During its E3 Direct presentation, Nintendo revealed that the hotly anticipated Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been delayed until 2020. Some fans were left upset, and others excused the delay if it means we'll get the best possible final product, but it would appear that investors were not happy with the news at all.

On Wednesday, shares in Nintendo closed 3.53% lower than the previous day. Financial Times reports that the fall has taken more than $1 billion off the company's stock market value, with the Animal Crossing delay being the most prominent cause for worry among investors.

Nintendo Stock
Image: Google

In the same report, a lack of announcements regarding cloud-based streaming technology - which was commonly seen across conferences from rival companies during E3, a lack of news surrounding a new Switch model, and no sign of a major collaboration with Microsoft may have also played a part. Astris Advisory Japan analyst, David Gibson, did question why investors were not excited by the prospect of the sequel to Zelda: Breath of the Wild after the original's huge success.

From a player's perspective, has the Animal Crossing delay impacted your thoughts towards Nintendo's future? Are you concerned about getting your money's worth from your Switch this year? Share your thoughts with us down below.