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  • News Nintendo Issues Statement on Wii U Hacking Attempt

    The system appears to be secure

    Nintendo has responded to claims by hacking group, Wiikey, that it's hacked the Wii U to play pirated, copied games. While Nintendo does acknowledge that it's aware of the reported hacking, the Wii U appears to still be secure. Responding to the circulating reports, Nintendo issued a statement to Eurogamer:...

  • Rumour GTA V Has Been Tested On Wii U Dev Kits For Some Time

    Take this news lightly

    Rumours have been circulating the internet for quite some time now when it comes to Rockstar's hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V potentially seeing a release on the Wii U; when a new one pops up, we have a bucket full of salt at the ready. Let's take a small trip back to last September, when Swedish retailer CDON listed...

  • News Satoru Iwata: Nintendo Has No Plans To Adopt Cloud Gaming

    Will continue to monitor developments in technology

    During the recent investor Q&A, Satoru Iwata faced a number of questions about the future of the video game market and where Nintendo will position itself within it. One growing area of the industry is cloud gaming, which allows players to stream a game from a company's server directly to...

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    Wii U eShop / NES

    Review Ice Climber

    Slippery controls are on thin ice

    Ice Climber, despite the self-explanatory title, is more complex than a cursory glance would suggest. Popo the parka-toting lad (and identical twin Nana in the multiplayer mode) must scale thirty-two vertically scrolling mountains to rescue a large number of delicious eggplants, using only wits and indestructible...

  • Exclusive Tengami Confirmed For Wii U Release

    Nyamyam authorised as Wii U developer

    UK developer Nyamyam has exclusively confirmed to us that Tengami is coming to the Wii U eShop. The game is currently in development for the Apple iPad. The studio has issued us with this statement regarding the news: Last year we asked on Twitter whether you would like to see Tengami on the Wii U. The...

  • News Nintendo Outlines Developer Support, and a Goal to Address the "Misconception" of Wii U's Capabilities

    Unity and Nintendo Web Framework to play key roles

    The Wii U is a system with many positives and exciting features, but with revealed and soon-to-be-revealed competitors from Sony and Microsoft on the horizon, there are some concerns and challenges as well. Two of these are third-party development support — a topic that goes back to the Wii days...

  • News Nintendo To Reveal Retro's New Wii U Game "In The Not So Distant Future"

    Counting down the days

    Are you dying to know what Retro Studios is working on right now? Well you won't have to wait much longer, because Nintendo's Hiro Yamada has told Official Nintendo Magazine that the company will be lifting the lid on the new Wii U title soon. Retro moved to larger offices last year, presumably to enlarge its workforce for...

  • News Satoru Iwata: First Party Wii U Game Delays Are to Ensure That They're "Valuable Titles"

    It's becoming harder for games "to move or amaze consumers"

    During his recent investor Q & A, Satoru Iwata faced some questions about the delays and lacking Wii U games line-up, with no first-party relief due until the Summer months. The questioning appears to have been polite, but nevertheless touched on a current weak point for Nintendo as the...

  • News Nintendo Has Plans to Deliver "New Offers" In Download Stores

    Free-to-play and subscription-based services are on the agenda

    Following last week's annual financial results and the President's Presentation, Satoru Iwata faced the music in an investor Q&A to address important issues for Nintendo's prospective return to substantial profits. This was published promptly in Japanese, but we now have the...

  • News Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Is Coming To Nintendo Platforms

    Life imitates art

    The Angry Video Game Nerd made a name for himself by attacking NES games, but now he's come full circle. Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is a pixel-heavy 2D platform adventure which stars everyone's favourite grumpy gamer, complete with Power Glove and Zapper. It's been confirmed that it will be coming to modern Nintendo consoles...

  • News Platinum's Inaba: Wonderful 101 Is So Much Fun You'll "Wear Out Your GamePad"

    "Actually, the Wii U GamePad is pretty sturdy, so you probably won’t"

    Yesterday, we reported that Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya had taken to Twitter to indicate that The Wonderful 101 wasn't a game that would take that long to complete. "If u hate to finish a game the next day u buy it, u better not play TW101," he said. "I focus on how it is fun,...

