Nintendo's E3, and specifically the games and reveals that were showcased during the Direct, have left us with more questions than we could ever have anticipated. From new partnership deals to high profile releases, the next few months feel like they're about to be hugely exciting for fans of the company and there are plenty of things coming up worth having a good old natter about.

Doing just that, but alongside none other than Nintendo's Bill Trinen, the folks over at GameXplain have released a new interview going over the upcoming Zelda games, indie collaborations, the ever-growing relationship with Microsoft and plenty more besides.

Speaking about the potential for more collaborations with indie developers (on the back of Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer), Trinen said, "I don't necessarily think it means that all of a sudden, you know, the doors are open. I'd really look at it more as 'this is another kind of extension of what we've always done', which is when we've found the right mix our franchises with the right gameplay and the right development partner, we've welcomed that."

We'll let you watch the video in full below rather than sharing every last detail here, but hearing Bill talk about Microsoft gave us a good chuckle. He said, "It's a great partnership and it's kind of funny that we're so close geographically to one another. We're literally surrounded by them. I can't get to work without driving past their office." Perhaps that's how Banjo made it into Smash Bros. then.

Make sure to give the video a watch and let us know your thoughts down below.