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  • News Mario Kart 8 to Feature in Competitive TV Show on 5th December

    Will be broadcast on the Disney big grin channel

    Nintendo of America's marketing campaigns for the Holiday season take various forms, and one seems to be a partnership to promote one of the Wii U's biggest hits. This will be through "Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8", a show that'll be broadcast on Disney XD this coming weekend. In essence it's going...

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    Review Xenoblade Chronicles X

    A Mira-culous discovery

    Monolith Soft has made plenty of bold claims about Xenoblade Chronicles X. It's talked up the size of the planet as being five times that of Xenoblade Chronicles, stated that any landscape you see is there to be explored, and promised that there are not only dozens of hours of legitimate gameplay, but hundreds. Often that...

  • News The Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle Leads the Way in UK Cyber Monday Deals

    Some decent game discounts, too

    The shopping madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday ends soon to be replaced by the vagaries of Christmas shopping. Yep, it's all one big spending bonanza. The themed occasions like Cyber Monday can throw up some decent deals, however, and what started out as an article pointing out a tasty Wii U bundle discount in...

  • News A Decent First-Person Avengers Game Could Have Graced the Wii U

    Instead we got Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth - boo...

    It's only natural that a number of promising game projects bite the dust - sometimes an artistic vision doesn't come together, another idea is pursued or the money runs out. The latter apparently ended a cool-sounding project at THQ, a publisher that fell into financial problems and had to...

  • News Wii U Named as "The Top Selling Item on Target.com" In Black Friday Sales

    Bundle power

    The 'Black Friday' craze is almost at an end, with the hectic shopping weekend finishing and 'cyber Monday' still to come. Nintendo will naturally have been hoping that its bundles and promotions will have boosted sales; the good news is that its deals seem to have had a bit of impact. In a press update issued earlier this weekend -...

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