  • News Game & Wario to Retail at $39.99 in the U.S.

    Nintendo confirms budget pricing from day one

    Late last week eager pre-order shoppers in the U.S. spotted that some retailers were listing Game & Wario at a lower-than-normal price, with pre-order guarantees tempting some to jump on the perceived bargain deals. It's now been confirmed by Nintendo, however, that the official retail price of...

  • News Kickstarter For Ecco The Dolphin Successor Sinks Beneath The Waves

    Only $55,000 raised of a $665,000 target

    We reported recently that the man behind Ecco the Dolphin had launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a spiritual sequel to the game, with a Wii U edition being a distinct possibility. Sadly for Ed Annunziata, the campaign for The Big Blue wasn't a succe

  • News Mutant Mudds Developer Muses on Wii U Design

    Hardware could have taken more cues from game elements

    Renegade Kid co-founder and game director Jools Watsham professes a love for Nintendo in his recent blog post, which is why he also says it hurts him to see the Wii U struggling to forge its identity in the public eye. Watsham says he understand why Nintendo would want to keep the Wii brand...

  • News Watch_Dogs Stalking Onto U.S. Wii U Consoles on 19th November, Europe on 21st November

    New trailer and details of four different special editions released

    Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch_Dogs will launch in the U.S. on 19th November, Europe on 21st November and in the UK on 22nd November. In terms of UK retail offerings, meanwhile, the game will be available in four (count 'em) different editions: Dedsec (UK exclusive), Vigilante...

  • News Don't Worry, Nnooo's Next Game Will Be On A Nintendo Console, Too

    PS4 and PS Vita title is making the jump

    Nnooo has a history of working on Nintendo platforms, but it has also dabbled with rival formats, too. Its next game is scheduled to be released on the PS4 and PS Vita, but thankfully that doesn't mean that the Aussie studio is ignoring Nintendo fans. In reply to a tweet from one of its followers, Nnooo...

  • News The Wonderful 101 Is Focused On "Fun" And Not Game Length

    Director Hideki Kamiya takes to Twitter

    Although games are often compared to movies, it's not an entirely fair match — when was the last time you watched a movie which offers 10 or more hours of entertainment in a single viewing? However, not every 40-hour gaming epic is a classic, which is a fair indication that size isn't everything. That's a...

  • News Expect Batman To Sound Different In Arkham Origins

    Kevin Conroy isn't reprising his role in the upcoming game

    Voice actor Kevin Conroy has confirmed that he won't be returning to provide his vocal talents to Bruce Wayne's alter ego in the forthcoming Batman: Arkham Origins. Conroy has lent his voice to the Caped Crusader in cartoons and games for many years, with his first video game credit being...

  • News Rex Rocket Could Come To Wii U And 3DS If Funding Targets Are Met

    Retro-styled action platformer currently being Kickstarted

    Another week, another Kickstarter campaign for a title which might be coming to Nintendo platforms. Thankfully, Rex Rocket is well worth keeping an eye on. The game is a 2D platformer which needs $6,000 of funding to get made — and it's already bagged over $2,500 of that total with 27...

  • Rumour Call Of Duty: Ghosts Will Be Spooking Wii U This Year

    Spanish retailer gives Nintendo fans renewed hope

    Activision is close to announcing this year's Call of Duty entry, but we've already seen a couple of retailers leak information related to the title. Call of Duty: Ghosts apparently uses a new game engine and is expected to hit multiple platforms — one of which should be the Wii U, if a listing by...

  • Hands On Getting Competitive in the Rayman Legends Challenges App

    Nice for a freebie, modest as compensation

    Sometimes game releases, or apps in this case, bring to an end a saga of delays, upset fans and development strife. This Rayman Legends Challenges App does that, representing the final (probably) peace offering from Ubisoft to disgrunted Wii U owners before Rayman Legends arrives in late August/early...

