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A new Monkey Island adventure dawns with Guybrush Threepwood in a typically tight spot. With his beloved (if a little stubborn) wife Elaine having been kidnapped by zombie pirate LeChuck, Guybrush sets out on a collision course with his old foe to settle things once and for all.

Of course, finishing off LeChuck is something of a tall order, and only after a consultation with the mysterious Voodoo Lady is Guybrush suitably prepared for the task at hand. Having collected nearly all of the ingredients necessary to forge The Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu, Guybrush prepares himself to strike the decisive blow in his never-ending feud with LeChuck.

But this is Guybrush Threepwood we’re talking about, and nothing is necessarily as straightforward as it appears. In fact, what might be his greatest moment could very quickly descend into farce and act as a starting point for his most challenging and outrageous adventure yet...

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Guybrush Threepwood’s first new adventure in almost 9 years. Is he still the wannabe pirate king of adventure games?

The 'point and click' adventure has been clinically dead for quite a while now, largely because it seemed impossible to make a good example of the genre in 3D. Many developers tried, but almost all of them failed, mostly due to clunky controls or annoying...

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Monkeyboy22 said:

Finally A new monkey island game. Its been way to long since the last one. I think telltale game guy hinted at a monkey island 5 game maybee next E3. This one will be worth the points hopefully it wont cost more than 1000 per episode. If your wondering im a really big fan of monkey island games.



timp29 said:

Hey wow! I would actually love to see the original monkey island game and its sequel remade for wiiware in all their dodgy graphics glory :p



Link79 said:

Woah this looks pretty neat! Since when has Lucasarts decided to start making Wii ware games? Does this mean there might be a slight chance of some VC love from Lucasarts? Maybe some star wars games perhaps? I'd pay extra if they could get the license for them to be released.



rwq said:

The classic Telltale rope-bag strikes back.So when will we get it!? It's out for PC already and the WiiWare was supposed to be on a "similar schedule". Hope it's soon! Gonna buy this for sure.



paulcmnt said:

@Link79 It's not LucasArts that's making this game, it's Telltale Game, whihc is mostly formed of former Lucasfilm employees.

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