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Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Guybrush Threepwood’s first new adventure in almost 9 years. Is he still the wannabe pirate king of adventure games?

The 'point and click' adventure has been clinically dead for quite a while now, largely because it seemed impossible to make a good example of the genre in 3D. Many developers tried, but almost all of them failed, mostly due to clunky controls or annoying moving cameras. To be honest, there’s only one company that knows how to do 3D point and click adventure games the right way, and that's Telltale Games, as has been proven with their Sam & Max and Strong Bad games.

In the late 80’s and 90’s though, the adventure game king was without a doubt LucasArts. They created a ton of fantastic games which are still revered to this today, such as Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Grim Fandango and, of course, the Monkey Island series. However, if you’re a console-only gamer you probably have never played any of these before, as they only very rarely got home console ports.

The Wii’s really the first console which is perfect for point and click games – The Wii remote’s pointer functions almost the same as a mouse, after all. That’s why we’ve already seen multiple adventure games on the system – Sam & Max and the Strong Bad series are both available as retail and WiiWare games, respectively, and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is an unlockable bonus game in Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings.

For their latest project, Telltale Games has partnered with LucasArts to revive what is without a doubt one of their most popular series: Monkey Island. For those who’ve never played a Monkey Island game before, the plot isn’t very difficult to understand – you play as Guybrush Threepwood, a very unimpressive pirate, who, throughout the whole series, manages to constantly run into the evil zombie pirate LeChuck. Aside from conquering the world and achieving immortality, LeChuck only wants one other thing: Guybrush’s girlfriend, Elaine!

Guybrush has already thwarted LeChuck’s plans four times before, but this time around things seem more serious than ever – at the beginning of this first episode of Tales of Monkey Island, Guybrush accidentally turns LeChuck into a human being, making him more powerful than before and making him slightly more attractive to Elaine.

This also releases a bunch of the concentrated evil and voodoo power which was inside LeChuck in the form of a giant green gas cloud, which sweeps over the nearby islands, slowly turning people green and making them have random outbursts of anger. Even Guybrush is affected - one of his hands is actually infected with the disease, making it completely uncontrollable.

After also accidentally setting off a stack of gunpower barrels and blowing up LeChuck’s ship, Guybrush passes out and eventually wakes up on the beach of Flotsam Island, one of many islands dotted throughout the Monkey Island universe. He quickly learns that LeChuck is not there, but the island has problems of its own – for some reason, the winds around it never blow away from it, meaning that once you get there, you can’t leave!

Naturally, Guybrush sets out to solve this mystery right away. The game controls a bit like a simplified version of previous games in the series – clicking on an object will automatically make Guybrush do the correct thing to it, whether it’s simply looking at it, talking to it or picking it up. This is a whole lot less fiddly than the 'SCUMM' interface used in the first two Monkey Island games, where you had 9 different options (Such as “look at,” “close,” “open” and “pick up”) and you just had to try various things on various objects.

This also means you cannot do all these things with the items you’ve picked up – after bringing up your inventory (It is not visible while walking around) all you can do is look at the items or use them with other items or objects.

Don’t let that fool you into thinking the game is any easier than the previous instalments in the series though – it’s definitely not as long, but you’ll likely be stumped a good number of times in the 3 or 4 hours it’ll take you to finish, unless you’re some kind of mastermind.

Naturally, the game wouldn’t be complete without a good number of witty characters. You’ll meet a total of 7 people you can interact with on Flotsam Island, and although four of them aren’t too memorable, three of them deserve a mention. You’ll meet Joaquin D’Oro, a Spanish explorer in search of the last action figure he needs to complete his collection. You'll also meet the Voodoo Lady, who has appeared in all previous Monkey Island games to inform Guybrush about what exactly is wrong. Of course, she performs the same role this time, too.

Flotsam Island might not have LeChuck, but it has an antagonist of its own in the form of Marquis de Singe, who dresses just like Louis XIV of France and even speaks with a French accent. Guybrush will have to outsmart him to make it off the island as well, but you can bet that it won’t be the last we’ll see of him.