  • Video Let's Play The Amazing Spider-Man On Wii U

    Are your spider senses tingling?

    There are so many superhero reboots these days it's hard to keep up. Thankfully, Nintendo Life video features editor Rory Cocker seems to knows his Hulk from his Man of Steel, and was tasked this week with playing the first half an hour of The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition, recently released on the Wii U. You...

  • Rumour New Call of Duty Title To Be Revealed Next Week

    Promotional material suggests 1st May will be the day

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II was revealed last year on 1st May during the NBA playoffs and it appears the next iteration in the Call of Duty franchise may well be announced at around the same time this year. Nothing has been revealed yet, although recent retailer listings and a few leaks on...

  • News New River City Ransom Sequel Confirmed

    A crowd-funding campaign is set to launch this Summer

    Combit Studios has announced it is currently developing a sequel to the popular sidescrolling fighter River City Ransom, which was released on the NES in 1989. According to its website, the Canada-based studio will be working with Million - the developer behind the Game Boy Advance remake River...

  • Video Here's Some Footage Of The Rayman Legends Challenges App

    Hands-on with Ubisoft's peace offering to Wii U owners

    This week sees the release of the Rayman Legends Challenges App, a free download which is largely intended to pacify angry Wii U owners following the delay of the game itself. Although the app itself is offered entirely free of charge, Nintendo Life video features editor Rory Cocker has put...

  • Hardware Review MaxPlay Wii U In-Car Adapter

    Take your gaming on the road

    A few eyebrows were raised when we reported on the existence of the MaxPlay adapter, a newfangled contraption which allows you to power your Wii U console from your car's standard 12V cigarette lighter socket. However, we can now report that this unique item is in fact the real deal, having tried it for ourselves. The...

  • News Wii U System Update Is Now Live

    Get it while it's hot

    Nintendo's long-expected Wii U system update is now live. The 673MB download speeds up various elements of the Wii U's menu, Here's the official run-down of new features, courtesy of Nintendo: Version 3.0.0 U Released: April 25, 2013 New Features: A standby function to download and install software while the system is...

  • News Analyst: Nintendo of America "Forgot Marketing 101" For Wii U

    Analysts weigh in on Wii U and Nintendo's future

    Nintendo recently revealed its financial results for 2012/2013 which showed the Wii U hadn't performed particularly well. Sales of the company's latest home console were well below the initial projection of 5.5 million units and even failed to meet the adjusted estimate of four million. Between the...

  • News Rayman Legends Release Brought Forward to 3rd September in North America, 30th August in Europe

    The free challenge app is on the Wii U eShop today, remember

    Update: We originally quoted an EU release date that we received directly and a US release date of 27th August given to Joystiq — the source link is at the end of the article. Joystiq has now confirmed that Ubisoft has corrected the US release date to 3rd September, so we've updated...

  • News Wii U and 3DS Online Connection Rates Exceed 80%

    Europe lagging behind with just 57% of connected 3DS systems

    Just recently Nintendo of America announced a 3DS connection rate of 67%, but it seems that this was a rather conservative figure. During his post financial results presentation, Satoru Iwata has outlined impressive online connection ratios for Nintendo's systems, with one region standing...

  • News Nintendo Won't Be Holding A Large-Scale Press Conference At E3 This Year

    "We are continuing to investigate ways to deliver information"

    Nintendo has confirmed that it is not doing a large-scale press conference at this year's E3, instead choosing to hold behind-closed-doors events for press and distributors. Where does that leave people watching over the internet? Nintendo has said that it is investigating "ways to...

  • Feature Nintendo's Financial Revelations and Hardware Strategies

    3DS leads as Wii U goes slow and steady

    Around this time every year Nintendo reports its financial results for the previous 12 months, and in by-gone days they could be summarised very easily — "we're rolling in cash like money hogs, victory lattes for everyone". Recently it's not been quite that simple, with the decline starting with the...

