With the excitement of the Direct out of the way, we've settled into the comfortable trickle of additonal announcements and details that follow the opening bonanza. The Treehouse livestream has thrown up the odd tidbit of information and publishers are sending out further details via mail, tweet and carrier pigeon.

Once again we've gathered all the lovely news and articles from Day Two of E3 2019 for you in one handy place...

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Nintendo E3 2019 News and Articles - Day Two

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Nintendo Reiterates It Has "No Games To Announce" For 3DS, But Says It's Still An "Important" Device

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Won't Have Direct Connectivity With The Mobile Entry Pocket Camp

The Original Crypt Of The NecroDancer Is 80% Off As Cadence Of Hyrule Arrives On Switch

Nintendo Moves Switch Manufacturing Out Of China, Two New Switch Models Reportedly In Production

Trials Of Mana Coming To Nintendo Switch, Collection Of Mana Out Now

GRIS Physical Edition Switch Pre-Orders Will Soon Be Going Live

Pokémon's Junichi Masuda Explains The Decision To Limit Sword And Shield's Pokédex

Nintendo "Looking" At Game Streaming But Is Focused On "Seamless" Play Experiences For Now

The Entirety Of Witcher III Will Be Squeezed Onto A Single Switch Cartridge

Random: Did Nintendo Just Show Off A New Switch Dock?

Competitive Multiplayer Will Come To DAEMON X MACHINA Post-Launch

So, how was Day Two for you? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions below and prepare for the third and final day of E3 2019...