Bowsers everywhere

Early on in Nintendo's big E3 Direct, a fun little segment saw Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser and Nintendo's Super Mario supervillain (also called Bowser) battling it out to present the show. Doug may have won, but the whole thing was a little different over in Japan.

As you may be aware, Bowser is simply known as 'Koopa' in Japan, meaning the whole Bowser/Doug Bowser link doesn't exactly work. The segment was still shown in the Japanese version of the Direct, though, so how did it all play out exactly?

Well, as explained by Twitter user @maikantopia, the Japanese show featured various overlays which not only provided subtitles, but also explained Bowser's English-language name to provide context. Lucky viewers weren't just treated to a show, but also had a quick Nintendo trivia lesson going on at the same time.

You can watch the Japanese Direct below if you're interested in seeing the difference.

The more you know, indeed.

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