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Pokémon GO has held its first global premium event – a paid, ticketed event that could be played anywhere in the world, giving exclusive early and easy access to the legendary Pokémon Regigas and a raft of other perks.

Tickets are no longer on sale and the event has concluded in all time-zones.

Our guide covers a full walkthrough for the ‘A Colossal Discovery’ special research quest for those who haven't yet completed the research quest, as well recap of all event details. We also cover where Regigigas will be available, post-event

How to Get Regigigas in Pokémon GO – ‘A Colossal Discovery’ Walkthrough

Regigigas Special Avatar Pose

With the premium and free events now concluded in all timezones, you may still need to know the contents of upcoming steps (assuming you haven't yet finished the quest). We have updated this guide to reflect quest changes post-event - so you won't have to rely on the now non-existent Regi raids and increased rock, ice and steel-type Pokémon spawns.

Step 1/4



Post Event: Win 3 Raids

During Event: Catch a Regirock, Regice, or Registeel from a raid

3000 XP

Post Event: Catch 49 Pokémon

During Event: Catch 7 Rock-type Pokémon

Encounter: Cranidos

Evolve 7 Rock-type Pokémon

Encounter: Tyranitar

Rewards: 3x Golden Razz Berry, 3,000 Stardust, 10x Great Balls

During the event hours, Regirock, Regice and Registeel were found in high numbers as five-star raids and players had to additionally catch and evolve a number of Pokémon at each stage. Post-event, the requirement was changed to three raids of any level/Pokémon and 49 of any type of Pokémon. The specific type evolution task remained the same.

Step 2/4



Post Event: Win 3 raids

During Event: Catch a Regirock, Regice, or Registeel from a raid

3000 XP

Post Event: Catch 49 Pokémon

During Event: Catch 7 Ice-type Pokémon

Encounter: Lapras

Evolve 7 Ice-type Pokémon

Encounter: Abomasnow

Rewards: 1x Sinnoh Stone, 3,000 Stardust, 10x Great Balls

Step 2 sees you repeat very similar steps to the above, only with ice-type Pokémon in quests and rewards.

Step 3/4



Post Event: Win 3 raids

During Event: Catch a Regirock, Regice, or Registeel from a raid

3000 XP

Post Event: Catch 49 Pokémon

During Event: Catch 7 Steel-type Pokémon

Encounter: Shieldon

Evolve 7 Steel-type Pokémon

Encounter: Steelix

Rewards: 1x Unova Stone, 3,000 Stardust, 10x Great Balls

Step 3 is the same again, though steel-type Pokémon are involved here.

Step 4/4



Post Event: Take 7 snapshots of Rock-type Pokémon

During Event: Take a snapshot of a Regirock,

3000 XP

Post Event: Take 7 snapshots of Ice-type Pokémon

During Event: Take a snapshot of a Regice

3000 XP

Post Event: Take 7 snapshots of Steel-type Pokémon

During Event: Take a snapshot of a Registeel

3000 XP

Rewards: New (Event Exclusive) Avatar Pose, Regigigas and x10 Regigigas Candy

How else can I get Regigigas now that the event is over?

Significantly, Niantic have confirmed that Regigigas will start appearing in the high-difficulty EX Raid series ‘in November’, meaning that there is still a free route to obtaining the Pokémon (though the premium pass gets your access sooner and far more easily considering the difficulty and selection criteria of EX Raids).

When Were Tickets for ‘A Colossal Discovery’ Available?

Regigigas Official Premium Pass Banner

Once the pass was purchased, players had to open Pokémon GO between Saturday, November 2 2019 from 11:00 to 19:00 local time to receive the ‘A Colossal Discovery’ Special Research quest. As with all Special Research quests, you can take as long as you want to complete the ’A Colossal Discovery’ story, though bear in mind that specific tasks may be more difficult as changes are made to the game through the year.

In their announcement blogpost, Niantic recommended "trying your best to complete the research on Saturday, November 2, 2019, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in your local time zone", "for an optimal gameplay experience".

How Much Did the ‘A Colossal Discovery’ Pass Cost and How Could I Buy It?

The ticket was priced at $7.99/£7.99 and for the first time, had to be purchased with real world currency (not the in-game currency – Pokécoins – which are partly available for free).

Regigigas Event Information and Purchase in Shop

The tickets could be found in the in-game shop. In the main Poké-ball menu, players would hit ‘shop’ and scroll to find the ticket.

What Did ‘A Colossal Discovery’ Ticket Get You?

Regigigas Official Event Banner

Pass Exclusive Pokémon Release: Regigigas

The headline attraction of the ‘A Colossal Discovery’ pass was the release of Sinnoh legendary Regigigas through a special research quest. This quest was similar to those for Mew, Celebi and Jirachi, aside from the fact that only those who purchase a pass could receive it.

Regigigas (#486) is a Normal-type Pokémon. Therefore its sole type-weakness are Fighting-type Pokémon. It is resistant to Ghost-type attacks.

‘A Colossal Discovery’ special research rewards

As with all story quests, players accumulated items, XP, stardust and Pokémon encounters at each stage of the quest. See our ‘A Colossal Discovery’ Walkthrough’ section for more details.

Additional Raid Passes for Participants

‘A Colossal Discovery’ participants could receive up to 10 free Raid Passes when spinning Gym photo-discs for a limited period (normal rules applied in that you can only carry one at a time, but the daily limit of one free pass per spin was relaxed).

Free Event Details – November 1 to November 4

Regi Trio Event Official Banner

To accompany the release of ‘A Colossal Discovery’, Niantic ran a commemorative event for all players, focused around the Regi-Trio that Regigigas is considered the ‘trio master’ of, from Friday, November 1 2019 at 13:00 to Monday, November 4 2019 at 13:00 PDT. This event had the following features:

  • Regirock, Regice and Registeel in 5-Star Raids, and in shiny form for the first time.
  • Certain Rock, Ice and Steel-type Pokémon hatching more frequently from eggs
  • Release of Shiny Skarmory
  • 2x incubator effectiveness

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