After receiving a limited time (and somewhat underwhelming) demo earlier in the year, DAEMON X MACHINA has been confirmed to arrive on Switch on 13th September. The game's director Kenichiro Tsukuda has also confirmed that in addition to launching with 4-player co-op missions, the game will also be getting a post-launch update with competitive multiplayer modes.

The information was delivered during the Treehouse livestream and the Nintendo of America Twitter account tweeted the information again for those who might have missed it:

There's no specific time given for when the update will drop, but it's good to see that the game will continue to see support after release. The mech-based battler looks to be coming along nicely, although our experience with the demo put a dampener on our enthusiasm. That was several months ago, though, and there's three more to go until the game launches, so plenty of time to whip it into shape. Check out the latest gameplay in the full Treehouse video below:

Also coming when the game launches are a bespoke set of Joy-Con that look extremely confortable, if not portable.

How did you find the limited-time demo of the game? Do you think it will have changed much in the intervening months? Let us know your thoughts below.

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