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WarioWare: D.I.Y. Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

A real do-it-yourself project!

Back in 2003, the developers at Nintendo introduced a game that was basically nothing more than a huge collection of minigames that lasted only seconds, but were tossed at the player in rapid succession. While the idea initially seemed a bit ridiculous, it turned out to be one of the most addictive game releases and one that would spawn a wildly successful series across the various Nintendo platforms. Over the years, the developers have been able to constantly come up new ways to challenge players with their engaging microgame collections, but now Intelligent Systems has decided to place that power in the hands of the game player's themselves with the release of WarioWare D.I.Y. on the Nintendo DS system. Now gamers can not only play a brand new collection of microgames, but they can also create their own and share them with other players via Friend Codes.

Gamers looking for the classic WarioWare gaming action will be happy to know that the game comes with 90 brand new games already built into the package. Of course it's worth noting that all of the games make use of the tapping mechanic, so those looking for the variety of WarioWare Touched! might find this slight lack of gameplay flexibility a bit of a disappointment. It was obviously necessary to do it this way in order to keep all of the games, both the included microgames and the ones created by the players themselves, consistent in their basic gameplay designs. You'll be surprised at just how many different ways the developers were able to make use of the tapping element.

As enjoyable as playing the ready-made games are, you won't be able to fully appreciate the power of the package until you begin creating microgames of your own. Not only is the level of intricacy and flexibility staggering, but you'll soon find that it offers up an almost endless amount of variety with what you can create. Of course learning to use all of the game's many creation tools can be a bit overwhelming at first and the developers obviously sensed this when they created the rather lengthy tutorial system that you'll have to take part in before you get started.

The first thing you're going to have to create is the graphics for your game. This involves tools that closely resemble many of the popular paint programs on the market today. You'll be able to draw free hand, use shape tools, and even a rather large collection of built-in patterns and stamps to help you out. It's in this mode where you'll create not only the background for your game, but also all of the individual graphical elements that will go into it. You can even copy graphics out of the included microgames if you're not feeling very artistically inclined. About the only limitations on this part of the creation process is your talent and imagination.

Next up you'll need to create the music that will be played during your game. Much like the graphics section, this too features a wide assortment of options to assist you. You can plot out the musical notes on the included 5 track scales or allow the Maestro to come up with a tune for you based on the criteria you select. You can even use the ready-made musical tracks built-into the game if you'd rather not go to the trouble of creating your own compositions. Once again the flexibility and freedom of this tool is virtually limitless, depending on how much time and effort you want to put into your musical presentations.

Once the graphics and music are in place, it's time to assemble the game itself. This is easily the most challenging part of the process and will require a large number of steps in order to set up how the game is played, not to mention telling the CPU how each graphical element will behave and function during the game. The game does a nice job of guiding you through each of the many steps and when you couple this help with what you should get out of the tutorial, it shouldn't take you too long to jump in and begin making some simple creations. Of course if you want to come up with something a bit more flashy, you're going to have to do some experimenting and put in some serious practice to get really good at it.

Once all of the other sections of the game are complete, you'll then have to verify the title of your microgame, along with setting the duration the game will last before sending it off for processing. This part of the game will have you choosing the style of cartridge, color scheme, and packaging of your brand new game before it's dropped off into the truck and shipped off for play. You'll then be able to head on over to the D.I.Y. Shop to give your new creation a try, along with any other games you've downloaded or created up to that point. You can even share your creations with players who you share Friend Codes with and vice-versa. And if all of that wasn't enough, Nintendo will even be periodically releasing new microgames via the game's NintenSoft store as well, so you should end up with a steady stream of new material to enjoy.