In terms of graphics and music, the game's not really that outstanding, but it gets the job done. Every single Monkey Island game has a different graphical look, so you should be used to change by now! The music consists of simple tropical themes - the background music volume is usually quite low, so you probably won't even pay too much attention it. In the process of porting the game from PC to WiiWare, Telltale seems to have heavily compressed a lot of stuff though - The game will lag every now and then, and some of the dialogue sounds really fuzzy. It's not game-breaking in the slightest, but it can get annoying.

Tales of Monkey Island also has some things not seen in previous Telltale games. In addition to being able to move Guybrush to places by clicking on them, you can also use the d-pad or nunchuk to move him around manually. Although you’d think this would be pointless, it actually works quite well – you can move around while still scanning the environment for objects to interact with using the pointer, for example.

Tales is also the first Telltale series which does not consist of mostly unrelated stories – the first episode ends in a cliffhanger, meaning the second episode will continue exactly where the first left off, eventually reaching the actual ending in the fifth episode.


Telltale has shown once again they're the best when it comes to 3D adventure games. The game controls flawlessly, especially with the addition of manual movement, and is another worthy entry in the Monkey Island series. It doesn't quite match up to what most consider to be the previous best Monkey Island game (The Curse of Monkey Island), at least, not yet, but it's only the first episode - If the other four suitably ramp up the story and puzzling then it could very well become fantastic. Whether you're a veteran of the series or a newbie, if you like adventure games, this one should definitely be a part of your collection.

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User Comments (83)



David77 said:

I finished all the old monkey games on PC, and I plan to play the whole tales series



Machu said:

I loved Monkey Island both as a child and an adult, but I'm seriously opposed to the idea of episodic gaming. Dilemma.

Great review btw.



Drake said:

@Djunglelurban: Yes we did! Rest assured, Telltale guaranteed us that there are absolutely no differences between the two versions other than controls.



Objection said:

Have you guys had a chance to compare the versions yet? There could always be a WW bug or a control issue that differs from the PC version.



Drake said:

It's impossible for developers to send out review copies of WiiWare copies, so no, we haven't had the chance to yet. If anything serious does crop up naturally we'll change the review accordingly, but Telltale's generally pretty solid with these things so I doubt it



pixelman said:

You never answered my question about the length. How much do you get for $10?



Drake said:

Did you read the review?

Don’t let that fool you into thinking the game is any easier than the previous instalments in the series though – It’s definitely not as long, but you’ll likely be stumped a good number of times in the 3 or 4 hours it’ll take you to finish, unless you’re some kind of mastermind.



Drake said:

Well, this is episodic gaming, what did you expect? It's longer than the Strong Bad games



pixelman said:

Bah. I'll wait for the next episode, and if it costs the same I'll have to pass. 3-4 hours isn't enough for me.



TwilightV said:

Well, you could always buy the full game when it's released (on PC Disk). As for me, i'll stick with this.



silent_genius said:

Good review but wait, the price is 1000 Wii Points for one episode while the PC version is $35 for the whole season plus bonus DVD? Unfair.



Orenhy said:

10 bucks is pricey compared to the PC download fee per single episode - not counting in the option to get the package for less.
Still worth it IMO, its Monkey Island for swashbucklin' stakes
3-4 hours per episode, times that by 5 for all episodes, you got 15-20 hours which is the about most "story driven" games length.



warioswoods said:

I can't wait to put aside a few hours and give this a go. I'm a longtime point-and-click adventure fan, and Zack & Wiki is one of my favorite Wii games. I've avoided StrongBad just due to my reservations about the humor... but maybe, if I really enjoy these, I'll go back and actually give the first SB game a shot.



DarthBo said:

"It doesn't quite match up to what most consider to be the previous best Monkey Island game (The Curse of Monkey Island)"

I think most people prefer Secret or Revenge, I was under the impression only kids who never played the originals considered Curse the best.
The jokes and story were pretty lame in Curse, not to mention they totally changed Guybrush...



pixelman said:

@D4NG3R: Eight bucks. Good point, though to fully play the game it'll cost me $50 and a hella lot of space. I'm still thinking about getting it sometime, though I have games higher up on my list that I'll be downloading first.



