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Thu 25th Mar 2010

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GamingAddict commented on Marines: Modern Urban Combat Deployed In June:

Actually it was not developed exclusively for the Wii. In an interview the developers last year originally stated it was an updated port of the old XBOX game Close Combat First to Fight which was originally made by Destineer and published by 2k games. As well the original was released on PC and Mac. I will dig up a link that proves what I am saying. Once I found this out last fall I knew it was not worth looking into. I love how the developers have been telling people this is a "new" game. Nice how they release an old game, slap a new title on it and claim it was made exclusively for the Wii.

Also it is noted in real life that Destineer works hand in hand with the United States Marine Corp. in designing test simulations. I played the game when it was Close Combat and have no reason to buy this but I am assuming if you enjoyed Close Combat you might like this. From what I read as well there has been some tweaks to the AI mainly. Some guy on Youtube has a lot of video of it up if you type in the games title. Here is a link to the wikipedia that states it is a port etc.
Here is a link to some video footage.