You can't help but appreciate the time and effort the developers put into making the game as powerful as possible without making it too unbearably complicated to use. The tapping mechanism might seem a bit limiting to the overall gameplay scheme, but you'll soon find that there are an almost immeasurable number of ways to make use of tapping the touchscreen if you put your mind to it. Heck there's even a tool that allows you to create your own 4-panel comic strip if that's your thing. And with WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase about to hit the WiiWare service, there's even more microgame goodness to enjoy with the ability to download more games, not to mention play your DS creations on your own television screen. Combine the simple gameplay elements with one of the deepest game creation tools you're ever likely to encounter and you have a gaming experience that's not only a lot of fun, but also unbelievably creative.

The WarioWare series has always been know for its wild and sometimes unusually visual presentations and this new release is no exception. The included games show a surprising degree of detail and the creation tools themselves are equally impressive and visually appealing. And the great part is that the graphics tools allow the player to be every bit as visually ambitious as the developers were, even further adding to the graphical appeal.

Much like the visuals, the musical aspects of D.I.Y. are as quirky and charming as ever. You'll get a mix of classic Nintendo tunes strung throughout the game, not to mention a wealth of new tracks to enjoy and use in your creations. And if you're feeling a bit musical, you can allays use the game's impressive music-creating capabilities to piece together a catchy score of your own to further personalize your work.


Being able to create your own microgames is a dream come true for many fans of the WarioWare series and the developers have come through with flying colors in delivering not only a very functional set of creation tools, but a package that is easy enough for just about anyone to make good use of. While the built-in games aren't quite of the variety and calibre of some of those found in previous WarioWare releases, they're still quite enjoyable and a nice blueprint for those setting out to create their own games. Fans looking to purchase WarioWare D.I.Y. simply to play the microgames might be a bit disappointed with the lack of variety in the included titles, but those who are willing to put in the time and effort to become familiar with the creation tools will likely find a very powerful and rewarding gaming experience limited only by their imaginations and free time.

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TKOWL said:

After I finish my massive backlag of things I need to buy (Galaxy 2, Other M), I'll probably get this.



ReddLionz said:

Although this game looks amazingly fun, I think I would find myself too lazy to make my own minigames much of the time, much like Flipnote Studio.



Makoto said:

In the article it says you can "share" with friends but it doesn't say if it's ad-hoc or if it's online. How exactly do you share your own creations?



Moco_Loco said:

@Angaran: Showcase comes out tomorrow.

This has been at the very top of my list of games to buy for a long time now. Being part of the Nintendo Life community, getting friend codes shouldn't be a problem, and I also love the idea of making microgames my family can play on the Wii. I hope I don't suck at it too bad!



Link6694 said:

Great review Corbie!

Does the game come with a downlaod ticket for the showcase or will we have to buy the showcase as well?



Roopa132 said:

Yay. I already preordered the game but it'll take a while until it ships to Germany



Angaran said:

Wow guess what Warioware showcase cost, only cost 800 wii pts. Thanks for the website invmat.



citizenerased said:

Is this a DSi-only game? I think I've bought all the WarioWare titles (except for the NGC one) so far, and absolutely loved Twisted.



invmat said:

@irken004: I'm also planning to get the WiiWare game and not the DS version. As soon as it is out, I will exchange FC's so I can import some microgames.



Linkuini said:

Getting this as soon as possible. Depending on how many microgames I make, I may even gift the Showcase to my friends. Then they, too shall hear my amateurish game music remixes and play such gems as "Sniper No Sniping"!



bboy2970 said:

So i've never gotten a super clear answer to this....Is there a way to browse a bunch of random people's creations online (like flipnote) or is it restricted completely to friend codes??



invmat said:

@bboy2970: As far as I know, you can only browse the NinSoft-store (the place where Nintendo uploads some Microgames) and your friends' creations.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Looking forward to the UK release, but I doubt I'll use the creator much because your game can only be played by friends.



Porky said:

Not enough money to purchase both wiiware and ds versions first day. Decisions Decisions.. I might choose wiiware so I can buy another game like cave story then buy the ds version soon after.



pixelman said:

Ah man, I haven't played the WW games yet, but this one looks really awesome. Must get!



