Details for Pokémon GO's next Community Day have been revealed, with the Generation 3 Pokémon Beldum being the centre of attention this time around.

As is always the case for Pokemon GO Community Days, this special Beldum event will give players a great chance to catch the steel and psychic type monster on display - and benefit from plenty of other goodies, too. Taking place on 21st October, Beldum will appear far more frequently on your map for three hours in this event, and you'll also be able to secure special moves, hatch eggs at super-fast speeds (just a quarter of the usual time needed), and maybe even get a shiny Beldum along the way.

Catching a Beldum on this day is a good idea for several reasons, mostly thanks to the fact that its fully-evolved form Metagross ranks pretty highly for both attack and defence in the game. It's likely that evolving a Beldum into a Metang, and then into a Metagross during the event will also grant you access to a special move, so make sure to check out the times below and get involved.

  • Europe (21st October): 10am - 1pm UK, 11am - 2pm CET
  • North America (21st October): 11am - 2pm PT, 2pm - 5pm ET

As mentioned above, shiny Beldum (rare, differently-coloured versions of the creature) will also have a much higher chance of appearing on the day. We don't know about you, but we love the look of Metagross' shiny form - perhaps you'll be able to get one?

Beldum, Metang, and Metagross in shiny form

Do you take part in Pokémon GO Community Days? Has the upcoming arrival of Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee sparked a renewed interest in the mobile game? Let us know below.