Crunc said:

Sounds good, but like others I would really, really like to know if subsequent episodes will also cost $10. Hopefully nintendolife can look into this for us and give us an answer.



Objection said:

@D4NG3R-Lol, I'm the guy who ebays movies for less than a movie ticket. And when I do see movies at the theater, I pay around $5 ($10 if I MUST see it at midnight.) However, a really good movie that's 2 hours seems more worth $5-10 to me than a really good game that's 2 hours long.



warioswoods said:


The reviewer says it's 3 - 4 hours long, which is basically equivalent to 2 movies, so it doesn't seem like a terrible deal. Split it across 2 nights, pay $5 each, and get to keep it in case you ever want to replay for any reason (maybe someone else in your house would?).



Kelvin said:

I think most people prefer Secret or Revenge, I was under the impression only kids who never played the originals considered Curse the best.
Yep, the first is the best for me. I'll likely avoid this new one, as the price is a bit too high for me, but I would love to see the originals make it to Wii; there's no need for them to be HD, so why should the PC and X360 have all the fun?



Weblaus said:

Are you sure about this being the first Telltale game where you can move the character directly? What about Wallace & Gromit? Of course that's not quite a "true" point & click game, but you didn't make that distinction in the text which refers only to other Telltale games.



Drake said:

@DarthBo: I've played all but Escape (I don't hear too many good things about it) and to this day I'd still say Curse is one of the best adventure games ever made. The voice acting added a ton of charm and the graphics are beautiful, even if they're a complete change from the two games before.



warioswoods said:

Point-and-click games were pretty much the first thing I thought of when I first saw the IR functionality of the Wii remote, yet to date there have been surprisingly few good games of this genre on the platform, so I'm very grateful that a developer is helping to correct that with one of my favorite adventure series.



CBattles6 said:

You might want to re-review this game. Although the game is exactly the same as the PC version, it's not an 8 on WW...Choppy graphics, music, and constant loading knock this down a couple pegs...I'd say the polish is worse than StrongBad.



mrlimbo said:

Yep another WiiWare rip off , save money and get it for the pc , it is a point & click after all , and that is the meduim there designed for !!!




Well, Official Nintendo Magazine UK who are another reliable reviewer IMHO reviewed this at 90%. That suggests its coming to Europe very soon, hopefully this Friday.

I'm downloading this based on this review and that one.

Considering the Wii's wiimote IR pointer control I would say the Wii is made for point and click too!



David77 said:

The overall quality of the game is pretty poor. Closer to Escape than Curse. But both are better. That said, the game is ugly but fun.



Edwin said:

"clicking on an object will automatically make Guybrush do the correct thing to it....don’t let that fool you into thinking the game is any easier than the previous instalments in the series though"

Sorry, I am going to let this "fool" me into thinking that this game is easier than the previous installments. It sounds more like an interactive movie than a videogame. I loved the list of verbs you could choose from in the old games.

"This is a whole lot less fiddly than the 'SCUMM' interface used in the first two Monkey Island games, where you had 9 different options (Such as “look at,” “close,” “open” and “pick up”) and you just had to try various things on various objects."

This way of playing was not "fiddly". The actions that worked were the ones that made sense.

Alas, another great franchise has been kid-ified.



Pegasus said:

Hooray for dumbed down gameplay! **sarcasm**

I'll give this a whirl simply because it's Monkey Island. Not expecting anything awe-inspiring though.

The Longest Journey still remains as my favorite adventure game of all time, and I very much doubt that it'll ever be dislodged from its position. It's too bad that its sequel Dreamfall was quite the disappointment. I doubt we'll ever get to see the third part of this supposed trilogy.



CanisWolfred said:

Yeah, I might get this...someday...maybe....okay, probably not, since me and Point 'n' Clicks haven't gotten along very well in a very long time. Plus, I'd rather have the original game, anyways.



