Pokemon Community Day July 2022
Image: Niantic / The Pokémon Company

Monthly Community Days are the main pillar of the Pokémon GO calendar: every month, for six hours on a Saturday or Sunday, a featured collectable monster is set loose in greater numbers than usual. With a selection of great perks – increased shiny rates, exclusive moves, and other boosts – it’s an excellent opportunity to get out in numbers, meet other players and work on completing your Pokédex.

In this regularly updated guide, we’ll let you know when to catch the next Community Day, as well as what to expect and how to prepare.

Latest Community Day Information: Sunday 17th July 2022 - Starly

  • The next Pokémon GO Community Day will feature Starly
  • This Community Day will run on Sunday 17th July 2022 from 11am - 2pm local time
  • Evolving Staravia during the event or up to two hours afterward will get you a Staraptor that knows the Fast Attack Gust
  • The chosen Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild for the duration of the event, with an increased chance of finding a Shiny version
In addition, the following features and bonuses will be available:
  • For US$1.00 (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency), you’ll be able to access the Starly Community Day–exclusive Special Research story, Field Notes: Starly
  • 3× Catch XP
  • 2× chance to receive Starly Candy XL from catching Starly
  • 2× Candy for catching Pokémon
  • Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours
  • Incense activated during the event will last for three hours
  • Take a few snapshots during Community Day for a surprise!
  • One additional special trade can be made during the event and up to five hours afterward for a maximum of three for the day
  • Trades made during the event and up to five hours afterward will require 50% less Stardust.

Note: Niantic has announced the dates for the August Pokémon GO Community Day:

  • Saturday, August 13, 2022

When Do Pokémon GO Community Days Usually Take Place?

Community Days are always held on a Saturday or Sunday every month and last for 3 hours (although this has been extended to 6 hours for a time — the April 2022 Stufful Community Day saw the return of the 3-hour time limit).

They have historically been held from 11am to 2pm, 2pm to 5pm, or 4pm to 7pm in your local timezone (or 11am to 5pm for the 6-hour Community Days).

Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way of predicting exactly when the next Pokémon GO Community Day will fall. Looking back at past dates, we can say that community days are:

  • More commonly held on a Saturday rather than a Sunday
  • More commonly held on the second or third weekend of the month

However, Niantic appears to schedule the event to both avoid and complement other events in their calendar. Expect Community Days to be announced anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks ahead of the event.

What Can I Expect from Pokémon GO Community Days?

Featured Pokémon are typically among the more powerful, popular and rare in the game – in a single Community Day hour, you can expect to see many months’ worth of spawns for the featured Pokémon. Stick around for all three hours and you should be able to fully evolve several of the Pokémon in question.

Duskull Pokemon GO COmmunity Day
Image: Niantic / The Pokémon Company

Driving fans mad with anticipation and frustration in equal measure, the featured Pokémon is a lot more likely to be shiny when it spawns during Community Day. In the wider context of the Pokémon series, GO actually presents one of the most time-efficient and least tedious ways of catching Shiny Pokémon. Lucky players can net several shiny versions during the event – but there’s always the chance that you’ll come away empty handed.

One key piece of advice for newcomers – Shiny Pokémon do not appear Shiny on the Pokémon GO map. You have to tap on them and enter catching mode to see if they are shiny or not.

During the event (and for one hour after), the featured Pokémon will receive a unique attack if evolved into its final evolution. Note that the Fast/Charged TM item will not give you the attack. Event exclusive moves are generally announced a few days before Community Day.

Increased Lure Duration

Every Community Day to date has featured an extension of the timeout on Lures to 3 hours. Stick one on a Pokéstop and everyone who passes by can benefit from an increase in Pokémon spawns.

Hatching, XP or Stardust Boosts

Niantic adds one last perk (from the following list) into the Community Day package:

  • A 3x increase for XP gained from catching a Pokémon, or
  • A 3x increase fo Stardust gained from catching a Pokémon, or
  • A 4x increase for Egg hatching speed

These perks stack with rate increasing items – So consider stocking up Lucky Eggs, Star Pieces and Super Incubators, to further boost their respective perks.

Community Day Box Available in Shop

Niantic offers a Community Day Box for 480 Pokécoins in the shop. This usually contains 30 Ultra balls and some combination of Lucky Eggs, Star Pieces, Lure Modules and Egg Incubators.

Themed Field Research

Pokéstops will dispense field research tasks and rewards themed around the featured Pokémon.

How Can I Prepare for Pokémon GO Community Day?