  • News Rejoice, Mario Kart Wii U Is Coming This Year

    Pole position

    We already know that Nintendo is working on a fresh Mario Kart entry for the Wii U and that it will make its debut at this year's E3. However, in a PR email pertaining to its 2013 financial results, Nintendo has let slip that the game will be rolled out onto the starting grid this year, which should give the struggling console a...

  • News Meet The Wii U Karaoke System Which Costs $16,000

    Big in Japan

    With many retailers complaining that the Wii U costs too much, it's odd that we're reporting on a variant of the console which retails for an eye-watering $16,000, but such is the weird and wacky world of the video game industry. Produced by Japanese company Xing, the JoySound Festa is so large it has to be wheeled around on a trolley...

  • News One Of Shin'en's Forthcoming Wii U Titles Will Have Online Play

    A first for the studio

    We already know that Shin'en Multimedia is hard at work on two new Wii U titles, but so far the company — which has produced hits such as Nano Assault Neo, FAST Racing League and Jett Rocket — has given away little information on what they might be. Speaking to

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    Wii U

    Review Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Immortal kombat

    We’ve all had this same discussion. Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman? NetherRealm Studios — the development team behind the successful 2011 reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise — was kind enough to create Injustice: Gods Among Us, a fighting game almost specifically designed to answer that one burning...

  • News Wii U Virtual Console Launch Lineup Is Revealed

    Eight titles available at launch

    Nintendo has revealed via its Wii U Facebook account the launch lineup for the Wii U Virtual Console. The initial batch of games will be: Punch-Out!! Balloon Fight Kirby's Adventure

  • Rumour Batman: Arkham Origins to Include Multiplayer Mode

    Play as your favourite villain

    Kotaku has reported that Batman: Arkham Origins, which is coming to the Wii U later this year, will include a multiplayer mode. The unconfirmed report states that players will step into the shoes of classic Batman villains and try to take town Batman and Robin. If the rumour is to be believed, Origins would be the...

  • Talking Point The Wii U's Identity Crisis

    Muddled messages aren't helping matters

    Let's start this with some clear points, to head-off accusations before they're made. No, we don't think Nintendo is doomed and no, we don't think the Wii U is doomed. While critical of some aspects of the Wii U since release, in general we've maintained a line that the system cannot be judged yet, and that...

  • News Road Rash-Inspired Road Redemption Confirmed For Wii U Release

    Assuming Kickstarter goal is met, of course

    Road Redemption is a motorcycle combat game which owes a massive debt to EA's 16-bit title Road Rash — and it could be coming to the Wii U, if it can meet its Kickstarter goal. DarkSeas Games — a studio made up of talent from Sega, Sony, Bioware, Gameloft, EA, Pyro Studios, Disney Interactive, 2K...

  • News Ubisoft: Splinter Cell "Really is a Thinking Game"

    Blacklist to incorporate styles suiting veterans and newcomers

    In past generations the Splinter Cell franchise was one of the biggest in the games industry, with its initially unique approach to stealth attracting plenty of plaudits and sales. While the series is still very much a fixture on the release calendar, it doesn't quite have the same...

  • News Project CARS Dev Making Sure Wii U Doesn't Get A "Crappy" Version

    That's nice of them

    Project CARS is an ambitious cross-platform racer which is coming to a wide range of systems, including the Wii U. Developer Slightly Mad Games has been speaking about the Nintendo edition of the game, and continues to say nice things about the hardware. Slightly Mad's Andy Tudor had this to say to Revo

  • Video Covert Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U GamePad Features Revealed

    Oh so sneaky

    The confirmation that Splinter Cell Blacklist will arrive on Wii U this August was another welcome multi-platform release announcement from Ubisoft, especially as the GamePad is set to be utilised for its own unique uses. We've seen some details around weapon and item management on the touch screen — of course — as well as some...

  • Rumour Take-Two To Reveal Next-Gen Versions of Grand Theft Auto V At Investor Call

    Handful of salt at the ready

    After a brief delay Grand Theft Auto V is down for a 17th September release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and Rockstar, the game's developer, has not commented on it ever emerging on the next generation of consoles. Rumours have always been rife that Grand Theft Auto V will eventually become available for Wii U,...

