download...:

"According to the plans, Download Play may be updated so that when data is downloaded from the 'master' 3DS, the receiving handheld will actually store it on the SD card and retain it, rather than wipe it when play is finished" - I noticed that already happens (well on street fighter 4 anyway) 'try it yourself!' (in a neil buchanan voice)



shynra commented on Samurai Shodown:

Hey the site has updated that all the gore is intact!!!! Is that the USA version only? In the UK one that i have been playing for a while you cannot cut anyone in half anymore like the arcade MVS version. Not a big thing for me but wanted to clear this up?



shynra commented on Will Sega CD Support Ever Come To The Virtual ...:

Snatcher solely justifies keeping the mega cd in my collection.

As for Final Fight CD its a great conversion but i really hate the re-mixed music.. level 1`s beach like chill out remix is really bad imo for example.

Would be nice to see the point and clicks on here too like Monkey Island (and a nes release of maniac mansion would be cool).

Shining Force CD is also great! A port of the 2 out of 3 Game Gear games with cd music, it does not have town sections or world maps just battle onto battle.

The intro song of Road Avenger alone is worth its admission on the list!!!!!



shynra commented on Bomberman:

For bomerman im more of a get everyone round a TV and play rather than online (i got the 360 one for free but play the VC one more as its 5 players). I hope this is like Starwolf_UK suggested at least 8 players offline 4 via wii remotes and 4 via the GCN pads.



shynra commented on Virtual Console Top 20 – March 12th to March...:

Personally i would get MB3 over world as for a pure technical reason: MB3 works interlaced via component and world does not I would not be able to play world on my wii unless i changed cables around (or get a better more expensive HD tv )...