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  • News Nintendo Re-Iterates Drive to Seek Innovation for New and Existing IP

    Smart devices and 3DS cited as key areas for fresh ideas

    Nintendo is sometimes accused of underutilising its franchises, an area the company has been actively working to improve. Whether through new brands like Splatoon or achieving success through popularising its characters with amiibo, the big N has been taking steps to boost its branding and key...

  • News SEGA Posts Financial Results, Sales are Down and Profits are up

    Live and learn

    SEGA just recently revealed how the company has been doing from the period of April to September and the results are satisfactory, if rather unexceptional. Net sales hit $1.2 billion, which was a 2.5 per cent decrease from the equivalent period last year. On the flipside, the company turned a profit of $7.9 million, a solid turnaround...