  • Interview Marc Franklin - Nintendo of America

    We chat with Nintendo's head PR honcho about 3DS, Earthbound and Zelda

    Between test drives of a selection of Nintendo's 2013 line-up, including The Legend of Zelda 3DS, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, we had the chance to catch up with Nintendo of America's PR wizard Marc Franklin to talk about w

  • Video Nintendo Life Plays The First 35 Minutes Of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Learning the hard way

    Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a fantastic game, but it's also a seriously hardcore experience, requiring dedication, skill and the patience of a saint. Just in case our reviews of the Wii U and the 3DS versions haven't convinced you to make the purchase, we sat our video features editor and Monster Hunter virgin Rory...

  • News Nintendo Of America Rep Insists That Lost Digital Content "Not Covered For Replacement"

    Don't lose that 3DS

    We've previously grumbled a bit about the fact that Nintendo currently does not employ a proper ID-based system for its downloads. Instead, the content you purchase on your Wii U and 3DS via their respective eShops is tied to the system itself. Stories have been circulating that Nintendo is prepared to replace digital content if...

  • Rumour Wii U System Update Could Go Live Tomorrow

    Virtual Console looks set to open on Tuesday

    The Wii U Virtual Console is scheduled to launch a day after the upcoming system update, which is set to go live at some point this week. Nintendo didn't give any specific date for the update, but it appears that it could be up and running as soon as Monday as the official website has already started...

  • Talking Point The Arrival of eShop Download Codes in Stores is a Smart Move

    Another step forward

    This week it was announced that Nintendo of Europe had established an agreement with retailer GAME, for it to exclusively sell select download codes from the high street and its website; it's the first serious move to match up to similar download cards already available in Japan. The GAME retail group has stores across Europe...

  • News Neko Entertainment To Release Another Cocoto Game in Europe

    It's set to be a retail release

    Cocoto, the little red devil who's featured in a few games over the years on several platforms, looks set to be making a comeback in the near future after developer Neko Entertainment confirmed it's working on releasing a new addition to the series with publisher BigBen Interactive. When asked in an interview with...

  • News GAME Bags European Exclusive On eShop Download Codes

    25% additional trade-in value with selected physical titles

    UK video game retailer GAME has announced an exclusive partnership with Nintendo which allows it to sell software via eShop codes in-store and online. The agreement will allow Wii U and 3DS owners across Europe to purchase digital content for their consoles via GAME's chain of physical...

  • News Fresh Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Stock Arrives In The UK

    The hunt is back on

    Getting hold of a copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in the UK has been easier said than done since the game launched in March; the popularity of Capcom's beast-slaying epic has resulted in a situation where demand has far outstripped supply. Thankfully, Nintendo UK has gotten in touch with us this morning to confirm that the...

  • News Reggie: Pace Of Wii U Software Launches Is "Slower Than Hoped"

    Nintendo of America boss says E3 will bring new software

    Let's face facts — the Wii U's software line-up so far hasn't been as robust as many would have hoped. While the console has hosted some amazing titles since its launch last year, the release schedule has dried up in recent months — thanks to delays and cancellations, as well as

  • News Pandora’s Tower Developer Thinks The Wii U Is "Unique" And "Exciting"

    Ganbarion is already thinking of how to exploit the console's features

    Japanese developer Ganbarion scored a critical success with Pandora's Tower on the Wii, and the company is now shifting its attention to Nintendo's latest console, the Wii U. Speaking to Siliconera, Pandora’s Tower director Toru Haga was full of praise for the console: The...

  • Video The Edited Highlights Of This Week's Nintendo Direct

    All killer, no filler

    This week's Nintendo Direct presentation was packed with amazing info, but with a running time of almost 40 minutes, it might have been a little bit on the long side for many impatient Nintendo fans. But fear not — Nintendo Life Video Features Editor Rory Cocker has sifted through the footage and pulled together the prime...

