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Ever since Pokémon GO launched on Android devices players have seen the mysterious 'Promos' text field on the Shop page and wondered where they could get their hands on these codes, and what they provided. On this page we can confirm that they're really not so mysterious — they do exist!

Important note for Apple iOS users! -- Rather than read through this entire guide only to be disappointed, iOS users should know that Pokémon GO promo codes can not currently be redeemed on Apple devices (the field simply doesn't appear in the iOS version of the game). HOWEVER! iOS users can log into their account via Niantic's Offer Redemption webpage and redeem codes online.

Current Pokémon GO Promo Codes

Note: If you're looking for 2022 Twitch Pokémon GO codes, check out our guide for all the Twitch stream codes being released as part of the Pokémon World Championship 2022:

Here are the promo codes we've found that can be redeemed in Pokémon GO (Android only — iOS users must head to Niantic's Offer Redemption webpage to redeem the codes):

There are currently no active Pokémon GO promo codes.

Expired Pokémon GO Promo Codes

Here are the promo codes we've found that can be redeemed in Pokémon GO (Android only):

Pokémon GO Promo Code What you got Expired
WRGUZRVKRR2M3 Worlds T-Shirt 22nd Aug 2022
L9Y6T82UW4EVSE9 Verizon Mask & Jacket (available to Verizon subscribers only) 31st Dec, 2021
DJTLEKBK2G5EK 20 Ultra Balls, 1 Star Piece, 10 Pinap Berries, 10 Stickers 13th Oct 2020
K8G9DFV4X7L3W 50 Poké Balls 28th May 2020
UWJ4PFY623R5X 5 Ultra Balls, 1 Lucky Egg, 5 Stickers ???
MQE4PFNYVRM6M 5 Great Balls, 5 Stickers, Lure Module ???
9FC4SN7K5DAJ6 5 Razz Berry, 5 Stickers, Star Piece ???
5PTHMZ3AZM5QC 10 Max Potions, 10 Ultra Balls, Sinnoh Stone ???
E9K4SY77F5623 10 Poké Balls ???
KUAXZBJUTP3B7 Samsung Cap and Samsung Shirt ???
FTT7V6NDZ6B8X 3 Potion, 3 Revive ???
LEQ8C2BQXJATZ 3 Pinap Berry ???

Pokémon GO Promo Code questions

What are Pokémon GO promo codes?

As you might expect, Pokémon GO promo codes are occasionally published by Niantic, the makers of the game, or their partners and enable players to input an alphanumeric code to receive various bonuses and Pokégoodies.

What do Pokémon GO promo codes offer?

Pokémon GO promo codes provide players with Poké Balls, Lure Modules, Eggs and other consumable items.

A few of the possible items a code might gift you...

Where can I find Pokémon GO promo codes?

Aside from specific events like the Pokémon World Championships, Niantic has been known to tempt trainers back to the game by emailing promo codes to lapsed players. It's also possible to find lists of codes posted on the internet - some of them single use, others locked after an unspecified number of uses — but ultimately hunting promo codes in this way is a rather long-winded and scattershot method of getting items (many of which are available free from PokéStops).

If you're dedicated though, and you don't mind some detective work, there are plenty of codes circulating on the world wide web to try. Just be careful about clicking on unsavoury links.

We'll keep an eye out for any big promotions Niantic lines up and post details here when we have them.

How do I redeem a Pokémon GO promo code?

You can visit Niantic's Offer Redemption webpage and redeem promo codes there. Simply follow the instructions below (from Niantic's FAQ):

To redeem an offer code on the web:
1. Visit this website.
2. Log in using the same credentials you use to access your Pokémon GO account.
3. Enter your offer code.
4. After successfully redeeming an offer code, a message will display the items added to your inventory.

Alternatively, Android users can redeem codes in-game. As we mentioned at the very beginning, promo code redemption in Pokémon GO is limited to Android devices only. If you do come across a Pokémon GO promo code, non-iOS players can simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Touch the Main Menu button while in Map View (the little Poké Ball icon).
  2. Touch the Shop button.
  3. Scroll down to the very bottom to find the Promos text field.
  4. Enter the code and touch Redeem.
Pokemon GO Promos Field


Why aren't Pokémon GO promo codes redeemable on iOS devices?

Apple is notoriously antsy when it comes to redeeming things through apps. Amazon Kindle or Audible app users, for example, are unable to buy books through the apps themselves and are forced to purchase via a web browser. Apple takes 30% on all sales that go through its store which is likely the reason why promo code redemption is Android-only at present.


An earlier Niantic game, Ingress, circumvented this by providing a web-based system to redeem codes through, and this solution eventually materialised for Pokémon GO.

We'll update this with more info involving Pokémon GO Promo Codes as and when it becomes available. Until then, good hunting!

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