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Thu 5th Jun 2008

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Makoto commented on BurgerTime Deluxe:

You have to walk over the pieces to squish them through the floor in order to make a sandwich. I'm not eating at this restaurant! I used to love this game though.



Makoto commented on GameFly Isn't Renting Resident Evil: Mercenari...:

They messed up big time with this one. We're big boys, we can choose whether or not to permanently keep our save games capcom... Instead they should have just given a warning when you go to delete the save-game. "We strongly urge you not to delete this file, unless you are a new user."



Makoto commented on Review: WarioWare: D.I.Y. (DS):

In the article it says you can "share" with friends but it doesn't say if it's ad-hoc or if it's online. How exactly do you share your own creations?



Makoto commented on Metroid:

Yeah... i guess we're spoiled now with all of our maps, and fancy in-game hints... but I say original NES games that just let you adventure around worlds and figured out how things work while rewarding you with more HP, ammo, and weapons for being incredibly diligent in your adventuring deserve a little more credit.

Now, as far as this game goes, everyone has their own opinions. I think its fine to rate any game whatever score you want as long as you look at it not only from your own perspective, and definitely not from a fanboy perspective, but from a calculated, well thought out, chronologically-minded perspective. At the time, this game was the top dog along with Zelda, and SMB. I don't see a reason to rate this below a 4/5 accept to be different. Well, besides the annoying passwords which you stated were taken care of by the VC save feature.