  • Feature The Big Nintendo 3DS Direct Summary

    There's a lot to take in

    Before the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, we're sure that many were unsure of what to expect. We've watched enough of them to know that sometimes they can be rather light on revelations, simply stringing us along with a few release dates, and on other occasions they can be blockbuster events that get the Nintendo Life...

  • News Game & Wario Brings Mayhem to North America on 23rd June

    It looks suitably bonkers

    Game & Wario is a game that promises "GamePad Pandemonium", yet the latter adjective was a good description for the sheer volume of reveals and information that came from the most recent Nintendo Direct broadcast. One story that we didn't cover right away but want to bring to your attention is the release date for...

  • News Iwata Reveals More Details On New Super Luigi U

    No bros allowed

    Satoru Iwata revealed more details about New Super Luigi U, the upcoming downloadable expansion for New Super Mario Bros. U, during today's Nintendo Direct presentation. First revealed in February as part of Nintendo's Year of Luigi, New Super Luigi U takes the "Bros." out of the equation, giving Mario's clumsy green brother the...

  • News Wii U System Update Coming Next Week

    A whole host of enhancements promised

    Nintendo has confirmed that a Wii U system update will be rolled out worldwide next week. As expected, the update will shorten loading times when switching between applications or returning to the Wii U Menu. You'll also be able to copy or move data from one USB hard drive to another, automatically install...

  • News Pikmin 3 Arrives in North America on 4th August

    Europe has a less specific date of "just a few months"

    While today may have been branded as a 3DS Direct, the Wii U was mentioned and has enjoyed a bit of attention in the huge amount of information to come out of Nintendo since the broadcasts. One of these is an important one for the home console, with Pikmin 3 confirmed to arrive in North...

  • News FIFA 14 Details Announced, Wii U Version Not Included In The Initial Line-Up

    Maybe we'll get FIFA 13.5 instead

    We reported yesterday that EA would be giving us some fresh details on its annual installment in the FIFA series of games, FIFA 14. Right on schedule, EA has indeed released a plethora of information on new features for the upcoming title, but what's even more interesting is the fact that there's no Wii U listing...

  • News Frontier Adamant Coaster Crazy Deluxe Won't Impact Elite: Dangerous Development

    Forced on the defensive after negative reaction to Wii U title from fans

    Frontier Developments has been forced to defend itself following the announcement of Coaster Crazy Deluxe for the Wii U eShop. There's been something of a negative reaction from certain sectors of the gaming public, with some individuals suggesting that Frontier has used...

  • News Injustice: Gods Among Us For Wii U May Not Support Cross-Unlock Content With iOS Version

    Perhaps in a future update?

    Just days before its release in the UK, we were given unfortunate news that Injustice: Gods Among Us will miss its scheduled release date of 19th April this week in that region. For any Brits reading it's worth noting that it'll only be delayed by one week, launching on 26th April. Now, it seems, the spotlight has been...

  • News EA Announcing More FIFA 14 News Tomorrow

    Back of the net

    The football season is slowly drawing to a close, which can only mean one thing: EA will soon be announcing its next FIFA title in preparation for the next campaign. Fans of the series will be pleased to hear EA will be revealing more news on FIFA 14 tomorrow, on the same day as Nintendo Direct. Coincidence? Probably, yes. [tweet...

  • News Climax Studios Working On Two Wii U Titles

    One looks a lot like Prince of Persia

    Update: In response to the Prince of Persia-esque image above, Ubisoft has now said the following: The screenshots in question are from a prototype created by one of our partners, not a game currently in development. Prince of Persia remains an important element in Ubisoft’s portfolio, but we’re...

  • News Play Wii U From The Comfort Of The Passenger Seat With MaxPlay

    A new standard of in-car entertainment

    We know the Wii U is pretty portable, but the guys at MaxBuy have taken things to the next level. They've produced the MaxPlay, a device which connects to your car's cigarette lighter and enables you to play Wii U on the move — as long as the game you're using supports off-TV play, of course. Not only does...