Graph said:

Sadly, I did get this and I should point out that the Wiiware version should get re-reviewed immediatly. As other people pointed out, the Wiiware version suffers from choppyness, loading times, badly compressed audio which basicly makes this game a insert all the swear words here nightmare to play.

My suggestion to all those wanting this game : Get it for PC.



thisreallyawesomeguy said:

doesn't anyone see how awfull these telltale games look? the lighting is really boring which makes everything look really fake and plastic. the old Sam & Max and Monkey Island have STYLE. Look up some old screenshots and compair them to this.

Back in the day they could make really nice looking sets and lighting. Guess why? They had ARTISTS who did the graphics, now it's just models and a computer who decides what it looks like.

Don't get me wrong, 3D games can look good, but these don't.

I was a big fan of the Monkey Island games. But the 3D just doesn't do the trick this way.



WolfRamHeart said:

I was considering getting this game but I think I'm going to have to pass on it. After reading people's concerns about the WiiWare version sufferering from problems not present on the PC version I am just not convinced it would be worth the download.



Kelvin said:

Yes, the Wii has, in theory, a very good control scheme for the point-and-click genre (just as it has for FPS, but that's another conversation), so I agree that it's a crying shame that there aren't more games of this sort on the platform. I for one would immediately buy some sort of Monkey Island compilation disc, or the originals on Virtual Console (if the Amiga were supported, naturally).

The choppiness of the conversion is certainly bad news, but on the other hand, it might make Nintendo take another look at their WiiWare storage limits. I say "might", although I'm not confident!



Other_Dave said:

Played and loved this on the PC and I hope the quality can be kept up for the remaining parts. Price is a bit of an issue to get the complete Wii version though. Whilst I don't mind paying £35 for a new Monkey Island I'd expect to get a physical copy for that especially when I paid $35 (currently just over £21) for the PC season where you get the DVD at the end.

@Kelvin Well if they ever add the Mega CD to the VC we could get the first game, though it wouldn't have wiimoteasamouse controls.



FantasiaWHT said:

""3-4 hours isn't enough for me." How much do you pay for a movie ticket?"

How about instead of comparing it to movie tickets, you compare it to other video games? $10 will get me a used copy of any number of games that will last from 10-40 or more hours. Also, that $10 will give me a game I can sell when I'm done if a like, to recoup a fairly large percentage of my outlay, such that in the end I might only be paying $1 or even making money, depend on how lucky I get selling, to play the game.



Varoennauraa said:

But it isn't NEW Monkey Island!!! I pay anything thay ask! Although the choppines worries me a bit. How choppy is it? Bring more of this kind, and when you find the size limits too tight, then stuff it to DVD, I will pay 70€ a piece.



Rocky said:

This game is ridiculously hard. I downloaded it at 5:30pm last night and played it until 10:30pm and got nowhere in the game. 5 hours and I am still in chapter one and feel as though I've made no progress. If someone can play through this game in 3-4 hours without following along with an online help guide, I'd be amazed. This game just seems to be puzzles on top of other puzzles with no story (or logic) to tie the puzzles together. The game "hint" system (worthless) tells you to try "exploring". Duh. I am trying to explore, but every direction is blocked waiting for you to solve another puzzle. Want to talk to more islanders? You guessed it, gotta solve a puzzle ("what's the secret word?"). This is actually fun for some people? This is more frustrating than a final exam in a graduate level calculus class. The bad news is I can't get my 1000 points back, but the good news is my Wii, Remote, and TV are all still working this morning and I didn't bash them all into the sidewalk out in front of my house like I wanted to do last night after "playing" this game.



sirgrim said:

Shame on you, Nintendo Life. This review should be redacted immediately.

The WiiWare version is terrible. The graphics aren't even close to your screenshots, entire animation segments chop through. The audio is terrible and the controls are clunky.

The game itself would be fun if it worked properly. Maybe I'll pick up the PC version.



Machu said:

I'm about to download this for PC, the whole game for the price of two chapters on Wii. The cheeky ********!



