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  • Gallery Help Yourself to Some Gorgeous Wii U Wallpapers

    Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors, Indies and more

    While many of us spend plenty of our spare time enjoying Nintendo games and systems, there are reasonable odds that we keep our favourite franchises in mind a lot of the time. Phones, tablets, PCs and laptops - certainly in Nintendo Life HQ - often have some Ninty artwork adorning the screen, so a fresh...



  • News Brighten Up Your Dull Desktop with Super Scribblenauts Wallpaper

    Get daring, bright, bold and so on

    So you're wearing your Scribblenauts rooster hat, thinking about wearing your Super Scribblenauts pre-order headphones, and you want to know exactly how you can express your excitement for Warner Bros.'s upcoming wordy epic. How about with some wallpaper? Good answer. Being Super Scribblenauts however, this isn't just any wallpaper – it features a zombie in a..