The Elder Scrolls is a colossal series with a following of passionate fans for each of its multiple entries. We've seen the seminal Skyrim come to Switch already, but now The Elder Scrolls: Blades is scheduled to arrive on Nintendo's console. While the former was a fully-fledged open-world epic, this new game is a free-to-play experience made specifically for mobile, and there are arguably no two terms more likely to strike fear into the hearts of passionate RPG gamers than 'F2P' and 'mobile'.

The lovely Zion is on the show floor at E3 2019 in LA and caught up with Matt Carofano - Art Director at Bethesda Game Studios - to get more info on the upcoming game. Check out the video above to discover exactly what Bethesda's vision is for this mobile chapter in the Elder Scrolls series.

Does The Elder Scrolls: Blades sound something you'd be interested in sampling? The asking price certainly makes it tempting. Let us know your thoughts below.