Assuming the headlining monster is one you’re interested in, it’s a good idea to start stockpiling useful items a week or two ahead of Community Day. You should get:

  • Enough Pokéballs and Pinap Berries to catch and evolve your Pokémon, (or as many Pokémon as you want to have):
    • At bare minimum you need 32 Pokéballs (or 18 Pokéballs and 18 Pinap Berries) to catch and evolve a single three-stage Pokémon from scratch (assuming you never miss and ‘transfer’ all but one Pokémon to Professor Willow)
  • Obviously, we recommend going into Community Day with two to three times the above numbers to be safe – and watch out for featured Pokémon with higher candy requirements/split evolutions
  • Keep some Ultra Balls and Razz Berries (preferably Silver/Gold) in reserve for any hard to catch Shinies
  • Lures – the 3 hour duration perk means Community Days are great time for trying the 200 PokéCoin Glacial, Mossy and Magnetic Lures (they lure different Pokémon and will allow you to obtain Glaceon/Leafeon/Probopass and Magnezone)
  • Lucky Eggs, Star Pieces and Super Incubators – Their effects stack with whichever of the XP, Stardust and Egg hatching perks Niantic has planned for the event

Previous Pokémon GO Community Days – List of Pokémon and Event Exclusive Moves from Past Community Days

Ralts and Shiny Form in Pokémon GO
  • July 2022: Starly (Gust)
  • June 2022: Deino (Brutal Swing)
  • May 2022: Alolan Geodude (Rollout)
  • April 2022: Stufful (Drain Punch) + 'Community Day Classic' Mudkip (Hydro Cannon)
  • March 2022: Sandshrew / Alolan Sandshrew (Night Slash / Shadow Claw)
  • February 2022: Hoppip (Acrobatics)
  • January 2022: Spheal (Icicle Spear & Powder Snow) + 'Community Day Classic' Bulbasaur (Frenzy Plant)
  • December 2021: 18th Dec — Machop, Roselia, Swablu, Gible, Snivy, Fletchling; 19th Dec — Eevee, Duskull, Shinx, Tepig, Oshawott (see below for exclusive attacks)
  • November 2021: Shinx (Psychic Fangs)
  • October 2021: Duskull (Shadow Ball)
  • September 2021: Oshawott (Hydro Cannon)
  • August 2021: Eevee (Last Resort), Vaporeon (Scald), Jolteon (Zap Cannon), Flareon (Superpower), Espeon (Shadow Ball), Umbreon (Psychic), Leafeon (Bullet Seed), Glaceon (Water Pulse), Sylveon (Psyshock)
  • July 2021: Tepig (Blast Burn)
  • June 2021: Gible (Earth Power)
  • May 2021: Swablu (Moonblast)
  • April 2021: Snivy (Frenzy Plant)
  • March 2021: Fletchling (Incinerate)
  • February 2021: Roselia (Weather Ball and Bullet Seed)
  • January 2021: Machop
  • December 2020: 12th Dec — Weedle, Abra, Gastly, Rhyhorn, Seedot, Piplup, 13th Dec — Charmander, Electabuzz, Magmar, Magikarp, Porygon (see below for exclusive attacks)
  • November 2020: 15th Nov — Electabuzz (Flamethrower), 21st Nov — Magmar (Thunderbolt)
  • October 2020: Charmander (Dragon Breath)
  • September 2020: Porygon (Tri Attack)
  • August 2020: Magikarp (Aqua Tail)
  • July 2020: Gastly (Shadow Punch)
  • June 2020: Weedle (Drill Run)
  • May 2020: Seedot (Bullet Seed)
  • April 2020: Abra (Counter)
  • February 2020: Rhyhorn (Rock Wrecker)
  • January 2020: Piplup (Hydro Cannon)
  • December 2019: Repeat of all previous spawns (See below)
  • November 2019: Chimchar (Blast Burn)
  • October 2019: Trapinch (Earth Power)
  • September 2019: Turtwig (Frenzy Plant)
  • August 2019: Ralts (Synchronoise)
  • July 2019: Mudkip (Hydro Cannon/Muddy Water)
  • June 2019: Slakoth (Body Slam)
  • May 2019: Torchic (Blast Burn/Blaze Kick)
  • April 2019: Bagon (Outrage)
  • March 2019: Treecko (Frenzy Plant)
  • February 2019: Swinub (Ancient Power)
  • January 2019: Totodile (Hydro Cannon)
  • December 2018: Repeat of 2018 spawns (See below)
  • November 2018: Cyndaquil (Blast Burn)
  • October 2018: Beldum (Meteor Mash)
  • September 2018: Chikorita (Frenzy Plant)
  • August 2018: Eevee (Last Resort)
  • July 2018: Squirtle (Hydro Cannon)
  • June 2018: Larvitar (Smack Down)
  • May 2018: Charmander (Blast Burn)
  • April 2018: Mareep (Dragon Pulse)
  • March 2018: Bulbasaur (Frenzy Plant)
  • February 2018: Dratini (Draco Metor)
  • January 2018: Pikachu (Surf)