Kaeobais said:

Is there a way to set a grid in the graphics creator? I ask because I'd like to make some pixel perfect retro games, but when watching trailers, the graphics creator is placed over a moving background, which I imagine would make it hard to be accurate.



Corbs said:

You share your creations via friend codes. Those who you share friend codes with can view and play your creations and vice-versa. I'll update it in the review to be more specific.

And Nintendo will occasionally allow users to submit creations to them and they'll choose the best and make them available in the NintenSoft store for everyone to download, along with new creations from Nintendo themselves from time to time.



ReZon said:

So is Warioware DIY Showcase a game of its own, or do you need the DS game?



Corbs said:

You'll be able to play the 72 new microgames that come with it, but in order to get the full effect of the package, you really need the WarioWare D.I.Y. DS release.




Not out in UK yet?

Good to read it is so excellent. The WiiWare and DIY couldn't be more of insta-buys if they tried!



Sylverstone said:

On my list, this and the Showcase.

This is what WarioWare needed.
Now for it to be baptized in the power of the 3DS.



odd69 said:

Awesome review corb!!! This is something i'd like to try out. Ive been watching the videos on Nintendo channel and it looks complex.



Nintendude92 said:

The review is spot-on, the only gripe I have with it is that right away you notice that the micro games aren't as entertaining or as plentiful as past releases, because they were all made with the actual tool. It's a double edged sword because while we notice it we can learn quite a bit, these games were cleverly put together using the tools and the resources in them make putting together a game much more entertaining! The maker really is alot of fun to mess with, the very well made music maker and art tools, and assembly are broken down with alot of tutorials and tips.

The Japanese version is still having competitions and putting out microgames so you won't have a shortage of anything once we get going. I think your going to need a wi-fi connection or friends to make this truly effective though. I love it though, great job, they worked hard on this.



naut said:

My little bro preordered this and picked it up today. He's already made his first microgame. Me? I'm just not creative enough. I'd rather play games than make 'em, but hey. Tons will love this one.



bboy2970 said:

Thats a shame about the lack of a full fledged online community but the game is still fantastic! Hopefully between NL friend codes and Nintendo competitions I'll have no shortage of stranger made games to play



Azaris said:

do want,btw does anybody know if i can send my game over to wario ware diy showcase then use that to share it online?



Deviant_Mugen said:

I've never played any of the WW games, but this one looks intriguing enough that I might just buy it...



i_am_error said:

Just got it - can't wait to try it later, I have sooo many ideas for simple, quirky games!



Flam said:

Does anyone have the instruction booklet (in PDF) ? I cannot find it, and I'd like to know more about the game, before April 30th (release date in Europe).

Thanks !



GamingAddict said:

I saw they released a WiiWare version. Anyone know if you can make games in that version as well ?



emiru69 said:

When I saw the WarioWare: D.I.Y. for the first time I thought "more minigames???". But I've been playing it for the last 24 hours and I love it. The idea of download/upload minigames is awsome, and I love the manga! The only doubt that I have right now is Can you download comics made by other people?



emiru69 said:

#51. I think the WiiWare version is more like a complement of the DS version. The quantity of the minigames that you can create/download in the DS version is limited so if you have both you can upload your minigames to the Wii when you are running out of space. Also, you can send the minigames that comes with the WiiWare version to the DS (you can't send the originals from the DS to the Wii).



ExpHP said:

Does Nintendo take random submissions as well, or are contests the only way to get your microgame on the NinSoft store shelves?

I'll be really pissed if it's the latter. I love making games, but I HATE time limits. If the deadline is set too early, I feel rushed. If it isn't, then I procrastinate, thinking "there's still a lot of time left", and eventually enough time has passed that I no longer care and don't even bother entering in the contest. The only way I might get it done is if there is no time limit.



MegaAdam said:

I think Rhythm Heaven is about to be removed from the DSi cartridge slot.

I think the XL would be nice to have for making microgames, but it'll be awhile before I drop a buck ninety on one of those.