Orenhy said:

"The game will lag every now and then, and some of the dialogue sounds really fuzzy. It's not game-breaking in the slightest, but it can get annoying|"

3 times AYE, really dont know if ill go for any more episodes on wiiware, console gaming was meant to be fluid and nice, not buggy.
It's game breaking.



Macfly77 said:

To Rocky (post #60):
I guess you have never played a Monkey Island or even any point-and-click adventure game before.
The gameplay in those games has always been about 80% puzzles, 20% exploration.
I have played all the other Monkey Island games and I must say the puzzles in this game were very much in the Monkey Island style, while making more sense than some of the puzzles in the previous games.
I also finished the game in about 4 hours without using the hint system or any help guide (online or not) and loved every minute of it.
Finally, the reason you're still in chapter one is that... there is no chapter two! This is the first episode of a five episode series.

To Edwin (post #50):
Sorry if you think the lack of an action menu makes the game easier. You say that in the first two games, the actions from the menu that worked were the ones that make sense, so you didn't really need the other ones, did you?
In this game, clicking on an object will only do the right thing as far as picking it up (if possible) or activating it (in the case of a lever, for example). There are still "look at" and a "combine" options in the inventory menu. And if you need to use the object on something or someone, you will still have to pick the object from your inventory and click on the right thing or person to use it with.
In my view, this simplifies the system, but in no way kid-ifies it.

To Nintendo Life:
I haven't played the WiiWare game, but apparently, neither have you.
Otherwise, you would have reviewed your review, as the comments about choppy framerate and poor sound overflow not just on this but on the Telltale forums as well!
I'll be very cautious about following Nintendo Life's advice in the future!



jangonov said:

am I the only one not having problems with the sound? I am having framerate issues though.........it runs smooth but then freezes a bit sometimes. Still, on pc, it was always choppy (In the demo at least). I think that is because my laptop isn't designed for gaming though. So I will be buying this on wiiware for future episodes
Im disapointed in Nintendolife on this one. I understand that the pc version is SUPPOSED to be the same as the wiiware version, but that doesnt mean it is. I think they rushed the review in anticipation and because of the hype of the game.



Bibberishly said:

I think the underlying issue here is Nintendo's 40meg limit.. Until that gets fixed it's making telltales job almost impossible.



zofiava said:

I bought this yesterday because I was very excited about being able to play a Monkey Island game finally. I'm on a mac and I have yet to be able to find a Monkey Island game for me. So in that regard, I am happy I bought this. It's definitely laggy in places, and quite often I can not figure out for the life of me what a character just said. The movement will take some getting used to, but it isn't overly frustrating for me.

As far as the price, I am used to paying 40 bucks for a Jack Keane, or Ankh game, which are pretty much the only point and click adventure games I can find for the mac. I also appreciate not having to go to the store and buy a game. Sometimes I just want something to do NOW... and i factor that into the price of the game.

All in all, I don't regret the purchase, but the game could be better in a few aspects.



Macfly77 said:

To zofiava:
With CrossOver Games, I can play all of Telltale's point-and-click games (except for Wallace and Gromit) on Mac without any problem.



zofiava said:

Wow! I've NEVER seen that! not for lack of looking either. I guess I just wasn't looking for the right thing! Thanks!



warioswoods said:


Indeed, Crossover Games is great; I used it to play Portal (and various Portal mods) on my Mac.

On Topic - It seems to me that many posters above are overreacting. I downloaded this today, played for a couple of hours (guess I'm about halfway through? ), and it's well worth downloading on the Wii. Sure, the framerate is bad here and there when things are happening (but by no means always--it looks perfectly fine most of the time), and you have to wait every now and then for something to load... but I guess I just don't see how waiting for things to load or to catch up for a moment when you enter a new area is in any way big problem. Point and click games are meant to be played a bit more slowly, taking in the scenery, humor, etc. The game's graphics and locations are quite nice, very impressive for WiiWare / 40Mb.

If you love point and click games, and prefer to play it on your TV rather than sitting at the computer, it's not a bad deal by a longshot--it's a highly enjoyable game with a great sense of humor, nice looking graphics with or without the limitations, and the perfect kind of puzzles that are comically absurd yet sufficiently reasonable to figure out.