  • Guide The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Update is Now Live

    We tell you how to make the most of it

    With a game like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it's easy to see why a number of gamers would be tempted by the 3DS version. This is an experience that devours dozens of hours of your life, and indulging in the quest to that degree can be tricky if you're fighting over access to a shared TV in order to enjoy it...

  • News Rating Emerges For The Previously Unannounced Tekken Revolution

    Could Namco Bandai's brawler be fighting to the Wii U or 3DS?

    The Australian Classification Board has rated Tekken Revolution, a hitherto unheard of entry in the long-running fighting game franchise. This follows the news that Namco Bandai has also rated Tekken Arena in Europe — could we be looking at two entirely new instalments, or is this a...

  • News Pachter: Price Cut Unlikely To Help Wii U Without Software Support

    Expects continued slow sales

    Sometimes it’s rather difficult not to see Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter as the herald of the U-pocalypse, but you can’t say he isn’t committed to his job. According to GamesIndustry International, Pachter has forecast sales of just 55,000 Wii U consoles within the last month, as NPD Group prepares to...

  • News Criterion Has No Immediate Plans For More Need For Speed

    Burnt out?

    Criterion Games' Creative Director Alex Ward has taken to Twitter to debunk recent rumors about a Need For Speed reboot. In a series of tweets, Ward explained that Criterion wanted to take a break from the Need For Speed series, and racing games in general. [tweet 323861676720005121] Ward did, however, leave the door open for future...

  • News Injustice: Gods Among Us Release Pushed Back To 26th April In The UK

    No details as to why it's delayed

    Expected to arrive in the UK this Friday 19th April, Injustice: Gods Among Us has been delayed for the Wii U. The upcoming brawler has been pushed back to the 26th April, so we've just one week to wait. Speaking to CVG, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. had confirmed the new release date, but never gave any...

  • Developer Interview Ubisoft on the Expanding Rayman Legends and Wii U's Free Challenge Mode

    The upcoming Wii U eShop app sounds promising

    When Wii U was preparing for launch, a good number of gamers were particularly excited about Rayman Legends, at one time a Wii U-exclusive launch title. Unfortunately for those eager fans, both promising selling points fell by the way-side, with an initial delay to Spring 2013 being extended to...

  • News Sam Fisher Shows Off His Abilities In This New Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer

    Stalking the shadows

    Ubisoft has unleashed a new trailer for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist which showcases Sam Fisher's impressive selection of unique abilities. The game launches on Nintendo's system in August. The Wii U edition will offer all the features of its current-gen siblings, but will come with exclusive Wii U GamePad features,...

  • News First-Person Puzzler QUBE Is Coming To The Wii U eShop

    Colour us excited

    Toxic Games has revealed that its unique first-person puzzle title QUBE is coming to the Wii U eShop. QUBE — which stands for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion, in case you were wondering — is currently available on PC and Mac. The objective of the game is to move around levels by manipulating coloured blocks. Toxic...

  • News Luigi's Mansion 2 Refuses to Get Scared Out of the UK Top 10

    No Wii U exclusives in the top 40

    Last week we were rather pleased to report that Luigi's Mansion 2 secured 5th place in the UK all-format chart for the second week running; maintaining a top 10 place beyond launch week is relatively rare for 3DS titles in the region. That was an excellent achievement, but even better news this week is that Luigi is...

  • News WB Montreal Looking To "Add Value" To Batman: Arkham Origins

    Rocksteady offering support to the studio

    Last week Batman: Arkham Origins was announced for Wii U and other platforms. It's being developed by WB Montreal instead of Rocksteady and is set a few years before Batman: Arkham Asylum, allowing you to take control of a younger caped crusader as he bumps into some of his most recognisable foes for the...

  • News C-Wars Could Make It To Wii U And 3DS Should It Surpass Kickstarter Goal

    It's halfway there already

    C-Wars is a real-time strategy tower defence game that's being developed by Onipunks. The studio has just launched a Kickstarter campaign and is set to appear on PC, Mac, Linux and Android at some point this year. However, the developer confirmed it could also appear on Wii U and 3DS should it be successful in receiving...

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