I know there's a limit to storing microgames on the DS cartridge, but is there a limit on the WW Showcase? Can I store an unlimited amount of games on the SD card of my Wii?



Rerun said:

I like being able to make my own games. I always enjoyed level editors and the like. Seeing that this was implemented well makes this a must have for me.



Tate24 said:

Two games wanna get this month -

monster hunter tri
warioware D.I.Y

look boss:)



Brennan said:

This game is awesome. I had it reserved and even though was only able to make it through the tutorial, I can't wait to be able to start making my microgames!!! This will be fun!!!



BudDudandSlash said:

@58, storage limit is 90 on the DS cart and 72 more on the Wii. No SD card support. Likewise numbers for comics and songs you make.



firecookie29 said:

I think I'll get it. My Mario Party DS game literally FROZE at a specific spot in Party Mode. Nice review by the way!



Dodger said:

Think you will enjoy this game? Get it. Think you won't enjoy this game? Get it. No review, video, description or picture can do this game justice. It has the awesome game maker that will let you do almost anything you can think of, the really detailed music maker, a black and white comic maker and 30 premade comics that are pretty funny, awards to get that unlock premade records, lots of downloadable games, contests to enter and lots of other things to do. You can feel how much energy they put into making sure you get a good product that you can keep coming back to.

I agree with the review, the few flaws in this keep it from being a 10 but even as a 9, this is one you should have.



WarioWareDIY said:

I agree with Dodger. (sorry for my broken English, I'm French)
It THE game I dreamt of. I'm so happy Nintendo made it.
You have the keys ! You can do everything ! Of course there are limitations, but they can push you to the limits.
After looking at WarioWare DIY, we could imagine how the next game would look like... Imagine getting rid of the 10 second per game limitation... Adding SD-card support, and you have your low-tech home console, which will last a life-time !



Cats said:

DIY for the DS is great for people like me. The tools are robust enough that I don't feel too limited but simple enough that I finish something. On those developer videos they all seem to take "one hour", but for me as a nondeveloper it's a few hours, except maybe the "suck goo" game. Like most people here, I also wish you could post your games like on flipnote and store things on your SD card, but DIY is still a great buy imo.



mmKALLL said:

The wording 'one of the deepest game creation tools' really hit my ear hard. While quite flexible and (maybe too much?) object oriented, well suited for people who've never before made a video game and want it to be three or six seconds long, I consider it far from deep.

While the above is true, it's a nice tool, I think that it's not worth all the praise. I do understand that the area of making applications/pieces of software/files inside a game from nintendo is quite unknown for many, and I don't think you (referring to the reviewer) have many other things to compare to. Of course, please correct me if I'm wrong and instead you are a hardcore nerd programmer like myself(just kidding) =p

On another note to any people who are reading this, if you enjoy making games with diy, I recommend that you try a program creation tool called Game Maker, if you want to become more serious about making games.

Then again, I've only taken a quick look at this through an emulator, so there may be things I've overlooked, and there are ways to bypass some missing things(as far as I can tell) like variables somewhat.



xxx_Kirby_xxx said:

Love this game, but I suck at making games. T_T Mainly because I can never think of anything, so I usually just make the comics. (I just randomize the title and ideas come to me). It's fun, though. I like Ashley's games. Jimmy's song is funny, but it's just a tad disturbing that he's in charge of an aerobics class. TT_TT lol



Poketendo said:

Looks like a great game! But i'm not sure or i would like it. Because I also have WarioWare:Snapped, and I absolutly don't like that one! But maybe this one is different. I'll think about it!



BlueToad said:

Picked this up a few weeks ago. It is soo good, by far the best in the series



atariman said:

This is my favorite wario ware game of the series! a very good game. I wanted to make my own micro games for ever sence I was 9 years old! then when I heard of THIS GAME I wanted this so bad! THEN I got it! a 9/10. (got it in 2010).

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