Nintendo's E3 Direct ended in style, teasing us with the news that a direct sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was in development. The video featured some pretty creepy audio and, while watching the show live, we suspected that it may well hide some little secrets.

It sounded like the audio may have been playing in reverse (you can watch the official trailer up above to hear what we mean) and it seems that we weren't the only ones who thought so. YouTube user Loogi Boy has reuploaded the audio online but in reverse - so now, the correct way - and depending on what you hear, it's absolutely terrifying.

Before we say anything, give it a listen below.

Hear anything? Multiple people in the comments on YouTube have explained that they hear the words “Oh Zelda, oh please find the body”, or perhaps “Oh Zelda, oh please find the boy”. Others say that the voice sounds like Fi, a recurring character who guides Link through his adventures. A quick play through fancy audio software in the Nintendo Life office suggests other words might also be present such as "purpose".

Either way, we can definitely hear a fear-inducing heartbeat, sounds of thunder, birds chirping, scary organ notes, whispering, and then possibly those terrifying words from above. We said that the game appeared to be rather darker than the original Breath of the Wild when it was first revealed, but maybe it's going to be a lot darker than we thought.

Right, we're off to watch the Animal Crossing trailer again to try and regain happy, cheerful thoughts. Let us know what you hear in the comments below.