No need to rescind the above review -- a quick sentence note about the loading / framerate issues would suffice, and at most I would say that it knocks the game down to a 7, certainly no lower than that, and more than enticing enough if you enjoy this kind of thing.



Adamant said:

Took me 5 or 6 hours to play through with the hint system turned all the way down. A couple puzzles stumped me for a bit (getting the captain off the ship being the worst one), but nothing too bad, and nothing seemed unfair or anything, with the possible exception of the parrot, which could easily be missed, and will screw you completely over if you don't see it.
Otherwise, loved it. Great purchase. Yes, there are graphical problems and such, and yes they're a tad annoying, but it doesn't detract much from the game, and is definitely no grounds for lowering the grade.
The treasure hunting "minigame" selectable from the main menu was worthless, though. Don't bother if you haven't tried it.



David77 said:

The more I play and the less I care about the framerate. Very good, and they catch the spirit of Monkey Island. It's a 8.



rwq said:

Ow ow ow very sad. I played strong bad on both wii and pc and I say that for that series the wii versions were nicer. But for Monkey Island I cant be paying more and get a worse experience sorry.. pc version it is. And thank you nintendolife comment section!



Omega said:

I do not understand that. Why should I pay $50 for a WiiWare game when similar retail games like "Secret Files Tunguska" for the Wii cost $30? I thought WiiWare is supposed to offer a way to produce games for less money.



Skarnet said:


You can get prizes at telltales homepage with codes acquired from the treasure hunting mode in the game... Such as discount coupons and other nice things.



warioswoods said:


Reviewers estimate Tunguska's play time at around 10 hours; each episode of Monkey Island is rated at around 4 hours, so that's 20 total. Also, the humor and puzzle design is quite good here, so you get what you pay for. Sometimes WiiWare is all about lower prices for smaller games, but it's also potentially a place for very polished, retail-ready games that choose to release episodically.



SKTTR said:

Now, that I've beaten Launch of the Screaming Narwhal with a total time of 6:17 (from Intro to Ending + beating the 5 short Treasure Hunt levels) I came to conclude:

The first chapter was pretty good, albeit short fun. Definately keeps the spirit and humour of Monkey Island games.

The choppy framerate is bearable most of the time but is prove that this is a fast and sloppy port. The ship/ocean sequences run at 5 frames, which is good for a 3D-N64 game but not in a WiiWare game.

The one time the game froze up wasn't too dramatic because of the helpful autosave-feature, but it's a definite minus. Often it looked like the game crashed but it moved on a few seconds later.

Three times there was no voice-over but subtitles. There was certainly not enough play-testing in the WiiWare version.

Wanting 1000 points for each episode on the Wii is definately too much since you can get the much better PC version for 35 Euro. 700 points for each episode would be worth it on WiiWare too imo. And the developers from Telltale Games should fix the issues in chapter 1 and don't walk the plank to rush out chapter 2.

1000 points for a glitchy down-tuned version doesn't seem fair when you can get it cheaper and better somewhere else.

Naturally, I can't wait for chapter 2, but that doesn't mean they should rush out the WiiWare port as quickly and buggy as the first chapter.

I want the WiiWare version (I have no PC), so please, dear Telltale Games, put the Grog to the side next time, and make it the shiny treasure Monkey Island deserves to be.

I am the monkey to buy the next chapter for 1000 points, but do something about the frames, aye!



PsychoFish said:

I am disappointed already. I read lots of bad stuff about this game on WiiWare.
1. The Price on WiiWare is (almost exactely) two times that of the PC Version. (Europe)
2. Grafics and sound are worse on the WiiWare Version.
3. And there aren't any subtitles in different languages. Everyone around the world has to play the US Version. European Children or people who don't speak english have no chance of playing this game. (I have no problem with that, but i scream "lazy telltale".)

