If you've been watching Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 2019, you'll have probably caught a few glimpses 'behind-the-scenes' on the livestream. A power outage in the hall gave us all a look at Nintendo's error screen, for example. While demoing a new level in New Super Lucky's Tale during Day Two, the developer accidentally hit the home button and we got a look at the Home screen:

Not very exciting.

An eagle-eyed reddit user also spotted a special dock being used on the stream. Resembling the top half of a mini arcade cabinet, the Switch appears to rest on the front with cables coming out the back leading to monitors and the like:

Switch dock 2.0? — Image: reddit

Could this be a super secret new Switch dock, perhaps linked to the super secret new models?...

Well, no. Besides that fact that using a top secret prototype on camera during a livestream would be idiocy of the highest degree, the Treehouse team use various pieces of non-standard Switch tech and this dock is likely just one of several tools to make streaming easier. During the Super Mario Maker 2 segment of the Day Two stream we saw a Switch outputting an image while in handheld mode, and the above dock looks to be a variant that enables this.

In fact, it's interesting that the touchscreen was used with Mario Maker 2 on the stream - however accessible and intuitive it might be with the Joy-Con, it seems that the touchscreen will be the smoothest, quickest way to create your levels.

So, almost certainly not some intriguing new dock variant. We've seen some different third-party docks, though - do you think a new Switch model would get an entirely new dock design? Let us know below.

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