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Yesterday, Nintendo gave us a solid release date for Dragon Quest XI S, which arrives on Switch on September 27th. It was also revealed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting a generous helping of Dragon Quest content, and Dragon Quest Builders 2 is also Switch-bound this year.

As if that wasn't enough Dragon Quest news, we can now reveal that Square Enix is releasing a special Hori-made Slime controller for the Nintendo Switch.

Due for launch in Japan this September, it acts as a Pro Controller and has all of the usual stuff – including motion controls, rather pleasingly. The thing that sets this apart from your traditional Pro Controller clone is that it looks like a Slime from the Dragon Quest series.

It gets better, though; not only does this controller look amazing, it comes with a stand which turns it into an attractive piece of desk furniture. Heck, you can even pop a cute little crown on its head.

Our pals over at Push Square reviewed the PS4 version a while back, and said "The HORI Slime Controller is undoubtedly a nice thing to have in your possession. Much like the Dragon Quest series itself, there's a friendly charm to the pad. Whether it's sat on your desk or nestled in your hands, it's an odd but delightful product".

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