Considering all this i think i get it on PC.



djshep1973 said:

I've got to say, I'm very disappointed with this WiiWare release. I just spent 1000 points on a release that doesn't just feel rushed, but also buggy and of poor quality. It's feels like Tell-Tale have just banged it out hesto-presto to cash in on some Wii business, where they should have made damn sure that things like frame-rate issues are kept to a minimum. Having just waded through the first puzzle (as noted above, a choppy ocean scene), I couldn't believe how basic and unattractive the 3D modelling looks. I know it's 'only' a Wii, but come on; you might be able to forgive a skippy framerate if the graphics themselves looked pretty, but I'm sorry those found in the WW conversion of this just don't. Instead I'm stuck with a game that freezes now and then (has it crashed?? oh, no, it's back again..), and at times just feels so clumsy as to feel rather less playable than it should.

Having decided to at least buy the first chapter of this on Wii, despite having read most of what has been said above, I thought I should at least judge it for myself. Suffice to say that unless I hear drastically improved news for the future chapters I won't be wasting my money on them. It would be nice to think that TTG might read all the comments on this page and put more effort into optimising any further Wii releases they make, and while I'm at it they owe those of us that have paid for it an apology for such shoddy work.

Really disappointed. Would also have expected this site to have reviewed the WW version too, especially as there seems to be such a difference in quality between this one and the PC original.



Ferret75 said:

Okay, I got this game, and while the story is good...
The lag is just plain rediculous.

It is REALLY noticeable.
There are sound errors too, and the lip syncing keeps slowing down.

What kind of port is this!?



Kadaj said:

UGH. Can we please refrain from reviewing any other version except the Wiiware version of games in the future, please? I get you wanted to get it out there fast for us, but dear god.

My friend downloaded this, having been a big fan of the games in the past. She invited me over to check it out, and we were both majorly disappointed. The framerate just ruins the whole experience. We had to restart twice because of freezing, which has never happened on her Wii before, and the gameplay was way too simplified.

I know this is a Wiiware game, and to not expect million dollar games that have had a 2 year development time, but come on. What a waste of $10.



Amorous_Badger said:

DL'ed this yesterday.

Slightly disappointed but not surprised by the length.
Seemed a LOT easier than previous Monkey Island games but this may just be because it's early days in the story so far.

Graphics occasionally a bit jagged and laggy but it's not game-breaking by any means, despite what some of the more dramatic reviews on here would have you believe.

Delightfully scripted and voiced with (mostly)logical puzzles.

I'd quibble with the rating slightly given that I finished it in a day so 7/10 for me.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Well, I tried it out on WiiWare, and I'm extremely happy with my purchase. The loading times are annoying, but I didn't find the technical issues to be a big problem. My PC only barely meets the minimum requirements for this game, anyway, so it would probably have technical problems, too. If you use the subtitles, there's no problem with missing stuff from the low sound quality. You actually need the subtitles if you want to know what most of the funny book titles are on the Voodoo Lady's bookshelf. Having never played a Monkey Island game before (or any point-and-click adventure game), I thought the puzzles in this game were set at a good difficulty, challenging but not too difficult or logic-defying. Then again, I'm an adult with an IQ of 133, so others may find the puzzles too difficult. I also like control-stick movement. I'll be getting the rest of the episodes over the next two or three months as I can afford them.



WiiMeUpBaby said:

Aw Drake! I trusted your 'Rest assured' comment and got WW Monkey Island... Disappointed is an understatement, makes Lesure Suite Larry look modern and certainly is nothing like the PC version!

This is obviously a WiiWare issue and I really cant believe Nintendo are limiting WiiWare games to 40MB (and that TellTail tried to shoehorn a game into that space is both amazing and stupid at the same time!) - thats just archaic, my old 286 had more than that!

I'd love to see a sequel to the fantastic and awesome Day Of The Tentacle on the Wii - with its motion controllers (and, oh wow wouldn't that be good, using the balance board!! Telltale - aka LucasArts - could go wild!) - but with nintendo limiting memory usage to that of a Lunar Lander game I'll not hold my breath So c'mon Drake, if you review a WiiWare game please let it be actually on a Wii you review it!

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