Updated with the different Spinda forms.

Niantic has recently added Spinda to Pokémon GO, bringing us one step closer to having all of the Gen 3 Pokémon in the hit mobile game.

The crazy thing about Spinda is that the pattern on its body is random for every single catch, and there's apparently over four billion different possibilities. That probably explains what took Niantic so long.

You also don't catch it using the usual means. In this guide, we're going to explain exactly what you have to do to catch this unusual Pokémon.

How To Catch Spinda

Right now, Spinda doesn't appear in the wild. Instead, you have to catch it by completing a specific Field Research task: land three curveballs in a row.

To get a Field Research task, you have to spin a PokéStop. If you currently have three Field Research tasks underway, you'll have to delete one to get a place for a new one.

You can check your current Field Research tasks by tapping on the binocular icon on the bottom right of your screen, and delete one by hitting the bin icon on the task itself.

It might take you some time until you get that specific Research Task, but if you're committed to grabbing Spinda you'll make it work.

Spinda Forms

Spinda has the potential to have a limitless number of different forms, but in Pokémon GO that's currently limited to just eight. You can tell each form by the pattern on Spinda's body, and we've rounded up all of the options currently in the game below.

Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3 Pattern 4
Pattern 5 Pattern 6 Pattern 7 Pattern 8

How To Land A Curveball

Landing a curveball is pretty easy. Simply spin the Pokéball in circles and then throw it at a Pokémon while it's spinning to make it curve before hitting it.

You do have to account for that curve though when you throw – throwing it at a Pokémon directly like usual won't work. Instead, throw it slightly to the left or right of the Pokémon depending on the spin direction – you want to throw it against the spin direction.

How far to the left or right depends on how far away the Pokémon is. If it's really far, throw it high and slightly to the left or right. If it's near, throw it low and quite far to the left or right.

Practice for a while and you'll start to get the hang of it. To get three in a row, we'd recommend trying it out on a Pokémon that has a smaller chance to be caught and, preferably, a large hitbox.